Embed It: Using Media Like a Pro

Embed It: Using Media Like a Pro

From images and animation clips to recipes, savvy bloggers know that adding media to posts makes them much more engaging. Get inspired today with three embed options that add pop to your site.

Your blogs are designed to display a staggering number of media formats that you can embed directly into your posts. Nothing helps creativity more, though, than seeing how others are already using some of the great features available here on WordPress.com.

Today, let’s take a look at three bloggers who are harnessing the power of media embeds to add an extra layer to their content.

Patrick Galey

Thousands of bloggers enjoy using free Getty Images embeds, which we announced earlier this month. With an unparalleled collection of footage available for free, it’s easy to see why.

Writers interested in current events have been especially quick to explore Getty’s offerings. Journalist Patrick Galey, who covers the Middle East, has been an avid embedder. The images add yet another dimension to his in-depth reporting. For example, his recent post on the Muslim Brotherhood benefitted from this movement-filled picture of protesters in Egypt:

Embed from Getty Images

You can search for embeddable images directly on the Getty Images site by using this search form.

This Sydney Life

The blogger behind this lovely Australian lifestyle blog has struck a successful balance between a crisp, streamlined look and vibrant dashes of color. As one of the blog’s main areas of focus is food, recipes make a frequent appearance. So does our recently added recipe shortcode, which allows users to present their creations in a professional way.

Take a look at this simple ice cream recipe, for example, where the blogger has embellished the technical information (ingredients, servings…) with an enticing photo:

ice cream

The shortcode support page will guide you through the easy tweaks you can introduce into each recipe to make it truly your own.

Rod Webber

Multimedia artist Rod Webber uses his blog to document his many activities, which range from creating music to acting and making movies. Some of his neatest recent posts showcase another medium he’s been experimenting with, namely Vine stop-motion clips. With super-easy Vine embeds, it takes mere seconds before visitors can enjoy creative riffs like Juliann Rubijono’s Hands, a transfixing looped sequence:

Looking for more information on the types of media embeds you can use on your blog? This support page will answer all your questions.

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