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Do you regularly write about events that affect you, but find it hard to connect with interested readers? Have you wondered where to look for on-the-ground, personal stories on the topics that dominate the news? Today, we announce a new current events tag, WPrightnow, to help strong writers find new readers (and vice versa).

Traditional news outlets are crucial for getting the basic facts right. Your Twitter and Facebook feeds provide quick, unfiltered updates about events as they unfold.  What we often yearn for, though, is a personal angle: someone on the ground, or deeply involved with the story, to walk us through their own take on a complex event. When we learn why it matters to them, we begin to understand why we, too, should care.

Luckily, bloggers are everywhere. When a revolution shakes Egypt, or the Supreme Court of the United States makes a landmark decision, they’re among the first to provide quality, in-depth commentary. It’s a great advantage of belonging to the largest blogging community in the world: you automatically have (smart, opinionated) friends in all the right places.

Members of the community have done — are doing — an incredible job injecting big stories with their own fresh, unusual perspective. Just last month, as hostages were being held in a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, a blogger posted her first-hand account of the tragedy:

The siege on Westgate has shifted my perspective, widening the lens. The victims in the attack aren’t strange actors, trapped in some impossibly far away country, tangled in a complex web of politics and violence. They are innocent, ordinary people – mothers and daughters, housewives and poets and bankers and waiters. One of the victims is a regular at the yoga studio I frequent; another is a childhood friend of my best friend here.

“Waiting to Exhale,” from Letters from Nairobi

Whether it’s a narrative poem inspired by Trayvon Martin’s death, a critique of the media in the wake of a plane crash, or a biting, imagined dialogue about the civil war in Syria, these pieces go beyond mere reporting. They invite us to think, to debate, and to engage in a conversation (in real life, in the comments section, or on our own blogs).

Do you enjoy writing about the people and events that shape your own corner of the world? Make your voice heard, and your posts easier to find by like-minded bloggers. Just like you mark your longer pieces with the ever-popular WPlongform tag, set your current events-related posts apart with WPrightnow (feel free to use #WPrightnow on Twitter, too!). Make your content visible for those who look for an intimate take on big stories. We love seeing the world through your eyes.

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