New Books by Authors

New Books by Authors

From novelists to bakers, books by bloggers are popping up on shelves and screens everywhere this spring.

Both aspiring and established authors have been using their blogs to test new material, interact with their readers, and promote their latest work. Today, let’s celebrate the recent release of three new books by writers.

Bailey Boat Cat


Life on a boat off the coast of Italy sounds like a great topic for a book, right? How about that same premise, with a clever Siamese cat as the narrator (and protagonist)?

That’s the level of fun that awaits you in Bailey Boat Cat: Adventures of a Feline Afloat, which Bloomsbury just published in Europe last week. While Americans have to wait until September for the US release, everyone can enjoy Bailey’s day-to-day musings on his blog (kindly hosted by author Louise Kennedy).

 Jacob Bacharach


Jacob Bacharach, a Pittsburgh-based writer, imagines the surreal life of a young man in that same city in his debut novel, The Bend of the World. Complete with a hypochondriac grandmother, shady companies, and the occasional UFO sighting, the book channels 21st-century America in all its comic weirdness.

Released by Liveright / W.W. Norton, The Bend of the World has been hailed as “an audacious, hilarious, and aptly surreal satire” by author Dan Chaon.

Josey Baker Bread


Bread master Josey Baker (yes, that’s his actual last name!) has been churning out wholesome loaves for years, first in Vermont, then in his San Francisco bakery.

Now, with his new book on baking released by Chronicle Books, he can share his love of dough with the masses — who are sure to love not only the recipes, but also the brilliant photography by Erin Kunkel.

Stay tuned: we’ll showcase more books by authors next week.

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