On the World Around Us: A Sampling of Science Blogs

On the World Around Us: A Sampling of Science Blogs

From thoughtful commentary on the history of science to an entertaining blend of science and humor, these blogs have very distinct approaches to science but have one thing in common: a driving curiosity about the world around us.

We love writers who are constantly curious — asking questions, digging deeper, and always learning about the world around us. Here are some science bloggers to add to your reading list:

The Renaissance Mathematicus

The self-proclaimed “aging freak” at Renaissance Mathematicus writes about the history, philosophy, and mythology of science in the early modern period (roughly the fifteeth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries) — and focuses on the mythology of science in particular, exposing and exploding these myths. For a taste, consider the recent posts on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s remake of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos.

Why? Because Science.

The blogchild of witty science writer Thea Beckman, Why — Because Science is a refreshing space for science writing. Thea, who has a background in atmospheric science, injects humor and personality in her posts — take a look at “The Sky Is Only Sometimes Blue,” in which she illustrates a discussion of light, energy and sound waves, and the colors of the sky with images of a surfing goat and Joan Rivers. (Be sure to browse her Sciencey LOL of the Week posts to get quick, entertaining doses of science, meme-style.)

Mind Hacks

Mind Hacks is the blog of Tom Stafford and Matt Webb — authors of the book of the same name — as well as guest authors publishing commentary on trends in neuroscience and psychology. A few popular posts include “Do blind people hallucinate on LSD?” and “The strange-face-in-the-mirror illusion,” among many others. The Linkage category, which rounds up current stories in the field, is also worth following if you keep up with news on the mind and brain.

Puff the Mutant Dragon

Puff the Mutant Dragon is the personal blog of an analytic chemist in the biotech industry. The recent takedown of the blogger behind Food Babe is an engaging piece on misinformation and the toxins in your tea; while the discussion of the compound spilled into West Virginia’s Elk River approaches the topic for readers with not much background in science.

Looking for more blogs about science? Browse the latest posts tagged with science in the Reader, or narrow your search by following specific topics like chemistry, biology, astronomy, neuroscience, and more.

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