How to Make a Column a Link in Elementor

Another option is to add some JavaScript to your website that will make a column or section clickable within Elementor. The first thing that you would need to do here is to drag and drop an HTML element onto the page that you want to add it to.

Then inside the code element, you need to add this JavaScript option.

<script> document.querySelector("#XXXXXXXXXXX").addEventListener("click", function() {
window.location.href = "";

Now you need to customize the code. The first thing that you will need to do is to change the |CSS identifier to match the identifier of the section that you would like to make clickable. This can work for images, videos and more. Replace the XXXXXXXXX section with the unique ID of your section.

You also need to specify exactly where you would like the link to take the user. This is changing the aspect of the coding.

Finally, you can test the code on your page. Ensure that it works exactly how you would like it to work.

Posted by WordPress Guru