WordPressers Making a Splash: March Edition

WordPressers Making a Splash: March Edition

From behind the scenes at the TSA, to book deals, to captivating illustrations and fascinating musical analysis, WordPress.com bloggers are making their mark on the world.

Let’s start with the art. Artist and dedicated urban sketcher Marc Taro Holmes recently had several of his evocative illustrations featured on Vice.com.

Pen, ink, and watercolor on yupo. By Marc Taro Holmes.

Pen, ink, and watercolor on yupo. By Marc Taro Holmes.

The Vice.com illustrations are based on the work Marc does in his “Drawing People in Motion” workshop. If you’re interested in learning techniques you can use to draw people in motion, check out Marc’s free PDF teaching pamphlet.

Blogger book deals, two

Congratulations to Emily Belden, whose memoir, Eightysixed: Life Lessons Learned, was published by Pandamoon Publishing in early February. Eightysixed evolved into a book from one of the very first posts on Emily’s blog, total e-bag.

We’re delighted for Andrea Watkins, the prolific blogger over at The Accidental Cootchie Mama, whose novel of historical/paranormal fiction, To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis, was also published in early February by Word Hermit Press.

Music regionalism, gone viral

Blogger Paul Lamere writes about the world of online music discovery and recommendation over at Music Machinery. In his fascinating study of music regionalism, he analyzes how location may affect musical listening preferences. If you’re in New Jersey and you want to make a musical recommendation, you’d do well with Bruce Springsteen, but if you’re in Minnesota, and you recommend Metric, you’re more likely to get a “Ya, you betcha!” in return. Check out the full US map for more:

Most distinctive Top 50 artist by state -- chart by Paul Lamere

Most distinctive Top 50 artist by state — chart by Paul Lamere

TSA, a.k.a., Taking Sense Away

Former TSA screener Jason Edward Harrington is making a name for himself with behind-the-scenes insight on the TSA in their ongoing bid to keep the flying public safe. We featured him in the February edition of WordPressers Making a Splash after his Politico piece, Dear America, I Saw You Naked, went viral. Since then, he wrote an article for none other than Time magazine to contextualize the absurdity of ever-changing airport security rules handed down by TSA mucky mucks. In all, Taking Sense Away has been featured by over twenty different news outlets and publications, from Esquire magazine, to NPR, The Colbert Report, and beyond.

We love seeing WordPress.com bloggers getting attention for the work they do. Know of someone who had a few seconds of fame recently? Be sure to share it with us in the comments.

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