7 Best WordPress Infographic & Data Visualization Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Pro)

Trying to find the best WordPress infographic plugins for your site?

Here you will find the best WordPress plugins for creating attractive and informative infographics, with some excellent features. These plugins are feature-rich and support all of the top WordPress themes.

We have created a list of WordPress plugins for the Infographic. In addition, you can use the following plugins for Visualization, Chart, Interactive Flowchart, Graphic, Report Builder, and Data Visualization.

Best Infographic & Data Visualization Plugins for WordPress 🥇

Let’s explore some of the best WordPress plugins for infographics in 2022:

Visualizer Plugin

Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

Visualizer Plugin - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPressVisualizer Plugin - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

By using Visualizer plugin, you can create interactive charts, infographics, and tables that can be used for your website’s posts and pages.

In addition to line charts and area charts, the free version provides bar graphs, pie charts, table graphs, and scatter plots.

Tables make it easier for visitors to search and sort information on a website. They can also be used to display information quickly and simply.

You can get a complete refund if you do not like it after the first 30 days you subscribe to the pro program. You get six additional chart types and email support with the pro subscription.

Because of its cross-platform capabilities, it is also compatible with the most recent versions of Android and iOS devices.

💵 While the Lite version is free, the Pro version is priced at $108.00.

Key Features:

Random Reviews:

  • The import of the Google spreadsheet CSV did not work!

    vermont10Feb 2022

  • Easily accessible, good appearance

    olaboumDec 2021

  • My spreadsheet changes the first Y-axis point by a year, so it now has Dec 2016, Mar 2016, Jun 2016, Sep 2016, and Dec 2016. This should be Dec 2015. I opened a support thread but couldn’t get anything to work.

    swinggraphicsNov 2021

wpDataTables Plugin

The Best Tables & Charts WordPress Table Plugin

wpDataTables Plugin - The Best Tables & Charts WordPress Table PluginwpDataTables Plugin - The Best Tables & Charts WordPress Table Plugin

Due to its name, the wpDataTables Visualization WordPress plugin appears to be complex, but it is quite simple in nature.

A rising number of people are using the plugin to make raw data more visually appealing and easier to understand. It is easy to create graphs and charts since data can be added, plots can quickly be produced, and they will appear on mobile devices and websites.

Using this interactive flowchart maker, you can display data from a Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet on your WordPress website.

Your data can easily be filtered so that you only see results that match specific dates, locations, etc. The visual data can be edited either from the front end (posts/pages) or the administration dashboard (back end).

The lite version has one drawback, however, and this is the fact that it is restricted in functionality. For instance, your users will not be able to edit tables when using the lite version.

💵 There is a Free Lite and a Pro price costs $68.76.

Key Features:

  • Large table sizes
  • Cell custom formatting
  • Custom HTML
  • Highlighting possible
  • Add/remove columns and rows
  • New border options
  • Resize/reorder columns and rows
  • Font family and font size

Random Reviews:

  • It has the most functionality and robust tables for WordPress. It also includes the best charts. Highly recommended!

    Alexey KoshelevApr 2022

  • Plugins like this are nice for more detailed data than other platforms may be able to handle.

    David MooreApr 2022

Easy Charts Plugin

Infograohics & Chart Maker WordPress Plugin

Easy Charts Plugin - Infograohics & Chart Maker WordPress PluginEasy Charts Plugin - Infograohics & Chart Maker WordPress Plugin

The Easy Charts WordPress plugin can create a wide variety of charts. This WordPress plugin for data visualization may have the potential to be a helpful tool, but it is so much more than that.

Data can be entered into the system in almost any format, and charts can be viewed in many ways. You can preview your charts before publishing them. In addition to having access to all the features of the Easy Charts add-on, you can also easily and quickly create charts with this plugin.

For you to get started with excellent charts on your blog posts or pages, you don’t need any previous experience. Using this plugin, you can create bar graphs, percent-bar graphs, and percentage-line graphs, as well as pie graphs and line graphs.

💵 It is available to download and install for FREE with lifetime support.

Key Features:

  • Chart configuration comes with many predefined design and color preferences.
  • Charts can be easily added to any post or page
  • User can download chart as an image
  • Highly configurable and easy to manage charts
  • Provide data to chart and it will work for any chart type
  • Make changes to the data without changing the chart type
  • Charts on screen provide an easy way to preview how your chart will appear

Random Reviews:

  • In the future, this plugin will become one of the most used chart plugins.

    SalvadorMay 2021

  • The plugin worked until yesterday. The image of the chart vanished after it was added to a new position.

    romanukrMar 2020

Data Tables Generator Plugin

Chart & Infographic Generator for WordPress

Data Tables Generator Plugin - Chart & Infographic Generator for WordPressData Tables Generator Plugin - Chart & Infographic Generator for WordPress

Data Table Generator is a WordPress plugin that gives you the flexibility to display your data regardless of your level of expertise.

Data can be imported from spreadsheets stored in multiple formats, including CSV and Excel files, PDF files, and Google Sheets. The plugin lets you create charts, graphs, and data visualizations and ensures that facts are presented in a manner that is easy to understand for your readers.

This plugin can also add a layer of versatility by allowing you to import Google Charts data. It is beneficial for enabling you to integrate data tables with WooCommerce, allowing you to display products.

The technology of Google Charts functions through the Pro version. To create graphs and charts, you’ll need it.

💵 Price: $59, Lite version: Free.

Key Features:

  • Translated into more than ten languages
  • Formulas and HTML support
  • Images, links & video support
  • Responsive modes and large tables support
  • FrontEnd table editing
  • Filters, search, sorting and pagination

Random Reviews:

  • User-friendly, the free version has some good tools.

    wordmatejFeb 2022

  • Thanks for the MySQL plugin for the pro version, I needed a fancy way to display MySQL tables, I’m making a game, and now I can make live leaderboards without having to code anything.

    DizzyDollyNov 2021

iList Plugin

WordPress Infographic Maker Plugin

iList Plugin - WordPress Infographic Maker PluginiList Plugin - WordPress Infographic Maker Plugin

By using the iList Report Builder plugin, users can easily create graphics for their websites. With just a few clicks, it is easy to create responsive infographics using this graphics maker on your website.

Information graphics may be positioned precisely where desired using shortcodes, and charts and graphs may be easily inserted into lists.

The WordPress plugin allows you to turn raw data into charts and graphs, just like Visualizer. It features 14 ready-to-use responsive templates. The templates can be customized with text and images to meet your needs.

The iList graphics maker also offers a search engine optimization-friendly design, which is advantageous to users.

💵 $24 is charged for the Pro version and no price for the free or Lite version.

Key Features:

  • Create multi-page listicles with unique URLs and advertising space (for monetization)
  • Create a dynamic image or text lists
  • Compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor page builder
  • Eighty templates are built-in, customizable within the theme’s folder
  • Preview in the WordPress backend
  • Customizable colors and fonts
  • The embeddable infographic can be shared on other websites
  • Sharing the embeddable infographic is easy

Random Reviews:

  • With the non-pro version there is no editor; you can’t even create hyperlinks in your text; no color either. The pro version, on the other hand, seems quite robust.

    marcusliederJul 2020

  • Great features, elegant look…

    nguyendao1243Jan 2020

Infogram Plugin

Charts, Maps and Infographics Generator WordPress Plugin

Infogram Plugin - Charts, Maps and Infographics Generator WordPress PluginInfogram Plugin - Charts, Maps and Infographics Generator WordPress Plugin

With Infogram Visualization plugin, you can add interactive pie charts and bar graphs to your WordPress site. This plugin allows you to create custom widgets to make your data even more engaging. In addition to word clouds and infographics, you may create your own widgets.

Using Infogram, journalists, civic leaders, and businesspeople can embed beautiful data visualizations directly onto their websites.

Using this plugin, you can quickly and easily create high-quality visual representations of data quickly and easily based on predefined colors, so you are free to focus on the data. In contrast, the plugin draws the images for you. Furthermore, it offers more than a million icons and images.

Utilizing this plugin, you can embed Infogram graphics from your WordPress library in a single click. Using team collaboration, multiple users may post to the site simultaneously by automatically and allowing users to enter the shortcodes manually or via URL.

💵 The Pro version is priced at $19/M, and the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Click on the tabs and see how many people scrolled over the tooltips
  • Interactive reports
  • Tooltips and clickable legends improve interaction.
  • With Zoom, bounce, flip, fade, and slide, you can easily insert objects in your project
  • Data importing made easy
  • Get a custom template with your brand, colors, fonts, and logo
  • Easily keep track of who is working on each project
  • Get creative by restoring earlier versions of your projects
  • Easy editor

Random Reviews:

  • It is possible to get rid of their logo watermark by buying a PRO subscription, but this might be a good solution if the logo comes back. But for web designers like myself, this may not be an effective solution.

    alainexpressionDec 2019

  • This works great, set it up for a client who has Infogram, and it makes editing much easier – click the shortcut link and select Infogram. He had users with an editor role switch between text and visual editors, but the script tag for embedding would always be stripped, so this works too.

    Maxwell MorganMar 2016

UberChart Plugin

WordPress Chart Generator Plugin

UberChart Plugin - WordPress Chart Generator PluginUberChart Plugin - WordPress Chart Generator Plugin

The UberCharts WordPress plugin lets you easily add charts to your blog posts to enhance their appearance. There are more than 30 options for customization available for each set of data, and 240 options for each chart.

It offers a variety of chart customization options, including color and font, and responsiveness, as well as different types of animations, so you can immediately post visually appealing charts. It enables you to create ten different charts for WordPress, such as bar charts.

You are also offered the option of customizing the axes and scales in a data perspective. Further, the charts can be updated with a few clicks, making it easier if changes are necessary in the future. You can even duplicate some charts as templates for future charts that you will create.

💵 With this advanced, complete, documented plugin, you can get it for only $39.

Key Features:

  • Spreadsheet editor
  • Extremely customizable
  • Import data onto the plugin using a CSV file
  • Use a Google spreadsheet or Excel to paste the data
  • Colors, margins, padding, and radius options
  • View a live preview of the chart before you design it
  • Multi-language functionality and cross-browser compatibility
  • Activations can take place either on single sub-sites or in the network as a whole

Random Reviews:


Almost anyone with a website can incorporate these infographic WordPress plugins into their site. We have gathered a set of advanced and practical best plugins for informational sites.

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