Around the World in 12 Photos

Around the World in 12 Photos

Join us on a short but amazingly diverse and colorful tour of the world in photos, courtesy of the amazing photographers on

We’re beyond proud that incredibly talented photographers around the world choose to showcase their photos on

Pack your virtual bags and join us on a turbo trip from Bangkok to Brisbane and from Kolkata to Los Angeles (with a few stops in between) as we explore the wonders of the street photography tag on Be sure to fasten your seatbelt and review the in-flight safety features of our turbocraft before we taxi for takeoff.

First stop, a market seller in Bangkok, Thailand, courtesy of Majawi Images.

Next up, Los Angeles, California, and Donald Barnat‘s photo of insouciant street youth, entitled, “Forever 21.”

Over in New York City is “Out of the Shadows” by Shawn Escoffery.

After an in-flight beverage and hot meal, we present a piece from Aaron Joel Santos‘ photo essay, “North Korea in Hideous Distortion.”

Next stop, Tijuana, Mexico, and a piece from Justin Galloway, which is part of a photo essay called “Panteon Number 1.”

Here, we find ourselves in Tokyo, Japan, with a piece by Uyama Ekop from the photo essay, “From the subway to the streets.”

by Uyama Ekop

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TOKYO, JAPAN: From the photo essay, From the subway to the streets by Uyama Ekop

Next up, the beautiful colors of Hoi An, Vietnam, as seen through the lens of Jason S. Moore.

by Jason S. Moore

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HOI AN, VIETNAM: From the photo essay, Hoi An, Vietnam by Jason S. Moore

Over to Kolkata, India, where we find “The Locksmith,” by Madhu.

by Madhu

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KOLKATA, INDIA: The Locksmith by Madhu

Here, Jeff Ryan shares some street photography from Brisbane, Australia, entitled, “Homeless Man, albert street.”

And now over to London, UK, with a portrait of John Pannell by Richard Guest.

Follow us to Germany, where FRANKSFRANKFURT captured “Golden Dog” fighting the wind on a walk.

And here we are with our last stop in Malaga, Spain, with an awesome celebration of life called “Let there be music,” by Straßenfotografien.

Interested in continuing the tour self-guided? Dive into the amazing photos you’ll find in the street photography tag in your Reader.


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