6 Best WordPress Presentation Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Pro)

What are the best WordPress Presentation plugins?

We hand-selected the most popular WordPress plugins for Presentation. These plugins feature many features and support all the best WordPress themes.

This plugin is explicitly developed for Presentation sites. Still, it can also be used for websites related to PowerPoint, PPT, SlideShare, PDF Viewer, and Slideshows.

Best WordPress Presentation Plugins 🥇

Listed below are the best WordPress plugins for Presentation sites in 2022:

SlideShare for WordPress by Yoast Plugin

Embed Slideshare Presentations or Documents

SlideShare for WordPress by Yoast Plugin - Embed Slideshare Presentations or DocumentsSlideShare for WordPress by Yoast Plugin - Embed Slideshare Presentations or Documents

The SlideShare for WordPress by Yoast plugin makes it easy to embed presentations in your WordPress content.

With this plugin, it is possible to embed SlideShare presentations on WordPress sites using the embed code available on SlideShare.

The URL of the presentation can be copied and pasted as an alternative. Depending on your needs, you can place it anywhere you desire on the post and update it as necessary.

After reviewing the presentation on Slideshare, you can return to it in the next section. The embed code can be copied and pasted into the browser after clicking on share.

The plugin is available as a WordPress plugin on the related site. A minimum of WordPress version 5.6 is required to use this plugin.

This SlideShare plugin is currently in development, and bug reports and pull requests are welcome on this GitHub repository.

💵 No payment is required. It’s a free plugin.

Key Features:

  • A SlideShare presentation can be accessed by simply clicking on it
  • Embedding SlideShare presentations and documents is easy
  • Compatible with WordPress versions 5.6 and higher
  • The embed code can be copied and pasted

Random Reviews:

  • Support is non-existent! ? Are you serious?

    matteonovelliAug 2017

  • Easily configured and works well. Thanks, Joost.

    Tuty VOAMay 2015

Document Embedder Plugin

Embed Any Documents in Your WordPress Website

Document Embedder Plugin - Embed Any Documents in Your WordPress WebsiteDocument Embedder Plugin - Embed Any Documents in Your WordPress Website

The Document Embedder plugin allows you to insert various document formats directly into your presentations to enhance their appearance.

Like SlideShare for WordPress by Yoast, this plugin is compatible with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, PPT, and Apple Pages, allowing you to choose what you need.

The plugin will support PDF files in addition to Adobe Photoshop and XML paper specifications in Google Docs and Adobe Photoshop.

In addition, this plugin is lightweight, so it will not consume many computer resources. The plugin is easy to learn whether you are an experienced user or a novice.

There is no limit to the number of documents you can embed, and the size of documents cannot exceed 20 MB. You must have WordPress version 3.1 or later to use this plugin.

Unfortunately, there is no plan to translate the plugin.

💵 There is no charge for it. It is FREE.

Key Features:

  • The maximum size of an embedded document is 20 MB
  • Provides an array of document formats for inclusion
  • Lightweight and does not consume a lot of resources
  • Documents may be uploaded in an unlimited number
  • There are options for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and Apple Pages.

Random Reviews:

  • Word is much easier to use with this plugin than Gutenberg or other page builders.

    thaiweedJul 2022

  • There is a lot of functionality in this plugin, and it is straightforward to use

    jorgeuyApr 2022

Easy Document Embedder Plugin

Embed Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF File and More

Easy Document Embedder Plugin - Embed Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF File and MoreEasy Document Embedder Plugin - Embed Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF File and More

By using the Easy Document Embedder plugin, you can embed a wide range of documents on your website.

Like Document Embedder, in this plugin, PDF documents can be embedded with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint documents, and PDF viewer, for example. In this plugin, media links can be embedded both internally and externally.

You can customize a separate panel with this plugin that supports the Gutenberg editor according to your needs. This plugin is designed to save you time and increase your efficiency.

Your WordPress blog can be directly populated with files by clicking a single button. This plugin must be compatible with WordPress 3.0.

There may be times when you find that some plugins make your website heavy and slow down the loading speed. This plugin has been designed in such a way that you will be able to continue using it uninterrupted.

💵 Free Easy Document Embedder plugin created by professional authors.

Key Features:

  • You can customize the setting for the separate panel
  • Provides you with access to a wide range of formats
  • In the absence of the raw file, your website will be lighter
  • Links to external and internal media are supported
  • Provides support for Gutenberg

Random Reviews:

  • This is the first embedder that works right from the start with a download button and the ability to embed external documents. In addition, it is pretty lightweight, not bulky like some of its competitors.

    AlfredGJan 2021

Presenter Plugin

Create Presentations in No Time

Presenter Plugin - Create Presentations in No TimePresenter Plugin - Create Presentations in No Time

The Presenter plugin is crucial in making your presentation stand out from the crowd. Using Reveal.js and the plugin, you can create presentations that can be linked to your site in various ways.

In addition to working with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and remote control presenters, this plugin is compatible with many other browsers.

Alternatively, you may create your themes if you do not wish to use the default ones. To utilize this plugin, it is necessary to have WordPress version 4.8 or higher.

Since, with this plugin, you are hosting and sharing your presentations from your website, SlideShare is no longer necessary.

💵 For download and installation, it is FREE.

Key Features:

  • Works with presenter remote controls
  • Creating your themes is possible
  • Works with all major browsers
  • There is the option of linking presentations to your website
  • Reveal.js can be used to create presentations

Random Reviews:

  • I love the way it started, and it works great.

    toddhalfpennyJun 2017

  • Despite its age, the program still looks excellent, supports audio, and works well.

    James HuffJan 2017

Slider by Soliloquy Plugin

Responsive Image Slider for WordPress

Slider by Soliloquy Plugin - Responsive Image Slider for WordPressSlider by Soliloquy Plugin - Responsive Image Slider for WordPress

Developed by Soliloquy, a company specializing in developing WordPress plugins, anyone can use the Slider by Soliloquy as a powerful and easy-to-use slider plugin for WordPress.

You can create responsive video and image sliders in minutes rather than hours using WordPress. The plugin has been developed with extra attention to making it the most user-friendly image slider for WordPress that has ever existed.

This plugin is designed to optimize both the website’s and the server’s performance because speed plays a crucial role in SEO and conversions. This plugin allows you to upload and rearrange images using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Aside from that, this plugin provides slider blocks for Gutenberg, the new editor in WordPress 5.0. Several optimizations have been made to the front-end and back-end plugins to maximize performance and efficiency.

💵 A Lite version is free to download, while a Premium version costs $17.

Key Features:

  • You may include or exclude certain products from your list
  • There are several templates available that you can use
  • Creating product slideshows is as simple as clicking a button
  • Custom CSS can be used to customize almost anything
  • A fast and Google-friendly HTML markup is provided

Random Reviews:

  • It sounds good on paper, and I am intrigued by the custom HTML slider feature. After installation, I realize the free version is more like a joke with bare minimum settings. In the premium list, I do not even see the HTML add-on. Half an hour wasted and frustrated – a bad experience.

    StevenJul 2022

Slides & Presentations Plugin

A Free Presentation Plugin

Slides & Presentations Plugin - A Free Presentation PluginSlides & Presentations Plugin - A Free Presentation Plugin

The Slides & Presentations plugin is compatible with WordPress version 5.3 and above. It is recommended that both Gutenberg and this plugin be installed and updated to ensure that this plugin will function correctly.

This plugin can create a custom post type called ‘Presentation’ on the front-end. When published on the front-end, it will display as a presentation using Reveal.JS.

As soon as you install this plugin, you will find a button that allows you to use a slide block as a container for each slide within your presentation.

In this plugin, adding background colors, gradients, images, and even iframes to your presentation can be done on a slide-by-slide basis or by adding them to the entire presentation.

Furthermore, you can view notes and timers in the speaker view for the current, the next, and the previous slide.

Unfortunately, there is no powerful support team available.

💵 No charge is associated with this plugin.

Key Features:

  • The size and color of the font can be customized
  • There is an option to view speakers
  • The block editor is enhanced with a ‘Slide’ block
  • Adding backgrounds, gradients, images, or even iframes is possible
  • An imported font can be customized

Random Reviews:

  • Some editing is a little janky at the moment (some difficulty placing blocks on the slides), but I think it will improve with time. Overall, I think this is a must-have plugin.

    tonomoshiaMar 2020

Last but not least, let’s wrap up

These best WordPress Presentation plugins will boost your site. You can also use them to enhance your website. We are glad to bring you the best information.

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