Planet Automattic: April 2014

Planet Automattic: April 2014

One staffer challenged the others to a month-long blogging challenge… and you’ll never guess what happened next! (Spoiler: we blogged a lot.)

At Automattic, we don’t just make — we use it. A lot. All of us have at least one blog on, and many have more than one, where we write and publish photos regularly. Even Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, has an active blog on

This month, our colleague Justin, a developer from Ohio, decided to post every single day in April — and challenged his friends to do the same. More than a dozen Automatticians picked up the gauntlet he threw down, publishing posts on everything from cheese to school picture day to the importance of glue.

Justin led the charge on his blog, BinarySmash:


He’s in the midst of a cross-country move, and Binary Smash gives him a place to mull over the changes. In “The Journey is Usually Worth It,” he reflects on life lessons learned from a frustrating-turned-relaxing trip to see the California redwoods.

Brandon Kraft is a Happiness Engineer from Austin, Texas, who happens to share a last name — and a Twitter handle — with a pretty famous cheese:


It could be sticky being constantly mistaken for an internationally-known brand. Luckily, Kraft the man and Kraft the cheese have managed to create a beautiful friendship based on trust, humor, and free cheese, as he explains in “Kraft and Kraft Cheese: Friends Forever.”

Of course, we do sometimes write about WordPress. Another Austin-based Happiness Engineer, Jackie Dana, is a WordCamp organizer. WordCamp Austin took place last weekend, and Jackie reflects on the process, highlights, and post-WordCamp glow in “That’s a Wrap!”

Due north, mobile developer Aaron Douglas of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, penned (keyboarded?) “On the Importance of Glue” to explain how the work that goes into the back end of a mobile application is like adhesive — you might not see it, but it keeps everything together.

Automatticians with self-hosted blogs use tools of their own making, too. Theme Wrangler Caroline Moore writes her eponymous blog using a theme she created, Circa:


We loved this heartwarming post on the happy accident that results when parents forget that it’s school picture day.

(If you like Circa, it’s a free theme available on

Here are a few more of our favorite from Justin’s April blogging challenge:

If you’d like to be a part of this motley crew, we’re hiring!

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