Three WordPressers Making a Splash

From new books and viral success to high-profile podcasts, bloggers are accomplishing great things every day.

We love celebrating the achievements of those who use WordPress to share their talents with the world, so here are three recent success stories we thought you’d enjoy. If you’re thirsty for more in-depth profiles of WordPressers and their accomplishments, be sure to browse through our Discover features.

Modern love, modern families

Jerry Mahoney has been documenting the ups and downs of gay parenthood for years at his blog, Mommy Man (which also inspired a book by the same name). Last month he added another accolade to an already impressive list when his essay “Mom/Not Mom/Aunt” was featured on the New York Times’ Modern Love podcast, narrated by none other than Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson:

While you’re at it, be sure to read Jerry’s recent — powerful — post, “Why I Put My Family on Display.”

Pushing a hallowed artform into the present

Harmony France is a Chicago-based theater actor who’s had enough of the body-shaming and narrow-minded casting decisions she’s been subjected to in her decade in the industry. So she took to her blog to express her frustration — and her hope for a better future for performers:

Theaters wonder how to stay relevant; how not to die off once their main audience literally dies off. This is how. We need to start casting in a way that looks like the world that we live in. Casting predominantly white and male is antiquated. It doesn’t fly anymore. If we don’t change with the times, we will become irrelevant. And worse, it’s UNCREATIVE in a CREATIVE art form. We have so many more types of stories to tell with so many more different types of people. Let’s do better.
The message of “Do Better” clearly resonated — the post went viral on Harmony’s blog as well as on the Huffington Post, and was written up around the web, from Mashable to the New York Times.

A book you’ll want to judge by its cover

If you’re like us, you may have wondered what Matthew Ramsay — the chef and food stylist behind PornBurger — has been up to. And why it’s been so long since he shared any new, extravagant, gravity-defying burger creations with the salivating masses.

Well, the answer is here:

pornburgerbook matthew walsh

Ramsay’s been hard at work on a new “cook-and-look” book, PornBurger: Hot Buns and Juicy Beefcakes, which is now available for pre-ordering (the official release date is May 17). That’s quite a bun-to-blog-to-book success story.

What achievements have you and your blog been celebrating lately? Leave a comment to let us know.

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