9 Best WordPress LMS Plugins 👨‍🎓 2022 (Free & Paid)

What are the best WordPress LMS plugins?

We have researched for you and found the best WordPress LMS plugins included in 2022. These plugins include all the features you need, are simple to use, with good support, and are fast and work properly with all popular WordPress themes.

Our list of LMS plugins below is meant to assist you in choosing the best plugin. Its plugins can also be applied to other sites relevant to Learning Management Systems, Online Learning Systems, or Online Schools.

Best Learning Management Systems Plugins WordPress 👨‍🎓

Below you’ll probably find the best and most useful WordPress LMS plugin in 2022:

MemberPress Plugin

The Most Powerful WordPress Membership Plugin

MemberPress Plugin - The Most Powerful WordPress Membership PluginMemberPress Plugin - The Most Powerful WordPress Membership Plugin

MemberPress is a feature-rich WordPress membership plugin developed by a talented team of experts that enables you to offer various levels of access to online courses. And the most remarkable thing is that you can do all of this without the need for technical knowledge or coding skills.

You can effortlessly create and administer your courses from inside your WordPress dashboard, thanks to the built-in LMS functionalities that are included. Visual drag and drop course building is available for you to utilize in order to create your courses, grade books, tests, and other elements of your course.

The plugin provides a user-friendly interface that makes creating courses a breeze. The course also includes a fantastic user interface known as Classroom Mode, which enables you to watch the course from the viewpoint of a learner.

A really clever feature, it may help to guarantee that your courses provide the experience you want them to.

Additionally, multimedia functionality, interaction with the WordPress blog editor, free-course programs, different levels for courses and services, and a robust course and user dashboard are all available.

It also includes features like content dripping, multiple payment channels, robust user controls, and a lot of other features that you’re likely to be searching for in an LMS plugin.

💵 You receive 12 months of free support and updates. The price is $179.

Key Features:

  • There are a variety of courses available with varying levels of membership and access
  • A built-in status monitor for the course
  • Accepts payments for one-time purchases as well as recurring payments
  • Integration with email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, Drip, and others

Random Reviews:

LearnDash Plugin

Your Online Course Deserves The Best

LearnDash Plugin - Your Online Course Deserves The BestLearnDash Plugin - Your Online Course Deserves The Best

For its overall performance, functionality, and remarkable online course design, LearnDash

is employed by an incredibly high number of corporations and prominent colleges across the world.

The bulk of the must-have elements you expect from a top-level plugin is covered by LearnDash. Thus it is considered to be a complete suite of capabilities that includes tools for data dripping, selling courses, and rewarding learners depending on user actions.

Furthermore, LearnDash allows your students to access additional courses depending on the points they accumulate as they go through the courses. You will be able to enhance customer engagement in your online courses in this manner.

LearnDash allows you to add various payment methods to your courses, including PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout, to help you sell them. Conventional membership registration for your whole online course is available via a variety of configuration choices.

Students may make one-time purchases or regular payments for subscription models, depending on their preferences.

💵 You’ll get 12 months of free support and updates on this. The price is $159.

Key Features:

  • It’s also possible to include lesson timers to guarantee that everyone devotes a specific amount of time for each session
  • Provides solutions for distributing your material on a recurring basis according to a schedule
  • Allows for the creation of user profiles as well as group management, so this is ideal for any group work you may want to assign
  • There is no need to connect with a forum plugin since LearnDash already has interactive forums as part of its core functionality

Random Reviews:

Sensei Plugin

Create And Sell Courses

Sensei Plugin - Create And Sell CoursesSensei Plugin - Create And Sell Courses

SenseiLMS is more user-friendly than many of the other WordPress LMS plugin options, but it is also less capable in several areas than the competitors. To create and sell online courses, you may utilize video and audio, host courses on your WordPress website, and do all of the normal things.

However, in order for this to function well, you will need WooCommerce and certain WooCommerce plugins installed.

There are no payment gateways or any other sophisticated capabilities included in the base package, but they may be added via WooCommerce plugins for a cost.

Due to the fact that Sensei is an extension of WooCommerce, you have a great degree of freedom when it comes to monetization possibilities.

With just the Sensei plugin and WooCommerce, you may offer your courses for free or charge a one-time fee for them, using any of the payment methods available via the WooCommerce platform.

The process of creating courses using Sensei is simple. You may administer quizzes and tasks to students, mark them automatically or manually, and even award certificates and awards to successful students.

💵 It charges a premium price for the Premium version, while the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • The grading of quizzes may be adjusted to either automated or manual
  • A very sharp course analytics include data on grading, course progress, and the number of students who have enrolled for the course
  • Generates random tests based on a bank of questions that you create before launching the application
  • There are various templates available for different types of testing, including true/false, single line, file upload, and multi-line tests
  • It enables you to charge for a course immediately, whether it be a membership or an individual course purchase

Random Reviews:

  • For us, Sensei is the best compromise between simplicity and functionality among open-source LMS.

    laurentmagninFeb 2022

  • I realize the dark mode in the WordPress default theme is fairly new, but even so, it appears this plugin has some issues with the dark mode since the text disappears.

    deekeeFeb 2021

  • It has been one and a half years since I’ve been using Sensei and I like how easy it is to use – especially the structure with courses, lessons, and quizzes for a learning environment that’s engaging for the student.

    Brand RocketJul 2020

Good LMS Plugin

Learning Management System WP Plugin

Good LMS Plugin - Learning Management System WP PluginGood LMS Plugin - Learning Management System WP Plugin

The Good LMS WordPress plugin is the fourth item on our list of the top LMS plugins for WordPress. Producing online courses is simple with Good LMS since it’s similar to creating a blog post on the WordPress platform.

This enables you to create exams, lessons, grade books, and awards directly from the WordPress dashboard, saving you time. You may even produce promotional coupons for your courses to use in order to recruit more participants.

Furthermore, Good LMS provides students with access to their own profiles, where they can check their marks and achievements, as well as course badges and other information.

In addition, Good LMS provides a series of examples that demonstrate each and every feature of the plugin, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The course process gives a stunning visual representation of student progress, and assigning a commission fee to an educator helps you to better manage the individuals that work on your team, as well as track their progress.

Given the fact that course ratings are also accessible, Good LMS looks to be an excellent solution for anyone looking to create an outstanding course.

💵 Purchase this plugin for $32.

Key Features:

  • It is possible in the student dashboard for visitors to also see their progress reports, awards, and certifications for each course
  • It is far less expensive than some of the more expensive premium programs
  • Create an efficient course marketplace like Coursera that includes course ratings and instructor commission options for teachers
  • Make necessary adjustments to the quiz options so that all students have several chances to take the exams

Random Reviews:

  • I really appreciate the good support and the plugin.

    IbrahimaSyllaApr 2018

  • Friendly and quick customer service.

    opentechApr 2021

  • It is a nightmare to use this plugin.

    lilibalfourAug 2017

LifterLMS Plugin

The Most Flexible WordPress LMS

LifterLMS Plugin - The Most Flexible WordPress LMSLifterLMS Plugin - The Most Flexible WordPress LMS

The LifterLMS course plugin is an excellent option if you are a WordPress user seeking an amazing course plugin for your website. Build multi-tier courses that include training modules, classes, tutorials, groups, and other features as needed.

LifterLMS allows you to simply develop courses and adjust them to meet your specific needs and requirements. You can also use it in conjunction with WordPress page builders such as Divi to make your learning platform more consistent with your brand.

Course management tools like content dripping, course requirements, and group memberships are all available in LifterLMS, giving you complete control over your sessions.

Lifter LMS is one of the most popular learning management systems because of its exceptional connections with WooCommerce, MailChimp, and AffiliateWP.

If you’re currently using one or more of the many Lifter LMS integrations, it could be a fantastic decision to investigate Lifter LMS as an alternative to some other costly products.

💵 The Pro version of this plugin costs $120, while the Lite version is $0.

Key Features:

  • Lifter’s LMS course builder provides choices for all forms of multimedia, a visually appealing course builder, drip data, and exams, among other features
  • Create discussion rooms and social profiles for your learners to use in order for them to communicate with one another and with their instructors
  • You may create a basic online course website without spending a single penny since the core plugin is free to use. All you would have to pay for is one of the payment gateways, which is a one-time fee
  • There is technical assistance, live office hours, and lots of free training courses available as part of the customer support package

Random Reviews:

  • I am really happy with this plugin, very easy to use.
    The LMS is exactly what I was looking for, it allows you to create an online learning platform easily.
    My congratulations to the development team and support team.

    Paco González PérezApr 2022

  • The best LMS for WordPress is LifterLMS. It includes everything you need to create an engaging learning platform in a simple and intuitive way. It has great support and video tutorials.

    Dioni SánchezApr 2022

  • LifterLMS has been developed by Chris and his team. It is an Open Source Learning Management System with a full feature set and great support! and best of all, it is open source!

    Ruben GarciaApr 2022

Tutor LMS Plugin

Teach Anything From Anywhere

Tutor LMS Plugin - Teach Anything From AnywhereTutor LMS Plugin - Teach Anything From Anywhere

Tutor LMS is one of the more recent entrants to the world of WordPress LMS plugins, but they have already built an amazingly high number of fans and installation in the process.

It is jam-packed with unique features such as a frontend course builder, a drag-and-drop quiz generator, and never-ending development assistance from the main organization.

Also included is the ability to create time limitations and retry limits for your questions using this LMS plugin. As a result, the user’s experience becomes more fascinating.

The primary version of this plugin is completely free, and it includes the most basic LMS functionalities. As your company expands, you may upgrade to a pro subscription, which includes additional features like data dripping, a grading system, and other tools.

One of the unique features of Tutor LMS is that it can also assist you in creating a marketplace of courses from various teachers, similar to Coursera in its functionality. You may sell all of those courses via your website, and you can automatically pay an extra fee to each teacher, depending on the number of sales.

💵 All features of this plugin are included, and you can get all updates for 1 year by purchasing it.

Key Features:

  • Oxygen and Elementor page builders are supported, allowing you a completely personalized website creation experience
  • If you’re intending to transfer platforms, Tutor LMS also offers one-click migration solutions to make the transition easier
  • Q&A and Student Forums are available for each subject to help students communicate more effectively
  • There are more than ten different question kinds in the test builder, allowing for more creative and intelligent tests
  • Includes support for various sorts of course material media, including text-only content, audio courses, video on demand (VODs), and live classes using Zoom integration

Random Reviews:

WP Courseware Plugin

The Original WordPress LMS Plugin

WP Courseware Plugin - The Original WordPress LMS PluginWP Courseware Plugin - The Original WordPress LMS Plugin

Developing and delivering online courses on your WordPress site has never been easier than with WP Courseware. Using the drag and drop course builder, you can easily create courses without having to worry about anything.

Consequently, you may effortlessly drag and drop your course modules to suit your requirements. This course plugin also has a content dripping feature, which allows you to distribute your material over a specified period of time after enrolling in the course.

You have the opportunity to design quizzes with WP Courseware in order to promote student involvement and participation. There are complex quiz formats, timeframes, and retake limitations available for you to use with this tool.WP Courseware is a compact, creative, and easy-to-use course management system.

The online demo is one of the most in-depth available, and it demonstrates all you need to know about utilizing the learning management system. Even if you have to give up some of your personal information in order to utilize it.

The WP Courseware plugin also connects with other WordPress plugins to provide even more functionality.

💵 Purchase this plugin for $129 and you will receive 12 months of support and free lifetime updates.

Key Features:

  • The visual designer works with drag-and-drop pieces, and it includes valuable features like course protection, drip feed, and email alerts, among other things
  • You may operate a multi-instructor approach in which you provide responsibilities to educators in order for them to create and manage the courses they offer
  • Viewing and exporting grade books allows you to keep track of how your learners are performing academically
  • The member portal is a tremendous benefit since it allows you to communicate with other active users who are also creating online courses

Random Reviews:

MasterStudy LMS Plugin

A Comprehensive Software For Feature-rich Educational Websites

MasterStudy LMS Plugin - A Comprehensive Software For Feature-rich Educational WebsitesMasterStudy LMS Plugin - A Comprehensive Software For Feature-rich Educational Websites

MasterStudy LMS is a free and fantastic WordPress LMS plugin developed by StylemixThemes, the same company that has created a number of successful and amazing WordPress themes.

Create amazing classes using videos, graphs, slides, and pretty much anything else you can think of with the MasterStudy Learning Management System plugin. Every feature is driven by the WYSIWYG editor, which makes creating and managing content a snap.

One of the most distinctive features of MasterStudy LMS is that all of the essential pieces are developed using Vue.js, which results in lightning-fast page loading and seamless page transitions across pages.

Tests and countdown clocks are also effective tools for increasing interest. At the conclusion of the quiz, you may display the results, including the right and erroneous answers.

Furthermore, it allows for simple interaction with WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe payment processors. Using this method, you may create a fully functional educational site and promote your courses.

💵 The program comes in two versions: $55 Pro and Free Lite.

Key Features:

  • Course evaluations are pre-placed
  • Billing for recurring subscriptions may be set up quickly and easily using PayPal and Stripe interfaces
  • Students who have finished courses may print out certificates
  • Make use of quizzes, real-time questions and answers, and countdown clocks to keep students engaged
  • The course includes a message board, which offers a social network-like atmosphere for learners to get replies and assistance from course designers and instructors

Random Reviews:

  • This is an incredibly wonderful theme with great plugins. I’m very happy with it. I hope they continue to improve and maintain the full master study suite. There’s always more to improve and fix. Thanks for everything.

    ozniApr 2022

  • The plugin is incredibly affordable, easy to use, and Divi compatible. Support helped me with the translation too.

    aquaspMar 2022

  • It is an excellent LMS plugin, nothing to complain about
    The experience I had has been excellent
    Thank you very much
    The topic was modified 2 months ago by

    dwsagencyMar 2022

Namaste LMS Plugin

Teach Better, Earn More

Namaste LMS Plugin - Teach Better, Earn MoreNamaste LMS Plugin - Teach Better, Earn More

Namaste! LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin that should not be ignored as something not really decent, despite the fact that it is not as popular as the other WordPress LMS plugins. You may create a good online course without spending a lot of money if you use the basic plugin; it is available for free download.

The Namaste premium theme, on the other hand, is most likely going to be utilized for the design, and it is rather pricey.

Features such as student certificates and badges, an analysis system for learners, and more will be available to you if you just download the free version.

With that being noted, Anyone who wishes to build a free online course should consider using the Namaste learning management system. If you wish to expand the capabilities of your learning platform, you may buy the pro options.

It’s a creative plugin with a basic course creation procedure that’s quite similar to that of adding a blog post to your website.

💵 #Free and $67 for Pro version.

Key Features:

  • There is a system available for securing your data from intruders who do not want to be there
  • Fully compatible with WordPress, as well as with third-party extensions
  • You may issue badges and build a friendly environment to encourage users to put in more effort throughout the sessions
  • Students’ performance is evaluated by using a grading system

Random Reviews:

  • Creating classes, lessons, registration/enrolment pages, and great-looking certificates in PDF within a couple of days was nothing short of incredible. Great support too from the team; prompt responses and great care.

    dimitrisvMar 2022

  • I appreciate it when free plugins provide good support. I accidentally opened a support ticket and they worked with me by email to solve the problem. Thanks!

    naetsSep 2021

  • The most user-friendly LMS I have tried is Namaste! There are a few bugs that need to be fixed with linking WatuQuizes Free to the modules.

    jbb0906Apr 2021


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