21 Best WordPress Food Truck Themes 🍔 🚚 2022

Are you looking for the best WordPress Food Truck theme for your site?

⚡️ Do you need an answer quickly? As a quick solution, we recommend the Publisher theme for WordPress. This theme offered more than 100 demos and was designed with high customization and performance.

We are sharing the best WordPress themes for Food Truck. Toward the end, we will provide some recommendations for pure scenarios. Choose your favorite template from the curated list to create a professional Food Truck website without spending any extra money.

I designed the following themes just for Food Truck websites. You can use these themes to create food blogs, food magazines, food photography, food products, fast food, food delivery, food, restaurants, and WooCommerce food sites.

Best Food Truck Themes for WordPress 🍔 🚚

Below, you can probably find the perfect and best WordPress Food Truck template in 2022:

Food Truck Theme

Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress Theme

Food Truck Theme - Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress ThemeFood Truck Theme - Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress Theme

The Food Truck template was developed for food truck drivers, street vendors, and small businesses that are in the food industry, for use in advertising and other formats

By utilizing the Food Truck theme, you can customize the appearance of any site you intend to design, by selecting from the demos, front pages, and themes available on the theme website. In addition, you can also take advantage of 10 widgets along with the Food Truck theme.

The theme option also allows you to make customized pages for your website in minutes by using the powerful WPBakery page builder.

💵 You can get all these features for only $59!

Key Features:

  • Locator for FoodTrucks in an innovative way
  • Add as many menu items as you want to the menus
  • Management of your events in a matter of seconds
  • The parallax effect of modern technology
  • Layout possibilities that are virtually unlimited
  • Creating a one-pager as well as a multi-page

Random Reviews:

Taqueria Theme

Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress Theme

Taqueria Theme - Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress ThemeTaqueria Theme - Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress Theme

You can create your next restaurant website with this easy-to-customize and fully featured Taqueria WordPress Theme. When purchasing this theme, you will receive a detailed help file along with additional features like a Truck Locator and Multiple Menu.

A Boosted Elements Add-On is included – Create popups, sliders, maps, and more by using the Boosted Elements Add-On.

Drag and drop elements can be used to create pages using the Boosted Elements Add-On Sliders, maps, pop-ups, and more can be easily added to your site using the Boosted Elements Add-On.

💵 For $59, you can buy this theme.

Key Features:

  • Translate into any language
  • Adjust footer columns from 1 to 4 easily Add logos, icons, and navigation
  • Create and display multiple contact forms 
  • Designed to work with iPhone and iPad displays with high resolution
  • The logo and design are included as Photoshop files
  • Headers can be fixed at the top of the browser to be always visible

Random Reviews:

  • A recent update caused Elementor to not be able to update. Updating the Taqueria theme did not fix the problem, so I had to uninstall and reinstall the theme to be able to update my site. Overall, I am satisfied with the Taqueria theme. It was easy to use and includes several options.

    calliegdmMay 2022

  • The documentation is lacking and this theme is hard to use.

    joefrJul 2021

Food Truck Theme

Modern WordPress Theme for Food Truckers Street Vendors

Food Truck Theme - Modern WordPress Theme for Food Truckers Street VendorsFood Truck Theme - Modern WordPress Theme for Food Truckers Street Vendors

The WordPress Food Truck and Restaurant theme includes features that enable you to build a website for a food truck, street vendor, or other food-related business worldwide.

Using this WordPress theme, you can pick and choose sections, thereby enabling you to create a website that showcases your skills, talents, and professionalism.

The files are easy to edit, thanks to layers and groups, so you have all the tools necessary to construct the website you have envisioned. The search engines will rank your website higher using the SEO-friendly WordPress theme.

💵 For $39, you will get all the updates and 6 months of support for this theme.

Key Features:

  • Nine different layouts that can be customized
  • Full support for dynamic pages with a jQuery tool
  • Optimized for search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
  • Fully Fluid Responsive to any size of the device – Works on any screen size 
  • Offering cross-browser compatibility with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer 
  • A fully responsive theme built on Bootstrap

Random Reviews:

  • This is a great theme for Food Truckers. I’ve used it for a month and I haven’t encountered any issues. Support has also been excellent and very fast in answering my questions. Amazing.

    webartistsOct 2021

  • This program is ideal for the business type. It is very easy to set up, and when there is a problem, the customer service is very responsive.

    divinegreenfoodsApr 2022

Stego Theme

Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress Theme

Stego Theme - Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress ThemeStego Theme - Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress Theme

Stego is a theme that can be used for creating a website for food truck businesses or other food-related businesses.

It includes all the features you will need to make your own website, including powerful yet easy-to-use options such as menus, history pages, contact forms, and e-commerce integration with PayPal.

The theme allows you to customize various elements on your website, including colors, fonts, spacing, buttons, blocks, parallax sections, video hero backgrounds, galleries, menus, etc. All can be easily customized and there is no need for coding knowledge.

💵 Get 6 months of support along with the theme for only $48.

Key Features:

  • WPML-compatible code and fully translatable
  • PHP performance with no crappy SQL code or greedy queries
  • Hundreds of hooks, filters, and actions for developers to extend our themes, child themes, and plugins
  • The entire code is SEO friendly
  • Live editing via WordPress Customizer
  • A page builder based on WordPress’s core features

Random Reviews:

Lafka Theme

Pizza Food Delivery WooCommerce Theme

Lafka Theme - Pizza Food Delivery WooCommerce ThemeLafka Theme - Pizza Food Delivery WooCommerce Theme

Lafka theme has been developed with the fast food and restaurant industries in mind. Lafka is an excellent modern WordPress / WooCommerce theme that contains industry-specific features that cannot be found anywhere else.

It is based on extensive research into the fast-food industry to design the best online food ordering tool available to fast food owners, and the company’s core features will be perfect for the fastest-growing companies in the sector.

💵 For $59, you get 6 months of support in addition to the theme.

Key Features:

  • The delivery zones can be drawn on the map directly
  • Set the Radius restriction to a certain value
  • Provide for delivery at a flat rate, based on driving distance, or at a flat rate plus driving distance
  • Limit the area to a certain branch or branches
  • Different products can be set up for different branches
  • Select only branches that serve the client’s address

Random Reviews:

  • It’s the best-supported and most-updated WordPress add-on that I’ve ever come across. Anyone with issues with speed clearly does not have a good hosting environment. Great job by the developers, implementing suggestions by users. This is the all-in-one solution for food businesses/takeaways.

    aaronfisher83Oct 2021

Lunchbox Theme

Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress Theme

Lunchbox Theme - Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress ThemeLunchbox Theme - Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress Theme

With the Lunchbox theme, you will be able to book your food trucks for special events with ease. The theme is simple and intuitive and was created with food trucks as well as restaurants in mind.

The Truck Location Map that Lunchbox has embedded allows you to provide your customers with a status update of the location of the trucks.

A website’s hero header is one of the first things visitors see, which is why you can embed videos and high-quality images in it with Lunchbox.

💵 The theme works well with it, and you can purchase it for $59.

Key Features:

  • One-click demo importer lets you get started in minutes.
  • Sell products using the theme
  • Provide your customers with your restaurant or food truck’s location
  • Build multiple menus easily with Menu Builder
  • The front-end theme customizer lets you modify your site’s look
  • With a robust theme customizer, you can easily change fonts

Random Reviews:

The Food Truck Theme

The Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress Theme

The Food Truck Theme - The Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress ThemeThe Food Truck Theme - The Food Truck & Restaurant WordPress Theme

As a result of purchasing the Food Truck WordPress Theme, you will receive a fully customizable website theme with multiple menu options as well as a Truck Locator. Additionally, you will receive a detailed help file, as well as additional features such as the Truck Locator.

It is possible to create drop-down menus and mega menus within this theme and they are easily accessible. The header area of the theme is always visible since it can be mounted to the top of the browser window.

💵 The Food Truck theme is $59 for purchase. Plus, you will get 6 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Ability to create popups, sliders, maps
  • Use the Revolution Slider to create stunning slideshows
  • Contains Photoshop files of logo and design
  • Optimized for high-resolution screens, like iPhone and iPad
  • Utilizing the demo importer, you can set up your site within a matter of minutes
  • Display multiple contact forms using the Contact Form

Random Reviews:

Fast Food Theme

Fast Food WordPress Theme

Fast Food Theme - Fast Food WordPress ThemeFast Food Theme - Fast Food WordPress Theme

The Fast-food theme is a WordPress theme designed exclusively for fast-food websites. This theme is well-documented, fully responsive, and incredibly customizable.

The fast-food website provides customizable quote calculators and easy-to-use page builders. Each page also features a transition and distinctive typography.

Those who wish to display a wide variety of restaurants, cafés, bars, cafes, and pubs should take advantage of the Fast-food features.

💵 You can purchase it for . It includes auto-updates and 6 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Sticky header with layouts
  • Designed to be responsive as well as retina-ready
  • Static pages are fully supported by shortcodes
  • Custom shortcodes for showcasing restaurant, bar, cafe, and tavern websites
  • Sets of custom icons for your business
  • Various page sizes and headers

Random Reviews:

  • Good theme and good support.

    happypalJun 2021

  • Their customer service is amazing. Any question I have is answered quickly, professionally, and effectively. I do not regret my purchase one bit, and I love the theme too. I recommend them to anyone.

    dponce80Jul 2021

Spoon Theme

a Premium Responsive Restaurant WordPress Theme

Spoon Theme - a Premium Responsive Restaurant WordPress ThemeSpoon Theme - a Premium Responsive Restaurant WordPress Theme

With Spoon, you are able to create unlimited menus for food and drinks, and market events, introduce your team, post images, make a blog, and sell products online in a very straightforward manner.

In addition to sorting and displaying entries based on date, the spoon theme automatically removes completed events after they have concluded.

You can find the options panel on the left of the screen where you can make changes as you see fit Slider Revolution has been used to present the content in a pleasing manner.

💵 You can get all the demos and features of the theme for $59.

Key Features:

  • Build engaging slideshows with captivating animations and transitions
  • Detailed documentation, including screenshots, examples, and all the instructions you need to customize the site
  • Pretty Photo Lightbox automatically appears when an image links to the full picture
  • Theme Options Panel allows you to add your own CSS styles
  • A theme options panel makes it easy to customize your website
  • Ready for retina display

Random Reviews:

  • I just started to use this theme, and it is fantastic. There is only 1 problem with the mobile menu that I have submitted a support ticket about, but besides that, this theme is just fantastic. It is easy to set up, and it looks great on every device.

    whykawaiiMar 2018

  • One of the best themes I have ever seen. It does not promise more than it delivers. It is very easy to customize and very friendly. I hope they make more themes and add more features in the future. They can definitely surpass the good layers company.

    trbghanaJan 2018

TinySalt Theme

Personal Food Blog WordPress Theme

TinySalt Theme - Personal Food Blog WordPress ThemeTinySalt Theme - Personal Food Blog WordPress Theme

Whether you are a food blogger, a cooking enthusiast, or a small business, TinySalt suits your needs beautifully. This is an ideal platform for food bloggers, especially if your blog is brand new or you are storing hundreds of recipes.

As well as its wide array of blog designs and layouts, TinySalt is extremely easy to use and enables you to easily build, edit, and manage your recipes on your site. It is also compatible with a multitude of plugins, including WooCommerce and MailChimp for WordPress.

💵 $54 is the price of TinySalt.

Key Features:

  • Display related recipes following each post to engage readers
  • A flexible theme with multiple layout options
  • Instant previews and easy theme customization
  • Retina-ready design that’s sharp on any device
  • With 6 different layouts, and featured recipes on the homepage
  • Creating diverse post layouts

Random Reviews:

  • The design is beautiful, the features are plentiful, and the customer service is outstanding.

    MariannationJun 2021

  • I’ve seen the best documentation

    milosisApr 2021

  • I was super impressed by the customer service. 🙂

    KelsbbDec 2020

Good Food Theme

Recipe Magazine & Culinary Blog WordPress Theme

Good Food Theme - Recipe Magazine & Culinary Blog WordPress ThemeGood Food Theme - Recipe Magazine & Culinary Blog WordPress Theme

With its dedicated recipe functionality and custom recipe type, the Good Food theme is suitable for food blogs and magazines. The theme gives you the ability to create recipes that are completely unique, unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Further, since the theme was designed for this purpose, you can create recipe blogs and magazines using it.

This recipe post type can be used to create an interactive food magazine, while the fancy blog design options help you present your media in a professional way through your cooking website.

💵 For $59, you will get 365-24-7 customer support.

Key Features:

  • Custom Projects and Profiles are powerful for every site type
  • A plethora of Google fonts let you completely customize your website
  • Add custom backgrounds to any website page or post
  • Several color options are available to customize the navigation and other parts of your website
  • 99+ Custom Shortcodes help you build amazing pages
  • Slider plugins included in this theme are Layer and Revolution Slider

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent support, very nice people

    SparximerDec 2020

  • With all the parameters, the only thing missing would be the translation option.
    A very nice theme with really easy customization.

    dacotoJun 2020

  • With all the parameters, the only thing missing would be the translation option.
    A very nice theme with really easy customization.

    dacotoJun 2020

CheerUp Theme

Food, Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

CheerUp Theme - Food, Blog & Magazine WordPress ThemeCheerUp Theme - Food, Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

CheerUp is a theme that offers a large range of design options, which makes it suitable for almost any type of website, including blogs and magazines.

With over 1000 different layout options, the theme is suitable for both blog design and magazine design. It is tailored to simple, no-graphics blogs and magazine websites.

A number of interesting features are found in this theme, such as the fact that it is responsive, has high-resolution graphics and stylish sliders, and can be customized to support Google AMP. There are 17 different slider designs available as well.

💵 The theme support team helps you fulfill your dream job, and you can get 6 months of support just by purchasing the theme for $59!

Key Features:

  • The Gutenberg editor and Block editors are natively supported in Gutenberg
  • Choose from 14 pre-made designs or make your own
  • A blog with built-in Custom Widgets
  • A smooth Sticky Top Bar & easy navigation
  • Adding an off-canvas Mobile Menu to a website
  • Create a custom-built page for one of your Special Posts

Random Reviews:

  • It has a lot of customization options, and I don’t find it to be boxed (as opposed to Brixton).

    kellyphillipserbMar 2021

  • Thanks, guys for a great theme and the first time I uploaded a demo without any issues 🙂 Thx

    koniakJan 2021

Brailie Theme

Brailie Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

Brailie Theme - Brailie Responsive Photography WordPress ThemeBrailie Theme - Brailie Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

You can present your portfolio more effectively with the Brailie theme than with any other photography theme, and you also have the option to showcase your blog on a site suited for both bloggers and photographers

Based on Bootstrap 4, the Bailie theme offers fifty different demos, unlimited color variations, and font options, as well as a one-page layout for showcasing your portfolio in addition to headers, sliders, and blogs.

💵 The Brailie theme is priced at $59 per license.

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy way to show off Flickr pictures and Instagram
  • Create a unique website with stunning UX elements and a multitude of features
  • Includes a wide range of demos, over 50 in total
  • Create your own color scheme or choose from one-click color options
  • Features easy font selections that are exclusive to the theme
  • Various headers and sliders to suit different needs and contents

Random Reviews:

  • Great theme, great job, great technical support


  • My favorite theme provider, every theme is designed awesome, has flexible features, and has great, fast support.

    BrokenDancerNov 2019

  • Solid, helpful theme, second purchase.

    ideacampJun 2021

Superfood Theme

Organic Food Products WordPress Theme

Superfood Theme - Organic Food Products WordPress ThemeSuperfood Theme - Organic Food Products WordPress Theme

With Superfood, you will enjoy a beautiful, functional, and organic theme that allows you to create a website that meets all of your requirements. It offers twelve different homepage designs so you can choose the one that most suits your requirements.

The blog page on the site is one of the first things you will notice when you visit. This is a beautifully designed page that will inspire you to create your own blog and share your ideas and thoughts with others.

💵 With this theme, you get free support for 6 months. The Superfood template costs $75.

Key Features:

  • An extremely powerful administration panel
  • Providing 12 different homepages for users to choose from
  • Beautiful templates for inner pages
  • Demo site import with a single click
  • Designed to be responsive and retina ready
  • An extensive typography selection is available on the site

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you for making a great theme, but the reason I want to fill out this form is because of your great support team. They are always happy to help you out. Keep up the good work.

    SDRYLMZJul 2017

  • Since I started using the theme, my star rating has steadily increased. Your design team has done an amazing job. Thank you. I hope it reaches 5 in the coming months. Well done to your team.

    prawin_sNov 2020

Organium Theme

Organic Food Products WordPress Theme

Organium Theme - Organic Food Products WordPress ThemeOrganium Theme - Organic Food Products WordPress Theme

As a top WooCommerce grocery store template, you simply cannot ignore the Organium theme. It is responsive, easily customized in terms of colors, fonts, and other aesthetics, and even allows you to upload your own logo.

Furthermore, this online store provides a variety of useful features that can improve both traffic and sales in addition to 6 attractive homepages.

The free website theme allows you to easily create an eco store on the web and sell green products through the website. It also enables you to create an online staple market using the website for free.

💵 Purchasing this template for $59 gets you free updates for one year.

Key Features:

  • An easy way to import demo content with one click
  • Compatibility with the most popular plugins available on the market
  • Translation and multilingual capabilities are available
  • Support which is top-notch with a rating of 5 stars
  • A mobile-friendly site that’s optimized and SEO-friendly with Plugins like Yoast
  • Several pre-configured pages are included in the demo

Random Reviews:

  • Great support and help, and a theme that does it all

    cincomediaFeb 2022

  • My rating is 5 stars for several reasons
    Great Work and Support

    JoggeJan 2021

  • The software is easy to use, and the support is fast! 5 stars!

    stgarg12Dec 2020

Pizzaro Theme

Fast Food & Restaurant WooCommerce Theme

Pizzaro Theme - Fast Food & Restaurant WooCommerce ThemePizzaro Theme - Fast Food & Restaurant WooCommerce Theme

Using Pizzaro, you will have a clean and functional design along with a broad range of premium plugins that will allow you to add various personal touches to achieve the difference between a successful pizzeria website and one that stands out.

By using this highly customizable WordPress theme, you will be able to display your menu, sell merchandise, and offer special promotions in a way that is appropriate to your brand and style.

There are 150 different homepage layouts, as well as product pages and single product displays so that all aspects of your business will be displayed.

💵 It offers free 6 months of support and lifetime updates. It costs $59.

Key Features:

  • Free updates and personalized support
  • Provides importable dummy data for testing 
  • Customize headers from 4 predefined styles 
  • 5 Footer styles already defined and customizable 
  • Generate custom colors from unlimited color schemes 
  • Seven of the most common types of homepages

Random Reviews:

  • An excellent theme, supported by a very responsive team ready to answer any questions

    dimkav33Dec 2019

  • Great support and very fast responses. I really recommend Madras themes.

    hanyelmehyFeb 2022

Madang Theme

Healthy Food Delivery Nutrition WordPress Theme

Madang Theme - Healthy Food Delivery Nutrition WordPress ThemeMadang Theme - Healthy Food Delivery Nutrition WordPress Theme

Anyone who would like to establish their own food-delivery website may find one with the same look and feel as the Madang WordPress theme to be an ideal solution.

Due to its excellent flexibility, the Madang theme can also be easily adjusted to meet the needs of a wide range of food types There is also an integrated page builder for assisting you in making any necessary modifications.

Madang offers a variety of features that make it an interesting alternative to other competing services, such as meal plans and weekly meal packages.

💵 You will get 6 months of free support and lifetime updates for just $62.

Key Features:

  • Using Google Maps API to customize maps in a number of ways
  • Embedding the PageBuilder in your website
  • Creating unique layouts for your home page
  • Multiple colors and variations of headers are available
  • Analyzing the organic ingredients available on the market
  • Drag-and-drop interface for creating WordPress pages

Random Reviews:

  • I like the theme, it’s modern and fresh.

    FoodyWebsite123Jun 2021

  • It’s a great website. I used it today

    PrashuDelightJul 2021

  • Good design, options, flexibility, and friendly service. Excellent!

    franciscoriveroMar 2022

Mildhill Theme

Organic and Food Store WordPress Theme

Mildhill Theme - Organic and Food Store WordPress ThemeMildhill Theme - Organic and Food Store WordPress Theme

Consider the WordPress theme Mildhill, which includes nine different home pages and 30 or more styles for the inner pages. This theme is ideal for creating web content related to organic food, and it is also suitable for creating online food stores.

The Mildhill page is one of WPBakery’s best pages. It allows you to create beautiful and highly customizable websites. It features a number of unique sections and content blocks that can be rearranged to create the style you desire.

💵 It costs $75, you’ll get updates forever, and you’ll get six months of support.

Key Features:

  • A powerful admin interface is available
  • A large collection of layouts and pages
  • A page builder for WordPress included with WPBakery
  • Responsive WordPress Slider Revolution Plugin included
  • Large collection of shortcodes for practical use
  • A number of header behavior types for headers

Random Reviews:

  • It is amazing how supportive it is. I am not an expert, and I run a business on my own, but this theme has saved me so much time and effort. There is a lot of patience and advice, which is what I find great about such a smart & kind team. Thanks, you rock! Helene

    hellleneSep 2021

  • Thanks for this awesome artwork!
    Thanks for this epic artwork!

    konzatNov 2020

Grand Restaurant Theme

Grand Restaurant WordPress Theme

Grand Restaurant Theme - Grand Restaurant WordPress ThemeGrand Restaurant Theme - Grand Restaurant WordPress Theme

This clean and visually appealing theme called Grand Restaurant is designed for restaurants, cafes, and other businesses in this sector, and has been built with the latest features in WordPress.

Grand Restaurant is a mobile-friendly application that looks great on all devices. With a single click, you are able to import predefined styles for Asian Food Restaurants, Modern Cuisine Restaurants, and Elegant Food Restaurants.

Food menus are presented on this site in an innovative format; this includes classic food menus, which can be viewed on the restaurant’s website.

💵 The Grand Restaurant template costs $64 and comes with 6 months of support free of charge.

Key Features:

  • Different font families and sizes of the Main Content Font can be set easily
  • Options for choosing your menu layout
  • Mega menu support is included, so navigation links will appear as columns
  • Set the page title in percentage with the background image height
  • Change the Tagline Font Color with the color picker
  • Footer text can be easily entered under the footer-logo

Random Reviews:

  • A theme with easy-to-use features and fast, quality support

    hubitallMay 2022

  • The item itself is very good, and the customer support is excellent

    salvatore_7Aug 2021

  • Exceptional design! Great customer service! Quick response!

    npoulJun 2021

Organie Theme

Organic Store Food WooCommerce Theme

Organie Theme - Organic Store Food WooCommerce ThemeOrganie Theme - Organic Store Food WooCommerce Theme

The Organie theme was taken to a whole new level with the newest release, which features some extraordinary enhancements you had never seen before.

This theme provides 14 homepage designs, multiple header designs, a versatile shop design, blog options, single post designs, gallery designs, about us pages, SVG icons, Time-Based countdowns, cool fonts, shortcodes, and banners.

In view of the many features of Organie, it is evident that this theme is a powerful and functional agricultural WordPress theme that places great emphasis on products.

💵 For $59, you can get this fully documented theme.

Key Features:

  • Adding Visual Composer to your website
  • Creating slider revolution packages with slider revolution
  • Quickly download and install demo data
  • Live-adjusted, retina-smooth animation in unlimited colors
  • Support for Contact Form 7 is currently available
  • Sticky headers for your website

Random Reviews:

  • My favorite theme I used thus far is not only beautiful but easy to work with to create your own custom website. The customer support is the best I have found out of all the themes I have used. Customer support responds very quickly to any issues you have and helps you to solve any questions you might have.

    zewnealandNov 2018

Foodo Theme

Fast Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

Foodo Theme - Fast Food Restaurant WordPress ThemeFoodo Theme - Fast Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

The attractive, unique design of Foodo makes it the ideal solution for food and restaurant businesses with its combination of colors and ability to be customized to meet your needs.

Using the theme’s impressive homepage and inner page demos you can easily create a salivating website. There are 04+ homepage demos, and inner page demos in the theme, with eye-catching layouts, shortcodes, and awesome styles.

The responsive nature of the site, in addition to its clean and well-constructed coding, makes one like Foodo a perfect choice for users.

💵 It has auto-updates and six months of support. It costs $55.

Key Features:

  • Home page for 03+ food demos
  • A list of 02+ layouts for food blogs
  • Restaurant and food store builder with Elementor 
  • A wide variety of restaurant functional pages can be found on our website
  • View quick food information when a pop-up window appears
  • A style guide to food blogging

Random Reviews:

  • A responsive website with excellent design

    webtechenterpriseMay 2022

  • It is one of the most user-friendly themes I have ever used. It has so much flexibility that it is a TON of fun to work with. I absolutely love this product and will check out other themes from this company. CUSTOMER SUPPORT is also outstanding!

    Invoke_Media_GroupMar 2021

Q&A about The Best WordPress Food Truck themes.

Here are the most common questions we receive from our readers regarding the best Food Truck WordPress templates.

It’s best to always post your questions and concerns in the comments if they haven’t been answered yet. We will fix them quickly.

How to choose a WordPress Food Truck theme?

Now that you have chosen WordPress for your site’s CMS, it makes sense to show you some of the best WordPress themes for Food Truck websites.

Although, I suggest that you use the Publisher theme, which has many features such as multiple demos, rich theme panels, and infinite loading for posts. In addition, we recommend The Astra theme for designing Food Truck websites as well.

Which is the best WordPress host for Food Truck sites?

A poor choice of the host can turn a good Food Truck site into a site with no future. Bluehost is a hosting provider you can rely on. We created an article that describes all of Bluehost’s capabilities.

Last but not least, let me say this

The best food truck WordPress templates we reviewed have been updated for 2022. A ready template and plugins can be integrated into a matter of hours to create a great-looking site.

The Publisher theme is one of our favorites because it is SEO-friendly and provides incredible performance. A multi-purpose theme that can help you with your needs.

We hope this article helped you select the best WordPress theme for your Food Truck website.

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