Early Theme Adopters: McKinley

Early Theme Adopters: McKinley

In our Early Theme Adopters series, we focus on bloggers creating great sites with the most recent additions to our Theme Showcase. Today, let’s visit some of the sites that are already using McKinley, a modern, visually striking theme.

With a highly readable type and the option to display full-width featured images and gallery sliders, McKinley makes your site look energized, but never busy.

Among its other great features are three custom color palettes, distinct looks for post formats like quotes and links, and an adaptive widget area that self-organizes into neat columns in the footer. It comes as no surprise that since its launch in January Mckinley‘s already become the theme of choice for thousands. Here’s a sample of some notable early adopters.


elizabeth paterson mckinley theme

In this site, the sons of late artist Elizabeth Paterson showcase and catalogue their mother’s paintings. It’s a lovely tribute, and the art is treated with all the respect it deserves.

They created a homepage with an elegant, full-width slider featuring Elizabeth’s work, as well as designated pages for the different media she worked in, like oil and watercolor. The pages are all easy to find with the theme’s clear, customizable menu.


documenting the obvious mckinley theme

Peter, the Berlin-based photographer behind this captivating photoblog, capitalizes on McKinley‘s sleek out-of-the-box look. From architecture to concerts, the theme’s streamlined look keeps the visitor’s eyes where they belong: his photos.

Colorado Basiks

colorado basiks mckinley theme

Courtney and Drew Basik blog primarily about food, as well as about other activities they enjoy, like traveling and hiking. They’ve created a bright, inviting site with McKinley. 

A custom header channels the same cheerful vibe the reader also encounters in their food posts (which are also organized in a beautiful recipe page). Their photos look particularly sharp against the theme’s crisp background, while their custom menu helps visitors find content quickly and smoothly.

In case you’re looking for more inspiration from sites using McKinley, take a look at:

Stay tuned for more examples of sites using recently-added themes — and if there are any particular themes you’d like to see featured, feel free to leave us a comment.

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