5 Best WordPress File & Document Library Plugins 💾 2022 (Free & Pro)

We were recently asked which plugin we recommend for WordPress Document Libraries by one of our visitors.

In this section, I have compiled a list of the best WordPress plugins for Document Library that we assure you will work with the latest WordPress versions. Therefore, you can use these plugins with any of the latest WordPress themes that can be used.

Here are the WordPress plugins we made for the Document Library. Also, you can use the plugins for File Protector, File Library, File List, File Sharing, Media Library, PDF document Viewer, File Management, and Document Management.

Best File & Document Library Plugins for WordPress 💾

Let’s begin with the best WordPress Document Library plugins in 2022:

Filr Plugin

The Secure Document Library

Filr Plugin - The Secure Document LibraryFilr Plugin - The Secure Document Library

In addition to quickly creating secure document and file libraries, the Filr plugin allows you to manage them. Using this plugin, you can create secure areas on your file system to easily upload, manage, and display files related to your website.

In addition, if you wish to share a unique direct download link to a document library, you may do so. You may do so if you want to build your document collection on your website.

An automatic search engine is included with this plugin. The shortcode can be used to generate documents and files automatically.

Using your library, you can display a wide range of information, including file names, latest modification dates, file types, and links to download files.

💵 $79 for Pro version, free for Lite version.

Key Features:

  • You can create unlimited uploads and get unique access links
  • You can use a custom directory name for your uploads
  • You can create files and libraries
  • You can upload multiple files with the uploader
  • Support for external files is provided

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SP Project & Document Manager Plugin

a Document, File and Media Manager Plugin

SP Project & Document Manager Plugin - a Document, File and Media Manager PluginSP Project & Document Manager Plugin - a Document, File and Media Manager Plugin

There are many benefits to using the SP Project & Document Manager plugin on your WordPress website. This plugin can create many folders and subfolders to keep your content organized and accessible.

Like Filr, this file sharing plugin also enables you to insert images, videos, and essential files such as documents and spreadsheets. In addition, access to files can be granted based on the account type so that you may share documents with clients based on their account type, for example.

You can even allow your clients to edit and modify projects directly on your website. This functionality works with multisite, so your users can also benefit from it.

As a result of this plugin, file management features have been concentrated on the most essential for document libraries, making it an ideal plugin.

💵 You have to pay $75 for the premium version, and it’s free for the lite version.

Key Features:

  • You can embed youtube channels and other media as a file
  • Advanced shortcodes are available
  • WooCommerce integration is provided
  • You can upload multiple files with one click
  • Unlimited nesting of folders is available

Random Reviews:

  • Free versions already offer the functionality of commercially available solutions, even more than some of them. If you need a website that provides file exchange and management, the PRO model or separate add-ons make this plugin a must-have.

    zpaparidisAug 2022

WP Docs Plugin

A Documents Management Plugin

WP Docs Plugin - A Documents Management PluginWP Docs Plugin - A Documents Management Plugin

Using the WP Docs plugin, you can manage documents on your website. This plugin can also be used for academic and education portals.

This plugin will allow you to create as many directory structures as you want to arrange your documents.

The content library created by this plugin will allow you to upload your documents. The documents will be listed with a preview and thumbnail to facilitate their curation.

This plugin enables students to download files and track their progress, as well as access them once they have been downloaded.

You may add and remove files and directories at any time. The number of files you may store is determined by your hosting company.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of having multiple shortcodes pointing to different directories on the same page.

💵 Lite: Free, Premium: $145.

Key Features:

  • Navigation is facilitated by a breadcrumb bar.
  • You can change the size of the folder icon and title
  • The ability to create unlimited directories and sub-directories is provided
  • There can be a separate shortcode for each folder
  • There are several different views of the directory

Random Reviews:

  • Fahad, the developer provided exceptional support when I used WP Docs in a different way than intended, he helped me to get everything working just right, and he replied promptly every time.

    antonynutleySep 2020

Fivo Docs Plugin

A WordPress Documents and Attachments Manager

Fivo Docs Plugin - A WordPress Documents and Attachments ManagerFivo Docs Plugin - A WordPress Documents and Attachments Manager

Even though the WordPress Media Library can handle images well, it is a straightforward tool compared to the Fivo Docs plugin, which turns the Media Library into complete document management and file library system.

Using this plugin, you can create custom categories within the Media Library and access them anytime. This plugin allows you to separate pictures and videos from financial reports and press releases in an easy-to-use manner.

This plugin can be a file protector that supports documents of all types, including Word documents, spreadsheets, PDF viewers, video files, and many others.

A further benefit of this plugin is that it enhances the Media Library interface and allows you to display your documents more effectively.

By embedding a document in your blog or listing individual records within a category, you will attract more search engine traffic and additional readers.

💵 After purchasing the plugin for $38, feel free to ask for support assistance whenever you want.

Key Features:

  • Prepared for translation
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Boxed and list layouts are available
  • Retina-ready design is provided
  • Compatible with WPML

Random Reviews:

  • I like this idea, but the support isn’t as lovely. I like the concept, but it lacks implementation or support.

    smdgfXMar 2018

Embed Any Document Plus Plugin

Lets You Display Your Documents

Embed Any Document Plus Plugin - Lets You Display Your DocumentsEmbed Any Document Plus Plugin - Lets You Display Your Documents

With the Embed Any Document Plus plugin, you can integrate and publish documents from cloud storage services, such as Access to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.com, on your website rather than keeping them within WordPress.

This plugin is famous for displaying documents within WordPress posts and pages. In addition to embedding, there is also an interactive preview of the document, similar to what is available on Scribd and SlideShare.

In addition to its clean interface, this plugin allows visitors to embed documents of any type for convenient viewing by visitors.

This plugin supports most formats of documents and images, including the following: Docx, XLS, XLSX, ppt, pdf, txt, ai, and SVG.

Like Fivo Docs, unfortunately, this plugin has no free version.

💵 If you buy this plugin for $51, you will receive 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Your page or post can be embedded with a supported file list
  • There is no difficulty in embedding your documents
  • There is a comprehensive set of cloud services available
  • File formats of various types are supported

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Finally, let’s wrap up

We discussed the best WordPress Document Library plugins above. If you are considering improving your site, you are at the right place. Just choose one.

📌 Note: Additionally, you may find our list of top WordPress security plugins helpful in enhancing the security of your website. We also recommend you look at our expertly selected WordPress hosting providers.

Several excellent Document Library WordPress plugins are available for you to utilize to promote your Document Library episodes online. We hope you will find one that suits your needs.

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