WP Buffs 2020 year in review

😎 Successes of 2020

1. Response to COVID-19

Putting Covid under your successes? WTF, Joe??

Yeah, I know. But it really is more about the response which I’m extremely proud of our team for.

Around March and April, as the world’s response to C-19 got really serious and shutdowns were rampant, we had plenty of folks try to churn out of their WP Buffs subscriptions. Folks were having to cut costs and for our customers without enough savings, some were forced to manage their own websites.

Lucky for us, Dean and Louise on our customer success team stepped in to focus big time on churn reduction. For select folks who wanted to cancel, they offered account “pauses” instead of “cancellations” so that their care plans would kick back in after 3 months automatically if they could afford it again.

They also offered deep discount to some folks in dire need. We’re not big as a company on discounts, but we wanted to help folks keep their websites updated and secure, even if we weren’t helping with ongoing website edits. This allowed us to keep accounts active and increase the lifetime value of our customer base over the year.

I also have to give a big shout out to Alexis and Travis on our sales team. As lockdowns were getting more serious, we had a flood of new sales come in from people who wanted to double down on digital. 

This bump in sales lined up with the launch of our new website and branding and really helped us have a high sales, low churn summer.

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