Top 7 Best Plugins to Embed PDF in WordPress

WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS’ in the world with many features, but it cannot display PDF files. You may ask yourself, why such a powerful CMS can’t display PDF files?

Even if WordPress doesn’t have the feature to display or download PDF files, there are many plugins designed specifically for this purpose.

In this article, we would like to introduce the top 7 plugins to embed PDF files to WordPress.

When you have a lot of documents to present, having it written in one post may not be a wise idea. According to the statistics, most users won’t spend more than a few minutes reading a post.

This is why you should use PDF. By downloading the PDF files, users can access and read them anytime, anywhere.

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Best Plugins to Embed PDF Files to WordPress?

If you are a website owner looking for ways to embed PDF files to WordPress, this article is for you. Below, we introduce the top 7 best plugins to display PDF files in WordPress.

If you forgot how to install plugins in WordPress read our article on installing plugins in WordPress.

The first plugin on our list is PDF Embedder. This plugin is available in both premium and free versions. You get access to most of its features in the free version. For example, fast upload, PDF Embed Function, and other useful features you may need.

The features in the premium version are:

  • Full-screen mode
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Secure option
  • And etc.

Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the PDF Embedder plugin:


  • To upload, simply click on Upload.
  • PDF files are created based on the screen resolution.
  • This plugin uses JavaScript. Hence, the speed in offers.
  • The premium features are unlocked by a one-time payment.


  • The free version of this plugin doesn’t provide much security. Therefore, someone may steal your PDF files and use it as their own.
  • Toolbar options aren’t good and it could be improved.

To use this plugin, first, download, install and activate it. Then from WordPress dashboard hover over Settings and click on PDF Embedder. This plugin allows you to configure it however you wish.

Once the plugin is activated, create a new post to upload a PDF to it.

To upload a PDF file, from the default editor, simply click on Add Media. Then, select the PDF file. Finally, click on Insert into Post.

embed pdf wordpress

Since the plugin is activated on WordPress, as soon as you click on “Insert into post”, the plugin creates a shortcode, this shortcode contains the PDF file you’ve uploaded.

embed pdf wordpress

As you can see, the PDF file is added to the post and it even has a toolbar to control it.

Embed Any Document is another plugin used to embed PDF files in WordPress. This plugin allows you to upload different files including PDF to WordPress.

The Embed Any Document plugin uses the Google Docs and Microsoft Office technology to display PDF files.

After activation on WordPress, an option will be added to the toolbar in the WordPress editor, by clicking on Add Document you can add any documents including PDF to the post.

embed pdf wordpress

PDF Viewer for WordPress is another plugin in our list to embed PDF files in WordPress. This plugin is one of the most powerful plugins used to display PDF files in WordPress.

PDF Viewer is completely responsive. Therefore, every file will be uploaded with their respected size. Another key feature of this plugin is the fact that it allows you to upload any PDF file despite its size.

Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the PDF Viewer plugin.


  • This plugin is offered in 100 languages.
  • The PDF Viewer for WordPress can be connected to Google Analytics.
  • The PDF Viewer supports shortcodes. Therefore, you can add PDF to posts as well.


  • This plugin doesn’t guarantee the security of your PDF files.
  • It’s premium.

The Google Doc Embedder plugin gained its popularity due to its compatibility with all formats. You don’t need to change the format of any file to use this plugin.

embed pdf wordpress


  • This plugin is completely free and it provides you with all the features it offers.
  • Once the installation is done, a new option will be added to the WordPress editorial toolbar which can be used to add documents to any posts.
  • Google Doc Embedder supports all formats. Including PDF, Word, PSD, and OTF.
  • The Google Doc Embedder plugin is translated into multi-languages.
  • It supports shortcodes.


  • The Google Doc Embedder plugin uses Google hosting. Therefore, the PDF files may not be as secure as it would have been on your server.
  • It doesn’t have a local upload feature. Thus, you must first upload the files on Google hosting then copy and paste the URL.

As mentioned above, WordPress allows you to add pictures, videos, and etc. to your posts. However, it doesn’t have the feature to embed PDF in WordPress. Google Drive Embedder is another useful plugin on our list.

This plugin is completely free and to use it simply, download it from the official WordPress website. Then, install and activate it. Once it is activated, you will have access to all of its features.

This plugin allows the connection between WordPress and your Google Drive. Thus, from the WordPress dashboard, you can insert Word, PDF or any other documents to your posts or pages.

embed pdf wordpress

Keep in mind, to use this plugin, first, you have to have Google Apps Login installed on WordPress. The main purpose of this plugin is to connect WordPress to Google Drive.

If you are looking for a plugin designed specifically for the Gutenberg editor, we recommend using the Algori PDF Viewer plugin. This plugin adds a new box to the editor which allows you to embed PDF to WordPress.

embed pdf wordpress

Algori PDF Viewer is completely free and compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer 11.

This plugin allows you to add multiple files to page or post at the same time. Algori PDF Viewer also supports the Presentation feature.

embed pdf wordpress

Real3D FlipBook WordPress plugin is the last plugin in our list to embed PDF to WordPress. This plugin is suitable for users who have newsletters or share high-quality images with their visitors.

Real3D FlipBook WordPress plugin focuses on the design. Therefore, it uses the Lightbox effect to display the files.


  • It offers the best design to display PDF files.
  • It is fully customizable. For example, you can change the colors, keys, boards and etc.
  • It allows you to upload images other than PDF.
  • It’s fully responsive to mobile devices.


  • The Real3D FlipBook WordPress is a premium plugin and the initial fee is a lot more compared to other premium plugins in our list.


As mentioned above, there are many plugins designed to embed PDF to WordPress. However, in this article, we introduced you to the top 7 plugins to embed PDF to WordPress.

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