5 Best WordPress Minify Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Pro)

Do you wish to find the best WordPress plugin for Minify?

We have handpicked the best WordPress plugins for you to choose quickly the Minify, use them on your website in 2022, and level up your website. All the plugins are mobile-friendly and speed-optimized. In addition, the plugins work seamlessly with every top WordPress themes.

You are looking for a minify-related plugin, but it’s not the same as the actual Minify plugin? These plugins are suitable for Speed, Minify CSS and JS, Auto Optimize, Speed Optimization, and WordPress Cache Plugin. Choose a plugin for your site that will give it an edge.

Best Minify Plugins for WordPress 🥇

So, let’s see which WordPress Minify plugin will suit you best from the following list:

Autoptimize Plugin

An Easy to Use Manification WordPress Plugin

Autoptimize Plugin - An Easy to Use Manification WordPress PluginAutoptimize Plugin - An Easy to Use Manification WordPress Plugin

The Autoptimize plugin is completely free to use and can be used by anyone to optimize and minify their website without incurring any costs.

Additionally, your scripts will be condensed and saved as cache, and you can arrange for the auto optimizer to reload them automatically for you.

It is possible to choose the code you wish to optimize from CSS, JS, or HTML using the speed optimization tool, which is capable of optimizing all three.

The free WordPress optimization plugin offers a variety of useful features which can enable you to improve the performance of your website. The plugin is easy to use (for beginners, it is easier than W3 Total Cache to use).

💵 The plugin is free. A paid version is not available.

Key Features:

  • Optimization of Google Fonts and WordPress’ emojis’ CSS and Javascript
  • The free version is available with so many robust features
  • Lazy Load feature available
  • Speeds up your site by optimizing your images
  • Supports WebP and AVIF formats
  • Removes WordPress core emoji cruft
  • Works on most sites out of the box
  • Moves and defers scripts to the footer
  • Gzip compression is available
  • Integrates with CDN

Random Reviews:

  • As a freelance web designer and developer, I am a fan of this plugin. It allows me to get good results from Google page speed score, even for elements or sites. It works like a charm.

    shubhampunjApr 2022

  • I have been using this plugin without any problems for more than ten years…

    audioprolabsApr 2022

  • Thank you to Frank Goossens (futtta) for making this plugin.

    anjanbiswas01Apr 2022

Fast Velocity Minify Plugin

Optimization & Minification Plugin for WordPress

Fast Velocity Minify Plugin - Optimization & Minification Plugin for WordPressFast Velocity Minify Plugin - Optimization & Minification Plugin for WordPress

With the Fast Velocity Minify plugin for WordPress, you can optimize files to make them load more quickly while allowing advanced users to tweak certain settings to meet their needs.

This plugin provides the ability to disable Google Fonts merging, remove Google Fonts, remove HTML comments, predefined paths to ignore, and completely delete Google Fonts while optimizing CSS and JS and caching them to improve page load times.

By using this plugin, WordPress users can reduce CSS size to improve ranking and website performance. Starting with the default settings is all that’s required for non-technical users.

Additionally, a special page called ‘Pro Optimization’ contains advanced settings that should only be altered by developers with experience.

💵 Fast Velocity Minify is Free! There is no fee.

Key Features:

  • Allows deferring JavaScript and CSS files globally, or only for PageSpeed Insights
  • Makes sure the order of the scripts is preserved when using exclusions
  • Keeps your original files by copying and duplicating them to the uploads directory
  • View a list of processed JS and CSS files in the status section
  • Removes unnecessary information from headers and minify HTML
  • Supports localized scripts
  • View the status and detailed logs on the WordPress admin page
  • Has separate scripts for headers & footers
  • Creates static cache files in the uploads directory

Random Reviews:

  • I installed it and was impressed that my site seemed faster after installing it. This is likely because FVM disables Yoast title rewrites. I tried a few configuration changes but couldn’t get it to work and I had to remove it. I hope these issues can be resolved because FVM seems really promising. This topic was modified 9 months, 1 week ago by a shoplifter.

    shoplifterJul 2021

  • The PSI was 97/100, but now it is 99/100! Of course, the Fast Velocity Minify plugin also allowed us to optimize the site even more. Thank you, and good luck!

    IrinaApr 2021

WP Rocket Plugin

Speed Optimization WordPress Plugin

WP Rocket Plugin - Speed Optimization WordPress PluginWP Rocket Plugin - Speed Optimization WordPress Plugin

The WP Rocket WordPress plugin for website minification brings you all of the caching capabilities that you would expect, as well as a few additional features you might not have been aware of.

It is well-coded, features powerful page caching, and caches preloaded pages, among other benefits. This is a solution that is regularly updated for stability, security, and reliability.

With this WordPress cache plugin, you’ll be able to optimize not only Javascript files but also HTML and CSS files on your website. Contrary to several other caching plugins that require a comprehensive course to set up, WP Rocket simplifies the entire process considerably.

With this plugin, you will be able to incorporate features that would otherwise require the use of additional plugins. These features include the use of lazy loading of images and database optimization. In addition, you can host Google Analytics code on your website.

💵 With $49, you get an excellent plugin with many documents and 12 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Image lazy loading
  • Combining Google fonts files
  • The ability to delay Javascript execution time
  • Deferring JavaScript files
  • Removing query strings from static resources
  • Settings import and export
  • Optimizing CSS delivery
  • Minimal tweaking is required for speed improvements
  • CDN integration

Random Reviews:

WP Super Minify Plugin

Minification & Caching WordPress Plugin

WP Super Minify Plugin - Minification & Caching WordPress PluginWP Super Minify Plugin - Minification & Caching WordPress Plugin

WP Super Minify Plugin accomplishes both compression and minification of code, as well as combining, caching, and minifying HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code making it web-friendly. If you have any problems, you can turn compression off entirely or to a certain extent.

Additionally, this plugin offers JavaScript and CSS functionality. If you are looking for a lightweight minification utility, then this is the right plugin for you.

When this plugin is active, HTML, JavaScript inline, and CSS sources are compressed, resulting in smaller page sizes and quicker Google loading times. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress, so you can use it with this plugin.

This plugin has one downside: the user has no other options in the settings other than to set the compression level.

💵 Is Free and there’s no need to charge!

Key Features:

  • The process will take less than a minute once you install the plugin
  • Observe your pages being minified
  • Extremely straightforward and easy to use
  • Open source
  • Minify PHP framework
  • View the changes by visiting your live website

Random Reviews:

  • Thought this was a good plugin. After installing it on my site, it slowed the site !!

    PosanduSep 2021

  • Great, I searched for a long time for such a simple and clear plugin, Bravo

    BrunozitApr 2021

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Autp Optimization Website Plugin for WordPress

W3 Total Cache Plugin - Autp Optimization Website Plugin for WordPressW3 Total Cache Plugin - Autp Optimization Website Plugin for WordPress

The plugin W3 Total Cache for WordPress, a well-known performance enhancement plugin, does much more than act as a mere cache plugin.

In W3 Total Cache, the user is able to enable or disable minification as well as set the app to automatically compress files. Users can either select the files that should be compressed manually, or set it to do so automatically.

With so many options, it can be visually overwhelming for beginners. If you are not knowledgeable about what you are doing, you may ruin something. Therefore, it should be used by advanced users only.

Different caching methods, and even JavaScript, HTML, and CSS can be used for caching and minification.

💵 This website offers a free Lite version, which can be downloaded, and a pricey Premium Version with $8.25/M.

Key Features:

Random Reviews:

  • In general, I never review plugins, but W3 Total Cache deserves 5 stars! I was looking to increase my website’s speed (after testing around 50-60% at gtmetrix). They suggested WP Rocket, which is pricey! W3 Total Cache took my website from a 50-60% score to a 93% score by simply installing it and following the setup process! I will absolutely recommend this plugin!

    pradopabloApr 2022

  • Great job, when I add this plugin to my site the speed of loading improved.

    poukamisasApr 2022

A final note on the top Minify plugins!

You searched for the best WordPress Minify plugins, and we made sure to pick the best plugins for them. Remind yourself that these plugins will help you expand your site.

📌 Note: Additionally, you may find our list of top WordPress security plugins useful for enhancing the security of your website. We also recommend that you take a look at our expertly selected WordPress hosting providers.

The purpose of this post is to help you find the best plugin that suits your needs.

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