How to Change the Link Color in Elementor

There are also other ways that you can change the color of your links.

One of these is to add a new CSS to your page. This allows for all links, regardless of how they’re entered onto the website to be changed to a global setting. To do this you need to find the custom CSS area on your website and then you need to enter the following code to the custom CSS.

a.myredlink:link, a.myredlink:visited, a.myredlink:active
{ color:red; text-decoration: none; } a.myredlink:hover { color: red; text-decoration: underline; }

You can then add this code to any page that you would like to add a green link.

<a class=”myredlink” href=”#”>Red CSS Class Link</a>

Another option is to add the color when you’re entering the link into the text editor on the page. This can be done relatively easily by using this code on any page.

<a style=”color:red;” href=”#”>Red Inline CSS Link</a>

Posted by WordPress Guru