Code is Poetry, CSS is Art

Code is Poetry, CSS is Art

We want to help your websites come alive with beautiful design. The theme team has been adding new themes at a dazzling rate, but did you know you can customize the style of any of our themes using the Custom Design upgrade?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which are styles that define how to display HTML elements. You can do anything from changing font colors to styling an entire site from scratch using CSS.

Not only does the Custom Design upgrade let you choose from 50+ custom fonts in the Fonts tab, it includes a CSS editor where you can save style rules after purchasing the upgrade or preview changes before buying.

Whether you are a design expert of amazing talent proportions or you are just learning the ways you can bend websites to your will, we think you’ll love making your sites even more beautiful with custom CSS. Beginners can start with the CSS Basics help page. Everyone is always welcome to share some CSS love in the CSS Customization forum where happiness engineers and amazingly tireless volunteers help with CSS questions.

To inspire you, here are a few strikingly different Twenty Eleven theme variations currently living at made by our very own Automatticans:

If you are a user, never fear! You can use the CSS plugin to get a CSS editor that won’t modify theme files, keeping them wrinkle-free and easy-to-update.

Go to Appearance → Custom Design → CSS in your dashboard and try out some CSS edits!

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