6 Best SoundCloud Plugins for WordPress 🥇 2022 (Free & Pro)

Have you been searching for the best SoundCloud WordPress plugin?

SoundCloud plugins for WordPress are discussed in this article with detailed information and screenshots.

These best WordPress plugins listed below are all for SoundCloud. This bundle also applies to SoundCloud Mini Player, SoundCloud Block, Embed SoundCloud Player, Audio Player, SoundCloud Music, and many other relevant plugins. These plugins also support the advanced WordPress themes.

Best WordPress SoundCloud Plugins🥇

In 2022, here are the best SoundCloud WordPress plugins:

TechGasp Sound Master Plugin

A WordPress SoundClound Plugin

TechGasp Sound Master Plugin - A WordPress SoundClound PluginTechGasp Sound Master Plugin - A WordPress SoundClound Plugin

Using the TechGasp Sound Master plugin, users can instantly share sounds and SoundCloud music with others in the iframe and fellow WordPress users.

This plugin was designed to work in the iframe, widget position, and with any template color scheme. This plugin allows users to add a SoundCloud block in Gutenberg, play single tracks, private tracks, or even entire music sets.

Every page and post contains a universal shortcode, meaning the same code is applied to each page and post. It is also possible to manually add the shortcode to each page and post rather than allowing it to be automatically added to them.

Nothing is more satisfying than a friendly music playlist that enables you to adjust the player’s width and height, the color background, auto-play functionality, and the artwork displayed for each track. This plugin provides this for you.

💵 Free. It costs $0.

Key Features:

  • There is a user profile widget.
  • There is a dashboard widget.
  • You can display your plugin within pages and posts by using shortcodes
  • You can display, hide or change the widget title
  • Allows you to play SoundCloud-hosted songs

Random Reviews:

  • It was installed, but there were no options. It was a waste of time.

    redsalmonDec 2020

  • This is an excellent plugin for inserting registration from SoundCloud into the website. Thank you very much!

    barbarajerminiMay 2020

Elementor Plugin

The Leading Website Building Platform

Elementor Plugin - The Leading Website Building PlatformElementor Plugin - The Leading Website Building Platform

Using the Elementor plugin, you can add SoundCloud audio clips directly to your Elementor pages. Web designers can design professional websites with Elementor using an intuitive visual design system that can be used on any device.

This plugin includes several tools and enhancements to ensure your users can get the most out of their experience with it.

As part of this plugin, you will have access to over 59 languages, typographies, and RTL style compatibility, allowing you to use the Editing Panels in either orientation.

Your website can be created using a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to see how it will appear as you make changes.

Additionally, the plugin can be integrated with other marketing tools. Various widgets and features are included in the plugin, ready for immediate use.

💵 A premium version of the plugin costs $49, and a lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Adds eye-catching headlines
  • You can insert code into the page
  • Allows your visitors to rate you on your website
  • You can add any sidebar to the page
  • You can add audio bits from SoundCloud

Random Reviews:

  • When I buy a theme made with this editor, I always hate it. It had great potential but, over the years, failed to deliver.

    GravelAug 2022

ZoomSounds Plugin

A Complete Premium Audio Plugin

ZoomSounds Plugin - A Complete Premium Audio PluginZoomSounds Plugin - A Complete Premium Audio Plugin

You can easily create great audio players and playlists for SoundCloud with ZoomSounds, a powerful and easy-to-use plugin for the WordPress platform. You will be able to grow your audience by keeping up with the latest trends and cool features.

The excellent design and various colors make this plugin perfect for your branding. This plugin provides nine skins and multiple layouts for the wave skin. It has an easy-to-use interface and only requires one format to function, which makes it an ideal solution for players.

This plugin works similarly to a shortcode, but you won’t have to memorize it as it features a shortcode generator that allows you to quickly create shortcodes for audio files and audio playlists. The plugin uses HTML5 techniques to provide a unique experience to your clients.

Unfortunately, API keys are required for SoundCloud to work in this plugin.

💵 There is a $32 for this unbelievable plugin.

Key Features:

  • You can use the shortcode builder
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Embed codes are available
  • Lifetime updates are available
  • All major browsers are supported

Random Reviews:

  • A great plugin with excellent support. I had a problem I couldn’t fix myself, but the support people helped me. Thanks again!

    CorrectproductionsJan 2020

Knight Lab SoundciteJS Plugin

a Tool to Embed Audio in Your Webpage

Knight Lab SoundciteJS Plugin - a Tool to Embed Audio in Your WebpageKnight Lab SoundciteJS Plugin - a Tool to Embed Audio in Your Webpage

You can embed SoundCloud audio on your website using the Knight Lab SoundciteJS plugin developed by the Knight Lab at Northwestern University.

Like TechGasp Sound Master, it is possible to use this plugin to play audio hosted on SoundCloud, audio uploaded to WordPress Media Library, as well as any other audio file whose URL can be found on SoundCloud, such as MP3 files and AAC files, Ogg Vorbis files, and WAV files.

If you use SoundCloud, you should register your client IDs to ensure that your clips will play as intended. Otherwise, heavy traffic may block the plugin’s default SoundCloud ID, and your clips may not play at all.

With this plugin, there is the possibility of setting your clip background through the WordPress settings. For instance, all the clips on one page must be the same color, and WordPress will only support one custom color per site.

💵 Free is the price!

Key Features:

  • You can play SoundCloud audios.
  • It is possible to embed audio on your website.
  • You can play audios uploaded using the WordPress Media Library
  • There are two configuration options available

Random Reviews:

Sticky Audio Player for WordPress Plugin

A Modern Audio Player for Your Website

Sticky Audio Player for WordPress Plugin - A Modern Audio Player for Your WebsiteSticky Audio Player for WordPress Plugin - A Modern Audio Player for Your Website

The Sticky Audio Player for WordPress plugin allows you to customize the audio player according to your website’s needs.

In addition to self-hosted audio files, you may also access audio files hosted by external services, such as accessing Google Drive or SoundCloud, with this plugin.

In this plugin, with WordPress’ admin area, you have the option to create an unlimited number of playlists and players. Media used in playlists may also be mixed with other types of media.

This plugin allows users to create unlimited playlists and style presets using CSS, allowing them to customize each preset according to their preferences. You can format and add shortcodes to your website using the WordPress admin area’s shortcode manager.

Unfortunately, like Soundomatic SoundCloud Automatic Post Generator, there is no free version of this plugin.

💵 You can get the plugin and 12 months of support for free with $53.

Key Features:

  • Effortless style with basic CSS is provided
  • A powerful API and function callback mechanism is available
  • Font Awesome Library icons are available
  • You can Play music continuously across web pages
  • You can embed the SoundCloud player

Random Reviews:

Soundomatic SoundCloud Automatic Post Generator Plugin

Ideal for Auto Blogging and Automatic SoundCloud Track Publishing

Soundomatic SoundCloud Automatic Post Generator Plugin - Ideal for Auto Blogging and Automatic SoundCloud Track PublishingSoundomatic SoundCloud Automatic Post Generator Plugin - Ideal for Auto Blogging and Automatic SoundCloud Track Publishing

Using the Soundomatic SoundCloud Automatic Post Generator plugin, SoundCloud tracks can automatically be imported to WordPress for auto-blogging or automatic uploads to your WordPress website.

By utilizing SoundCloud’s native PHP API, this plugin enabled your website to blog automatically or generate revenue.

Using groundbreaking methods, this plugin automatically generates unique content that search engine bots will not consider duplicating. This feature makes it highly beneficial for search engine optimization.

Furthermore, this plugin can automatically post SoundCloud mini player to your blog whenever you publish a new post. The plugin allows static posts or pages to be created automatically based on predefined criteria.

Several music search options are available with this plugin, including keyword searches, tag searches, track length queries, and privacy searches, among others.

💵 This plugin offers all the features of the Soundomatic SoundCloud Automatic Post Generator plugin plus 12 months of support for $32.

Key Features:

Random Reviews:

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Our list of the best WordPress SoundCloud plugins is presented here. Choose a plugin that suits your site, then boost it in the best way possible.

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