Getting the Most Out of Post Formats: Quoting in Style

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.46.34 AMNearly 150 of the themes available to users support post formats, which means that these themes offer a variety of post types (standard, image, gallery, video, audio, quote, and more) that display your content differently based on the format.

If your theme supports post formats, you’ll see a Format module as you’re creating or editing a post, which will resemble the box on the right (depending on your theme, it may not include all the options shown here).

Since April is National Poetry Month, many of you have been publishing your own poems, but also quoting master poets of the past for inspiration. As mentioned in our post on dashboard features for poets, you can use blockquotes and other styling tools to distinguish bits of text. But let’s take a look at how you can use a specific post type — the quote format — to call out certain passages, whether poetry or other content.

Distinguish your quotes with post format icons

We launch new themes each week, and some recent designs differentiate post formats with icons. Take Tonal, for example. Straight out of the box, Tonal is minimal yet makes a statement immediately; the default font for your site title and post headings is bold.

On Tonal, each post format is accompanied by an icon that distinguishes it from others. Here, the quotation marks are subtle yet effective — your reader knows the post is a quote, and can also click on the quote icon at the top right to browse all posts of this type.

Another recently launched theme, Quadra, displays different icons and accent colors depending on the post format. Part of a series of personal and tumblelog-style designs (like Hexa and Circa), Quadra looks best when you publish an assortment of post formats. Here are Dylan Thomas’ words displayed on this fresh and colorful theme:

Another popular theme for personal blogging, Writr, has circular icons for various formats. Like Tonal and Quadra, you can click on an icon to view all posts in a particular format. Clicking on the quotation mark icon in Writr leads to a clearly marked archive page for all of your quotations:

Boldly display quotes with color blocks and graphics

You’ll notice that each theme is different, and when it comes to post formats, some designs have more pronounced stylings than others. On McKinley, which we highlighted last week in our early adopters series, quotes are featured in colorful blocks within your main content area:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.08.50 PM

Likewise, on Twenty Thirteen, your various formats shine in distinct color blocks — it’s a simple yet elegant look for the passages to which you want to call attention:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.02.52 AM

Finally, if you’re looking for more dramatic stylings in your post formats, look no further than Vertigo: a dark theme with a Hitchcockian typeface. Your quotes (and other content) on Vertigo are displayed in distinct, fun ways:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 4.04.35 PM

Interested in using post formats? Browse other themes that support post formats in the Theme Showcase and click on their demo sites to see their various formats in action. We encourage you to experiment and see how these formats might change the look and feel of your site.

Posted by WordPress Guru