13 Best WordPress Forum Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Pro)

How do you find the best WordPress plugin for a forum?

Here we have reviewed and tested many of the most popular and best WordPress plugins for your forum to facilitate your search. We cut the list down to a few items to give you only the best WordPress plugins. Each of the plugins we will be showing you below provides excellent features and performance, better than some of the premium plugins. By the way, these plugins work with all the advanced WordPress themes.

Using the following plugins to build a Discussion Forum, Online Community, or Social Network is possible.

Best Forum Plugins for WordPress 🥇

Let’s look at the best WordPress plugins for Forum in 2022:

bbPress Plugin

Discussion Forums for Your WordPress Website

bbPress Plugin - Discussion Forums for Your WordPress WebsitebbPress Plugin - Discussion Forums for Your WordPress Website

The bbPress Forum WordPress plugin stands out from the other discussion forums because it is easy to set up and use and familiar to anyone who uses WordPress.

It is developed by the same people whose expertise went into the development of WordPress.org.

bbPress is a simple and intuitive forum plugin that features an easy-to-use interface, so users can easily access the online community.

Everyone can install bbPress and begin using it almost immediately. In addition to a user-friendly dashboard, the application offers a range of customization options and allows the user to manage all content on the forum.

You have a choice between themes and extensions for customizing the forum’s appearance and making it your own.

There is, however, one notable disadvantage of the bbPress plugin. As a result of the plugin’s limited ability to perform its core functions, an additional extension is needed to enhance the plugin’s functionality.

💵 There is a Free plugin named bbPress.

Key Features:

  • Any WordPress theme can be used with it without any modifications
  • Free open source software that you can use forever for free
  • Multisite forums can be easily managed from a single dashboard
  • Over 200 extensions are available to help you accomplish anything you want
  • Because of its minimal bloat, it is fast and light
  • It is built for WordPress and uses the same core code as WordPress

Random Reviews:

  • The bbPress plugin is so powerful, and it integrates well with BuddyPress. I highly recommend it.

    alinaalinutaJan 2021

  • OOB, the forum looks very raw and does not follow the active theme. It also produced some artifacts that the developers refused to even investigate.

    rjrjrjrjJan 2021

BuddyPress Plugin

Fun & Flexible Plugin for Online Communities

BuddyPress Plugin - Fun & Flexible Plugin for Online CommunitiesBuddyPress Plugin - Fun & Flexible Plugin for Online Communities

BuddyPress is a platform that is ideal for bloggers and business owners who want to build communities around their content. This plugin enables you to integrate your website with your own social networking account.

BuddyPress can be used to build an online community, which includes functions such as profiles, stream of activities, user groups, messaging, and social networking capabilities.

Additionally, this discussion forum plugin is also quite simple when installed. Still, it can easily be expanded through extensions, making it suitable for creating various communities.

BuddyPress and bbPress work seamlessly together, allowing users to communicate freely and engage with one another as they navigate your website. These two plugins enable you to build a website with excellent forum capabilities.

💵 With many features and free support, this is an excellent plugin. Download it now for free.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with LearnDash and other WordPress plugins
  • Lots of similarities to our favorite social networks
  • Numerous third-party extensions and plugins extend BuddyPress functionality
  • Integrated into any theme or plugin for WordPress
  • Built-in support for Akismet
  • The best open source social network. Get it for free, use it on unlimited sites, and get regular updates.
  • Officially supported by WordPress, just like bbPress

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you very much. That sounds like a great job.

    javigandiaFeb 2022

  • The only thing I don’t like about it is that it loads its CSS files on every page, even those that aren’t BuddyPress.

    Theo HJan 2022

  • It is a really awesome plugin.

    HasanuzzamanJan 2022

Asgaros Forum Plugin

The Best Forum & Community Plugin for WordPress

Asgaros Forum Plugin - The Best Forum & Community Plugin for WordPressAsgaros Forum Plugin - The Best Forum & Community Plugin for WordPress

The Asgaros Forum WordPress plugin lets customers take advantage of the basic benefits of a forum without getting bogged down in too many details. This plugin does its job well despite its limitations.

WordPress users can install the plugin easily, and the discussion forum is comprehensive. In addition to a shortcode that can be easily installed, there is a user profile page, groups, lists, reporting tools, moderators, announcements, search, pools, and more, as well as various customization features.

Several plugins are available that are usually associated with discussion boards. Such plugins include bbPress and BuddyPress, but there are alternative ways to implement these features and one of the best alternatives is Asgaros Forum.

In any case, it would serve a smaller community quite well, despite the fact that it was not designed to handle large and busy forums.

💵 Free download of this plugin is available.

Key Features:

  • Keeping track of your forum’s performance
  • Guest postings are allowed
  • SEO friendly
  • Multisite compatible plugin
  • File uploads, reactions and posting permission controls
  • Stable and well-coded
  • Attractive design with customizable theme
  • There aren’t any upsells along the way
  • All the admin tools you’ll need
  • Manage members, content, and permissions with ease

Random Reviews:

  • Hello, has anyone understood where the advertisements are managed in the forum? For a long time now, I haven’t been able to find them. I am using the latest version 1.7.3.

    wordpressxpg7Apr 2022

  • Users’ e-mail addresses are displayed under their avatar. This makes them publicly accessible and can’t be removed. You can’t hide it, either. This topic was modified 5 months ago by

    fanficcomuaNov 2021

Simple:Press Plugin

The Ultimate Forums Plugin For WordPress

Simple:Press Plugin - The Ultimate Forums Plugin For WordPressSimple:Press Plugin - The Ultimate Forums Plugin For WordPress

Simple:Press is a highly functional plugin which offers a large number of functionalities while still being extremely simple to use and learn for a complete novice.

Several versions of this plugin are available, so you can select one that suits your requirements.

In spite of the limited functionality of the free versions, you are welcome to use them as a trial to observe how they function before investing in the full versions.

With Simple:Press, you can create and manage an unlimited number of online communities, groups, sub-forums, and private discussion areas, as well as manage users in various ways.

Additionally, an administrator’s panel is included, which includes options for tracking topics, moderating posts, and many other functions.

💵 Download the Lite version for free, the Pro version for a small fee like $29/M.

Key Features:

  • Custom icons for each forum
  • Fully integrated into WordPress, supports WordPress registrations and logins
  • Creates SEO-friendly permalinks and includes many SEO features
  • Sub-forums to any level
  • Private and public forums
  • Move posts between forums and topics
  • More than 70 premium plugins are available to extend its features
  • Control over every aspect of the look and feel of the forum
  • Provides support for both standard WordPress and multisite
  • Lots of tools for managing users and forums

Random Reviews:

  • Maintaining WordPress is always a hassle. The forum itself is fine.

    antonioresta1981Apr 2021

  • Having used Simple Press for years, I am glad they continue to update this plugin. The features are easy to use, and you do have to pay for some extra’s, but in my opinion this is worth it.

    pm-fotografieAug 2020

  • * I love the plugins. they are straightforward yet very powerful. I hope they stay free . This topic was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by Tobi Kellner (Tor-Bjorn Fjellner). Reason: We don’t allow links in the review.

    pinoysgMay 2020

wpForo Forum Plugin

Online Community & Forum WordPress Plugin

wpForo Forum Plugin - Online Community & Forum WordPress PluginwpForo Forum Plugin - Online Community & Forum WordPress Plugin

The wpForo Forum WordPress plugin allows you to add forums to your website, create subforums, manage them, and display all the options, features, and settings you want.

This plugin is straightforward and has all the features you will probably need from an online community. WordPress plugins such as this free social network plugin allow for a great deal of customized functionality.

A variety of views are available in the wpForo Forum, including a listing, a grouped view, a list of questions and answers, and a detailed view.

This plugin can differentiate each set of layouts by their own styles, features, and color schemes. It includes six different groups of themes, including dark themes.

Additionally, one of the significant downfalls of wpForo is that all extensions are premium.

💵 Free download is available for this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Built-in features for search engine optimization (SEO), XML sitemap, caching, antispam, etc
  • Different forum views suitable for a range of scenarios
  • Member rating and badge functions
  • Search and filter functions
  • Integrate BuddyPress for more social networking options
  • Intended for small and very large forums and communities
  • Various forum views for different scenarios
  • Built-in styles for simple integration
  • Transferring from another forum to Go2WpForo
  • Available for free with options to extend functionalities by purchasing paid addons

Random Reviews:

  • I highly recommend 49ersFaithful.org!
    Great forums and support!

    starman71Mar 2022

  • This is the great plug-in as it is easy to use and is completely free!!! The administrator is also soooo helpful!

    MonikaMar 2022

  • I’m really impressed with the quality and especially the support – fast, accurate and very helpful – for this plugin.

    williamcmunroMar 2022

CM Answers Plugin

Powerful Q&A Online Discussion Plugin

CM Answers Plugin - Powerful Q&A Online Discussion PluginCM Answers Plugin - Powerful Q&A Online Discussion Plugin

You can create a Q&A (questions and answers) forum directly on your WordPress website using the CM Answers plugin.

This social network plugin looks and functions much like a forum. However, it is geared toward questions rather than topics.

By using CM Answers plugin basic features, you can set up a Stack Exchange-style forum for your website in a couple of minutes. You can easily create multiple forums on any topic by simply installing the plugin.

The plugin allows users to ask questions, provide answers, share files, subscribe to categories, and send private messages. For those who wish to have additional features, there is an upgraded version of CM Answers.

In addition to managing users, customizing questions and answers, and deleting unwanted content, administrators can also manage content.

It is important to note that just like some of the online community plugins listed here, this plugin provides paid subscribers with the most useful features available.

💵 There are two versions available: a Pro version for $39 and a Free version.

Key Features:

  • Users can vote on questions and answers.
  • Premium version includes best answer, profiles, comments, and social media login
  • Sorting options in the question and answer pages
  • Combines Q&A with standard forum
  • Template can be easily customized according to users requirements
  • Uses shortcodes for simple implementation
  • Integrates seamlessly with most WordPress themes

Random Reviews:

  • Their support is excellent, and their plugins work well

    jaswanthjesseJan 2017

  • When I try to approve a new post, I am greeted with:
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/theonlin/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3309

    brianrooneyAug 2016

WP Symposium Pro Plugin

Social Network Plugin for WordPress

WP Symposium Pro Plugin - Social Network Plugin for WordPressWP Symposium Pro Plugin - Social Network Plugin for WordPress

WP Symposium Pro Forum WordPress plugin is designed to provide more of an experience similar to BuddyPress than bbPress or Asgaros Forum.

The plugin enables each of your users to manage their own profiles and wall posts, add friends, receive email alerts, and similarly participate in online communities to Facebook.

Because of the added shortcodes in WP Symposium Pro, this plugin has a high degree of versatility and can be used for any type of website. It is expandable and includes premium extensions.

In conjunction with other plugins or themes for WordPress, this plugin can be integrated into a WordPress site.

Using extensions, users can enhance the functionality of their web pages by adding private messages, groups, YouTube and image attachments, galleries, etc.

💵 Free Lite, cost of premium. The pro version costs $169.99.

Key Features:

  • Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included
  • Allow users to like/dislike activity posts and replies
  • Allow members to personalize profile security
  • Detailed user profile tools
  • Automatically show Soundcloud on activity
  • Compatible with other plugins and themes
  • Let members keep track of favorite activity posts
  • Allow users to choose activity recipient(s)
  • Design your social network pages the way you want them
  • Combines forum and social network

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin is fantastic. If we invented it before Facebook, it would be today’s Facebook. The support team is excellent and helpful. Though we had some misunderstandings initially, they sorted out all the issues. Highly recommended. This topic was modified 4 years, 12 months ago by *.

    Asifur RahmanApr 2017

  • Thanks, Robert! Top-class service! Try this one if you’re looking for a good product with fantastic customer service! They will help you know what to do during the entire process! Thanks, Robert!

    niro23Feb 2017

DW Question and Answer Plugin

Lightweight & Extremely Powerful WordPress Discuss Plugin

DW Question and Answer Plugin - Lightweight & Extremely Powerful WordPress Discuss PluginDW Question and Answer Plugin - Lightweight & Extremely Powerful WordPress Discuss Plugin

The DW Question and Answers page provides a platform for discussions and debates among readers by posting questions and asking for answers. Furthermore, you should be aware that the DW Question and Answer forum is more of a Quora-style forum.

Due to how this plugin works, users are allowed to give their opinions on answers, unlike other forum plugins. Thus, the most popular solution shows up, and the lowest rated response will appear last.

In addition to being easy to install, the plugin comes with a very robust administration panel, offers many tools for monitoring topics, supports three styles, and can be customized to work with any WordPress theme.

DW Q&A possesses a sophisticated permission system with many types of permissions to choose from. Administrators can easily control which permissions each role is granted.

If you allow guest users to post questions or answer questions, you will also be able to accept answers to these questions

💵 It’s free for Version Lite. Version Premium is for a $39.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with BuddyPress and many other plugins
  • 11+ languages supported
  • Translation ready
  • Instant search by keywords
  • CAPTCHA support helps you to combat spam
  • Nice design with three themes
  • Private/ public for question and answer
  • Notification email system
  • Sticky question
  • Search and filter tools

Random Reviews:

  • Achieves what was promised without complications.

    volcapMay 2020

  • I liked this format and the way it is put together. But sadly, I had to deactivate and delete on two sites..just too many header php warning messages.

    dkurthMay 2020

  • Thanks to the team we are using this plugin with a little bit of customization. It has many features and is very easy to use.

    UzzalJan 2019

Discussion Board Plugin

A WordPress Forum Plugin Packed With Features

Discussion Board Plugin - A WordPress Forum Plugin Packed With FeaturesDiscussion Board Plugin - A WordPress Forum Plugin Packed With Features

Installing and setting up the Discussion Board Forum WordPress plugin is simple, and your forum will operate within a few minutes.

Among its many advantages is its extensive use of shortcodes, which makes constructing and administering forums extremely convenient.

It is a matter of design that the Discussion Board uses minimalistic forms to make it compatible with any theme and to allow customization of colors.

Several features are available in the premium version, including user profiles, a WYSIWYG editor, upload functionality, and enhanced security.

Also, Discussion Board allows you to limit the amount of spam and abuse by controlling the number of postings, approvals, and declines a user may make.

Using this plugin, you can allow front-end registration and login systems to attract more users.

💵 The Lite version is free, and the Premium version costs $69.

Key Features:

  • Get notified when new comments and posts are made
  • Users post new forum topics via a simple form
  • The specially designed theme for the plugin
  • Other users can respond to topics on their own page
  • Set statuses for topics
  • Admin approvals
  • Create non-reply boards within your boards
  • Shortcodes are available to display forms with ease
  • Multiple discussion boards for different subjects

Random Reviews:

  • I have been struggling with forums and coding for years, and I dreaded installing one for my students. Discussion Board was up and running in just minutes! I love it!

    designwiseAug 2021

  • The Devs are responsive and happy to assist. You will get the support you need. I hope you enjoy the plugin. To the Devs, Keep up the great work; keep it up! Warmly, Brendan

    thebrendanleaAug 2021

Forym Plugin

WordPress Discussion & Forum Plugin

Forym Plugin - WordPress Discussion & Forum PluginForym Plugin - WordPress Discussion & Forum Plugin

Forym WordPress plugin for forums provides a simple yet powerful approach for users who are seeking a simple yet robust solution.

Users of this plugin will be able to manage their online reputation, use profanity filters, create a post template, and choose between a light or dark theme.

However, even though it does not create question-and-answer-based forums in the same manner as some other plugins, Forym does allow users to vote on answers, placing the most popular answers at the top.

There is nothing fancy about the front-end appearance of these forums, but in comparison with other plugins, it is appealing. Most users find the Forym forum’s front-end appearance superior to some other plugins listed here.

💵 After purchasing the Forym plugin for $19, you will always have free plugin updates for 12 months.

Key Features:

  • Code syntax highlighter
  • SEO optimized
  • Works with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Advanced text editor includes everything you need to have a great conversation.
  • Mobile version, 100% responsive design
  • Clean minimalist layout works with many
  • User and admin tools aplenty
  • User badges and custom signatures

Random Reviews:

Sabai Discuss Plugin

Questions and Answers Plugin for WordPress

Sabai Discuss Plugin - Questions and Answers Plugin for WordPressSabai Discuss Plugin - Questions and Answers Plugin for WordPress

Users can post questions and answers on discussion boards created by Sabai Discuss, a WordPress plugin for discussion forums.

In addition to providing a decent user profile section, a mechanism for setting up user settings, moderating comments, and establishing users’ reputations, the plugin is well-designed and implemented.

For an easy-to-read arrangement of questions and answers, you may choose to use a plugin such as Sabai Discuss.

If you make use of this plugin, your site will experience increased user interaction and visitors will be more engaged.

According to the popularity of the questions and answers, the plugin automatically decides which questions and answers should appear on the front page.

💵 The price of this premium plugin is $24.

Key Features:

  • Social sharing tool
  • Code syntax highlighter
  • Bookmarking
  • Responses to common questions will be indexed by search engines
  • Allows you to install any number of instances by just copying over a single file
  • Flexible access control
  • Lots of user and admin tools
  • Detailed user and admin roles

Random Reviews:

PeepSo Plugin

Online Discussion & Social Network Plugin

PeepSo Plugin - Online Discussion & Social Network PluginPeepSo Plugin - Online Discussion & Social Network Plugin

PeepSo allows you to create a social network that is unique to your WordPress site, and is somewhat different compared to the other plugins in this collection.

Using the Free plan, users can take advantage of a number of features, but the Premium plan offers even more capabilities. You can use the plugin whenever you like for as long as you like.

The PeepSo service will help you build a social network for your WordPress website that is easy to use, attractive, and modern.

Hiring programmers or designers to accomplish the task is no longer necessary using a simple yet powerful plugin.

In addition to creating profiles, customizing reactions, incorporating blog posts, receiving email notifications, getting real-time notifications and supporting RTL, PeepSo enables you to do so much more.

💵 There are two versions of the plugin available. The Premium version costs $129, whereas the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Frontend user registration
  • Customizable profile fields with multiple/single select, date, text
  • Activity Stream sorting posts by latest posts or recently commented posts
  • Frontend user profiles with avatars and cover images
  • Frontend user listing with search and filtering
  • Unique views counter on user posts
  • Followers system – users can follow each other
  • Scheduled posts that are published at a specified time and date
  • User can create their own posts
  • Activity stream filtering by: all community posts, following, saved posts, scheduled posts

Random Reviews:

  • The team at BuddyPress have been very active and do an excellent job of updating the software regularly, along with the support team.
    I have not looked back since switching!
    Thanks guys! You rock!

    webby87Apr 2022

  • Worth a look if you are looking to replace Facebook and create your own community! Peepso has tons of features you can use to replace Facebook and create your community! Excellent customer service (which I need since I am not a developer) and quick replies. Looking forward to further development and additions to the platform.

    groomhausFeb 2022

AnsPress Plugin

Free WordPress Question and Answer Plugin

AnsPress Plugin - Free WordPress Question and Answer PluginAnsPress Plugin - Free WordPress Question and Answer Plugin

It is possible to integrate AnsPress Forum WordPress plugin into an existing website to enable a question-and-answer system similar to Stack Overflow.

A website does not need to be created from scratch since AnsPress forum can be accessed via a simple page added to an existing site. If you wish to use this option for your support ticket system or your internal QA board, you should consider it.

Furthermore, the AnsPress social network plugin offers several useful features and the ability to work with any type of website and theme.

On the site, there are several features, such as tags, categories, labels, comments, featured questions, sorting options, voting for questions and answers, and a reputation system.

💵 Free support is available in the WP.org forums for this plugin.

Key Features:

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin makes an Q&A functionality that works.
    But it has several issues
    – The look is something from 1998
    – You cant disble VOTE
    – You cant disable COMMENT
    – confusing controle of who can answer a question and who can make a comment

    mrmaxdomainsJan 2022

  • The support, code, functions, and performance are all excellent.

    edifyingDec 2021

To summarize

To conclude, we reviewed the best WordPress Forum plugins. Build your website impactful by using these plugins.

📌 Note: We strongly suggest checking our list of expertly selected top WordPress hosting providers to enhance your website’s performance. You may also wish to consult our list of best WordPress security plugins to enhance your website’s security.

Thanks for reading this list of the best WordPress plugins for the Forum. We hope this was helpful.

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