How to Install Elementor Pro

Now that you’ve bought Elementor Pro, you need to add it to your WordPress website. This is very easy to do.

The first thing that you need to do is to go to the Elementor website and then log into your account with the credentials that you should have been given when you made the purchase. After logging into the system, you should go to the Profile page. Then you can click on the option to ‘Download Plugin’. This will save a .zip file to your desktop.

Then you need to log into your website and then access the plugins area of the dashboard and ensure that you enter the area to add a new plugin. You can upload the plugin using the .zip folder that you’ve saved before.

After you’ve uploaded the file, it should appear in the list of plugins on the ‘Plugins’ page. Then you can activate the plugin. From there you will be directed to activate your license key. If you’ve forgotten the license key, you can find this with the information about your purchase of Elementor Pro.

Once you’ve done this, the installation for Elementor Pro is complete. You can start to use the plugin to enhance the design of your website.

Posted by WordPress Guru