Portfolios on WordPress.com

Portfolios on WordPress.com

Our new (free!) Portfolio tools and themes put your creativity front and center.

Creating a beautiful portfolio just got much easier: we’re delighted to introduce you to the new Portfolio Content Type.

Portfolio Content Type


Once enabled on your site, your dashboard gains a brand new “Portfolio” section, where you’ll be able to manage all your portfolio projects in one place, separate from your posts and pages. You can categorize and tag your projects in a way that doesn’t overlap with your blog posts. Better yet, you won’t lose your projects and won’t need to reorganize your content everytime you switch themes. And best of all, the feature is free.

Starting a portfolio is as easy as checking an option in your dashboard. We’ve got a step by step guide with all the details for you.

But wait! Before you rush off to populate all of your portfolio projects and share them with the world, we have one more announcement that will really make your visual Portfolio shine… two new free portfolio themes!

Portfolio Themes

You can create portfolios using any current WordPress.com theme, but we’ve created two beautiful free themes that really take advantage the bonus bells and whistles of the new Portfolio tools. Painstakingly crafted by two of our own talented designers, Espied and Illustratr will take your portfolio to the next level.



Espied, designed by Takashi Irie, has a structured, gridded feel that cleanly and precisely displays your Portfolio across any device. Its subtle design details accent your projects instead of overwhelming your users, keeping your presentation clean and to the point — and letting your creative work be the star.



Thomas Guillot’s Illustratr theme allows your portfolio to cascade down screens in a fluid, minimal, and responsive manner. With its carefully selected typography, subtle pops of color, and full-bleed imagery — constrained by a customizable border — Illustratr supports your portfolio with power and style.

Your website should be a showcase for your work, not the other way around. We’re happy we can help your creativity shine!

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