Embed Wufoo forms and surveys with a simple shortcode

Earlier this week we released a new shortcode on WordPress.com to help you embed Wufoo forms in your WordPress.com posts, pages and even sidebars. Our friends over at Wufoo wrote about it on their blog and we wanted to let you know here as well.

Wufoo forms are extremely flexible and enable you to create everything from simple contact forms to event invitations and mailing lists:

On their end, Wufoo integrates with other services as well. For example, a you could build a newsletter signup form, which sends those signups to MailChimp, all starting from your WordPress.com blog. If you or your company is a 37signals fan, you can send your Wufoo form results to Highrise or Basecamp.

Wufoo is a paid service and also offers a free plan that you can use for as long as you like to see if the service works for you. For more details on embedding Wufoo forms on your WordPress.com blogs, check out our new Wufoo support page.

We’d like to thank Chris Coyier over at Wufoo for helping us with the shortcode. Also, if you’re using the Custom Design upgrade on WordPress.com, you might be interested in Chris’ great talk from WordCamp San Francisco (embedded below) on some creative uses of CSS, and his site on the same topic, CSS Tricks.

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Posted by WordPress Guru