SEO Quick Tips: Four Ways to Improve Your Results Today

SEO Quick Tips: Four Ways to Improve Your Results Today

Making your site more search engine-friendly will help interested readers find your posts more easily. Here are our tips for making your content more visible.

Did you know that is extremely SEO friendly right out of the box?

If you blog here at, you’re already ensuring great search engine results, without even having to try!

But if your search rank still isn’t where you want it to be, here are four quick steps you can take today to start improving it.

Post something!

Writers block

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“Wait,” you say. “I thought you said these were going to be quick, easy tips! Posting is The Hardest Thing Evah!”

I feel you. Writer’s block is real, but an active posting schedule of useful content is rule number one in traffic building.

Posts don’t have to be a ten-paragraph original academic essay to be worthwhile, though! Here are some ideas if the blank page (well, post editor) is getting you down:

  • Post a photo you’ve recently snapped, with a few lines about where it was taken and what inspired you to capture it.
  • Pick up a newspaper and when you start to feel angry, blog. (Check out our tips on how to rant without being a jerk.)
  • Head over to’s The Daily Post for endless posting inspiration — write about one of our daily prompts, or take on a recent writing or photography challenge.

But wait! Before you hit publish, read on.

Add tags

See that brand spanking new post you just wrote? Add a couple of tags to it that are precise and specific to the topic.

Tags are one of the easiest and most effective ways to help interested readers find your post. They also help Google understand what your blog is all about and which keywords to index it under.

Say your post was a link to a New York Times article about beekeeping. Good tags would be the search terms that users looking for that information might use: “beekeeping,” “bees,” “hive management,” and “beekeepers.”

Poor tags include generic tags that are unlikely to be helpful to someone browsing for that specific information, such as “New York Times,” “articles,” “interesting stuff,” or “links.”

Be careful not to go overboard with tags. Google frowns on long lists of tags that have little to do with your content, and you could end up hurting your ranking if you use too many.

Done? Publish away!

Find and follow three blogs

Now, pick one of the tags you just added to your post, head over to your Reader, and enter that tag in the search box at the top of the Topics page.

This will bring up a list of recent posts on this same topic by a variety of bloggers. Skim through the list, and if one catches your eye, click through to the blog and check out a few more of the recent posts.

If none of the blogs in this list look up your alley, never fear. Just try the search again with another topic that interests you. Repeat until you find three blogs that you would like to follow.

“What does this have to do with my SEO,” you ask?

On the busy blogosphere, we can’t simply sit back and wait for interested readers to find us. Active traffic building is one of the key ways to improve your site’s SEO and make your blog a more happening place.

Following and engaging with other bloggers who share your interests is the simplest way to become involved in the larger blogging community and introduce yourself to new readers.

Leave a comment

Pick one of the posts you just found that you enjoyed, and think of something to say about it. Try to go beyond a simple “nice post,” and leave a substantial comment that will further the conversation in the comments section.

Nothing to say? Check out these tips on how to come up with creative comments.

Before you post your comment, make sure you’re signed into your account, and that your website field is updated in your Personal Settings. That way, your username will link to your site — think of this like your calling card! It’s best not to leave a manual link to your site in your comment, though: many bloggers consider that a shameless plug and will not approve your comment.

You’re leaving this comment to introduce yourself to this blogger. You already know you’re interested in what they have to say, so it’s likely they and their readers will be interested in your comments, and then they might check out your blog. More readers equals more traffic, which leads to better search engine rankings.


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That’s it! You have now posted on your site, researched your field, and introduced yourself to a potential source of new readers . . . and all in one session! If you can do this two or three times per week, you’ll really be cooking with gas.

For now, though, go kick back with the frosty beverage of your choice — you’ve earned it!

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