Early Theme Adopters: Suits

Early Theme Adopters: Suits

We release beautiful new themes every week. In our Early Theme Adopters series, we focus on bloggers who are using the most recent additions to our Theme Showcase. Today, let’s visit some of the blogs that are already using Suits, an elegant, flexible theme.

Suits gives any site — from a personal blog to a professional showcase — a polished, understated look. Its clean sans serif font is at once modern and timeless, while its subdued palette is balanced with Featured Images that let you inject bold colors into your posts. A streamlined main menu and an airy sidebar make for a smooth reading experience, letting your content speak for itself. Let’s take a look at how a few savvy bloggers are using the theme.


raised by design

Jade, the Australia-based food and lifestyle blogger behind thefolksylife, demonstrates how great Suits looks out of the box. She preserved the theme’s signature white-on-black header, and made minimal tweaks elsewhere to make it work for her recipe-heavy content. Her primary menu makes navigating her site extremely easy: with one click you’ll find her Paleo diet recipes or healthy-living tips.

Keeping her sidebar uncluttered, Jade lets the mouthwatering featured images take center stage — we dare you not to click on her chocolate mousse-cream recipe!

A Healthy Medium

a healthy medium

Sleek music blog A Healthy Medium subtly transforms Suits to match its urbane, modern vibe. The site starts off with the theme’s clean look, then makes it even more minimalistic with a gray-dominated palette and smaller font (achieved with the Custom Design upgrade). While the sidebar remains refreshingly spare, social sharing buttons are prominently displayed, inviting visitors to follow the blog across platforms.

Raised by Design

raised by design

On Raised by Design, blogger Maggie tweaks Suits to create a warm, inviting space for her posts on design and crafts. A custom header sets the tone; an Image Widget displaying her site’s logo near the top of the page does a great job anchoring Maggie’s visual brand. While her posts don’t use featured images, they still pop with color thanks to the great use of tiled galleries, which look especially enticing in Suits‘ elegant layout.

Looking for more great examples of blogs using Suits? How about:

Stay tuned for more examples of sites using recently-added themes — and if there are any particular themes you’d like to see featured, feel free to leave us a comment.

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