8 Best Gravity Forms Addons 📝 2022 (Free & Pro)

Do you want to find the best WordPress plugin for Gravity Forms Addons?

We tested many of the most popular and best WordPress plugins for Gravity Forms Addons to assist you in finding the fantastic WordPress plugin for Gravity Forms Addons. Having chosen the best WordPress plugins, we have reduced the list to only a few items. They include several features and support the top WordPress themes to help you turn your WordPress site into a wonderland.

We hand-selected these Gravity Forms Addons plugins to help you select a usable plugin. Nevertheless, these WordPress plugins also contained plugins usable for Gravity Forms Extensions, Gravity Forms Repeater, Gravity Forms Integration With WooCommerce, Gravity Forms Conditional Fields, Gravity Forms Styles, or Gravity Forms Layouts.

Check out this list of the best Gravity Forms Addons WordPress plugins for 2022:

Jetsloth Gravity Forms Addons Plugin

Certified Gravity Forms Add-ons

Jetsloth Gravity Forms Addons Plugin - Certified Gravity Forms Add-onsJetsloth Gravity Forms Addons Plugin - Certified Gravity Forms Add-ons

The Jetsloth Gravity Forms Addons plugins were developed with an eye toward usability and design, and their plugins are designed for those looking to enhance their forms with functionality and design that will be appealing to users.

As the Tooltips add-on customizes the appearance and feel of the Tooltips on the front end, it allows you to add tooltips to Gravity forms to help improve communication and messaging, as well as improve the UI and UX of the tooltips.

Furthermore, you can add images and animated GIFs to your tooltips and modify the size, position, and color of each with these Gravity Forms extensions.

Plugin JetSloth allows you to display tool tips for each field type in Gravity Forms Core by way of a simple extension that works with all field types in the form.

💵 At $129, you can purchase this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Supports radio buttons, checkboxes, and single-line text fields
  • Gravity Forms integration with WooCommerce is provided
  • Tooltips can be customized in terms of color, size, and position
  • Selecting the right fields is quick and easy
  • Provides you with the option to add all of your favorite fields to a form
  • Creates a stunning image selection field with ease

Random Reviews:

Gravity Forms Nested Forms Plugin

A Gravity Forms Repeater Addon

Gravity Forms Nested Forms Plugin - A Gravity Forms Repeater AddonGravity Forms Nested Forms Plugin - A Gravity Forms Repeater Addon

It is possible to create simple or more complex forms to meet the needs of your business by using the Gravity Forms Nested Forms plugin for Gravity Forms.

Using this plugin, you can create forms within forms to manage complex data collection processes more effectively.

A new field type referred to as Nested Forms will be added through the plugin, enabling you to select another form to collect ‘child’ entries alongside ‘parent’ entries when submitting the entry form.

In the parent form, all entries of the child form appear in a compact table that can be edited or deleted according to the user’s preferences.

It should be noted that since the Nested Forms can perform more complex functions, this plugin can be used to achieve the same functions using Gravity Forms.

Furthermore, the Gravity Forms repeater feature allows you to add additional fields to a Gravity Form in WordPress dynamically. This plugin differs significantly from others because groups of repeating fields can be submitted via a modal window.

💵 It’s an excellent plugin built by a professional author. It costs $59.

Key Features:

  • The data from your nested forms can be pulled into the parent form
  • It is possible to register both groups and individuals on the same form
  • Performs feed processing for child entries
  • There are powerful developer options
  • Facilitates the completion of complex forms and collects repeatable information

Random Reviews:

Gravity Forms Basic Add-Ons Plugin

Explore New Horizons With Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Basic Add-Ons Plugin - Explore New Horizons With Gravity FormsGravity Forms Basic Add-Ons Plugin - Explore New Horizons With Gravity Forms

The Gravity Forms Basic Add-Ons plugin is suitable for blogs and simple marketing sites. It features a visual form builder and Basic Add-ons that can be used to capture leads and increase conversion rates.

With this plugin, you can use Gravity Forms on one website, making it ideal for solopreneurs or small businesses using Gravity Forms for a single site. Additionally, this plugin allows you to create unlimited forms and database entries.

Using conditional logic, you can display or hide fields, sections, pages, and more. Furthermore, Gravity Forms conditional fields allow you to create forms that contain multiple pages.

By using this plugin, you can add photo and file attachments directly to your forms. You can add file upload fields to any form, and your users may upload their files directly to the server.

Additionally, this plugin includes an automatic update system and a dedicated support team.

💵 For just $59, you can get all these advanced features.

Key Features:

  • There is the option of conditional logic and multi-page forms
  • The installation can be performed at a single site
  • There are essential add-ons available
  • You may submit an unlimited number of forms and entries
  • It is possible to receive standard support and auto-updates

Random Reviews:

WP Contact Slider Plugin

a Simple Contact Slider to Display Gravity Forms

WP Contact Slider Plugin - a Simple Contact Slider to Display Gravity FormsWP Contact Slider Plugin - a Simple Contact Slider to Display Gravity Forms

Using the WP Contact Slider plugin, you can display Gravity Forms, random text, or HTML in your slider. The plugin allows you to display multiple sliders on specific posts and pages.

With this plugin, the placement of your contact button and the color scheme of the entire slider can also be changed using an easy-to-use backend panel.

In this plugin, the Advanced Settings Add-On allows you to customize the behavior of your sliders. Besides the shortcodes/content contained within the sliders, an editor can be used to manage the content above them.

Furthermore, an editor will appear for content management within slideshows and after adding shortcodes. Alternatively, you may choose to exclude sliders from specific types of posts by selecting the appropriate check box.

When you select the option to display shortcodes on the backend of your website, a box will appear where shortcodes from Gravity Forms can be copied and pasted.

💵 There are two versions of the app: the free Lite version and the premium version. It costs $39

Key Features:

  • There is an option to hide the contact tab
  • There is an option to enable push body effects.
  • You have the option of displaying plain text or HTML
  • An image can be added as a background
  • It is possible to use shortcodes with Gravity Forms

Random Reviews:

  • Besides doing its job very well, it provides excellent support

    santifriMay 2021

  • An attempt is being made to send spam messages by using this plug-in.

    thecrmsolutionsApr 2020

Gravity PDF Plugin

Creating Digital PDF Documents Using Gravity Forms

Gravity PDF Plugin - Creating Digital PDF Documents Using Gravity FormsGravity PDF Plugin - Creating Digital PDF Documents Using Gravity Forms

You can use WordPress and Gravity Forms to create dynamic PDF documents using the Gravity PDF plugin, the ultimate self-hosted PDF solution.

Four different PDF designs are included in the box, each of which can be customized to suit the needs of the individual.

With this plugin, you can customize the template exactly as you wish by adding your logo, header, footer, and font options in just a few simple steps.

This plugin will automatically send a PDF file to the admin and the user whenever a form is submitted. It may also be used with one of the Gravity Forms payment add-ons to delay sending the PDF until payment has been received.

With Gravity Flow, it is possible to create workflows that automatically email Gravity PDF documents as they are generated during workflow stages.

💵 The plugin is available in a Premium version with $199. There is also a Free version available for download.

Key Features:

  • The PDF files can be linked to or accessed via a URL
  • Ensures that users can preview the PDF before submitting the form
  • A complex workflow can be created using Gravity Flow
  • The columns in Gravity Forms and PDFs can be dragged and dropped
  • Creates PDF files for your web server

Random Reviews:

  • Our custom solution from GravityPDF worked perfectly, and they were very responsive to any subsequent questions we had

    handsupAug 2022

  • An excellent plugin for creating PDFs from web forms. The only disadvantage is that you need to know PHP to create decent templates and that the Gravity Dropbox Add-on is incompatible.

    vitaljikJun 2022

GravityExport Plugin

The Ultimate Solution for Exporting Data From Gravity Forms

GravityExport Plugin - The Ultimate Solution for Exporting Data From Gravity FormsGravityExport Plugin - The Ultimate Solution for Exporting Data From Gravity Forms

With the least effort and inconvenience, the GravityExport plugin makes it easy to export data from Gravity Forms.

This plugin provides powerful exporting features, such as saving imports to Dropbox and FTP, exporting them as PDF documents, and generating data analysis exports in various formats.

This plugin allows you to configure an export and generate a secure URL that can be shared with anyone who requires this information. Your reports will be updated automatically as new entries are created without you having to log in each time.

By utilizing this plugin, you can export your Excel entries into the .xlsx format without having to import your CSV files into Excel and re-configure your columns every time you need to export data.

In addition, you can edit the PDF output by adjusting its size and orientation using this plugin. You may choose whether to generate one PDF document for each entry or one PDF document for all entries.

💵 You can download Lite for free and Pro for $49.

Key Features:

  • Dropbox can be used to save your form data
  • You have the option of creating multiple export URLs
  • Access to downloads can be limited
  • Entry notes can be exported along with entries
  • You can attach entry exports to notifications

Random Reviews:

  • I appreciate you helping me so much.

    razor89Dec 2021

  • This application facilitates the management and automation of exports, which is a great addition

    manelg0Oct 2021

Gravity Forms Image Choices Plugin

Add Images to Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Image Choices Plugin - Add Images to Gravity FormsGravity Forms Image Choices Plugin - Add Images to Gravity Forms

You can add images to your checkboxes and radio buttons using the Gravity Forms Image Choices plugin. Using an image instead of a thousand words will make it easier for people to understand what a radio button or checkbox means.

In this plugin, you can insert images in the field by browsing your media library and selecting the images you wish to insert.

As a matter of traditional practice, radio buttons and checkboxes with images could only be created by adding HTML markup to their labels. This method is less than ideal, and it needs to be improved.

Aside from offering you a familiar WordPress experience, this plugin allows you to browse the media library for the image, insert it, and leave the label text off the image.

It is also possible to enhance the viewing experience by lightbox your images using this plugin. The image will be displayed in a lightbox if you click the zoom icon.

💵 With the Gravity Forms Image Choices plugin, you will get 12 months of support for $49.

Key Features:

  • The Gravity Forms label no longer contains HTML
  • Images can be added to checkboxes and radio buttons
  • A variety of polls, surveys, and quizzes are available
  • A preview of an image is available in the form of entries
  • There are several options available for Image Lightbox

Random Reviews:

Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms Plugin

Best Gravity Forms Styler, Designer

Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms Plugin - Best Gravity Forms Styler, DesignerStyles & Layouts for Gravity Forms Plugin - Best Gravity Forms Styler, Designer

The Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms plugin allows you to design beautiful Gravity Forms. In this plugin, a wide range of styling options and easy-to-use controls are provided by the WordPress Customizer.

When you make any changes to your form design, you will be able to see the changes immediately in real-time, which will help generate ideas.

This Gravity Forms styles plugin has over 150 options for the form wrapper, including the form wrapper, the form header, and the submission button.

This Gravity Forms layouts plugin also offers radio inputs and checkbox inputs for paragraphs, text area labels, section breaks, descriptions, input, drop-down menus, placeholders, list fields, confirmations, and errors.

You can select several CSS options for each section, including font size, font family, borders, text alignment, margin padding, font color, text decoration, text case, and line height.

💵 A Lite version is complimentary, while a Pro version costs $69.

Key Features:

  • Responsive designs can be created with ease
  • Each form can be customized in a different way
  • You can convert the Gravity Forms design to a Typeform design
  • You can customize the look of checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Creating unlimited themes and applying them to unlimited forms is possible

Random Reviews:

  • I love how it enhances my forms!

    wisebearJul 2022

  • This tool makes it easy to format Gravity Forms without spending hours figuring out how to format them.

    idsidavegJun 2022

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