A Feminist Mix for International Women’s Day

A Feminist Mix for International Women’s Day

This Saturday was International Women’s Day! To keep the celebration going, here are a few of the outstanding WordPress.com blogs by, for, and about women.

This past Saturday was International Women’s Day, a day to inspire girls and celebrate women’s achievements and, in many countries, an official holiday.

There are many fascinating feminists using WordPress.com to share thoughts on sex, gender, and equality — here are a few of our quirky favorites.

Nursing Clio

On the collaborative blog Nursing Clio — named for Clio, the muse of history — a cast of writers explores issues of gender and medicine, focusing on the ways medicine has historically been used to reinforce sex and gender inequality.

nursing clio

Depending on the day, you might read a dissection of a 1968 Disney-produced film on birth control, an analysis of why women’s ski jumping wasn’t allowed in the Olympics until the Sochi games this year, or an exploration of environmental factors linked to intersex babies.

We also enjoy their tagline, “Because the personal is historical” — a spin on the classic feminist line “the personal is political” that speaks to the blog’s historical bent.

Man Boobz

Feminism: it’s not only for women! Decidedly male blogger David Futrelle uses Man Boobz to skewer anti-woman writing across the internet.


David reads piles of blogs and Reddit threads so you don’t have to — and what’s not to love about post titles like “#LiesToldByFemales is the misogynistic cesspool you might expect. Plus giant lizards, and JC Penney.”? If you’re thinking of clicking, a quick caveat from David: “The point of this blog is to expose misogynists and other terrible people… You may run across upsetting and possibly triggering things in the posts and comments.”

Head to his site for sharp takedowns of misogynist material, along with a great blogroll and collection of resources for survivors of sexual violence, both male and female. (And of course, giant lizards.)

Queer Guess Code

On Queer Guess Code, blogger Anna explores gender in pop culture to “restore a balance between the genders… by pointing out fallacies and widening the scope of real understanding about masculinity and femininity.”

queer guess code

Anna keeps thing timely — you’ll find posts on Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video (and why it’s not raunchy) and sexism in How I Met Your Mother memes mixed with broader discussions of third-wave feminism and marriage equality. Her blog is a potent mix of pop culture and philosophy that makes gender issues relevant.

If these three blogs don’t float your feminist boat, here are a few other recommendations for your Monday reading enjoyment:

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