The Daily Post Has a Great New Look

The Daily Post Has a Great New Look’s resource on the art and craft of blogging got a makeover. We’re excited to invite you to the revamped Daily Post!

The Daily Post is’s blog on blogging. From blogging prompts to photo challenges to writing tips, we’re dedicated to helping you build the blog you want (and have fun doing it).

The Daily Post began in 2011 as an experiment to encourage regular posting and provide a place to talk about the nitty-gritty details of telling a story and building an audience. Since then, a lot has changed. Visit The Daily Post now, and you’ll find:

We want The Daily Post to show off all those resources — and we want it to show you off. It was high time for a new look, and we’re proud to unveil it today (click to visit the full site):

new newDP

At the top, you’ll find the day’s prompt front-and-center, along with quick links to our most popular content. As you scroll down, you’ll see the latest posts, popular top challenges like the Weekly Photo Challenge and Zero to Hero, and a space where we can share quick notes, tips, and links to posts we love for inspiration throughout the day.

Our new look is also fully responsive — it will adjust its layout based on your screen size, so the 30% of you who read The Daily Post on phones and tablets will have the same great experience as people on full computers.

We’ve also improved how your prompt and challenge responses are displayed. Goodbye, long, multi-page lists of pingbacks! Pingbacks on prompts now appear as a clean, graphic grid, showing off your blog’s name and post title over an image of your home page:

newDP prompts

No matter what your blogging goal is, The Daily Post has resources to help you get there — and now they’re easier to find and read. Welcome to the new Daily Post! 

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