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The Cocomelon YouTube channel and streaming media show offer animated videos of nursery rhymes and children’s songs in addition to their own original music.

As well as the colorful wordmark, there are cartoon illustrations of watermelons and ladybugs. Unfortunately, the wordmark cannot be matched to a font.

Here are a few more details regarding the Cocomelon font.

Cocomelon Channel Font Preview

What is The Cocomelon Logo Font Name?

The Cocomelon font name is “Bubble Bobble

The logo will include cartoons of watermelon and ladybugs in addition to the colorful wordmark. Unfortunately, we cannot locate a font that complements the graphic.

Formula One by Castcraft is the closest freebie font, and Bubble Bobble by Almarkhatype Studio is another good option.

It is used on the official web pages that Avenir Next Rounded Swiss 721 Rounded and Teebrush Painted fonts are used for headings and menus.

Download the Cocomelon Logo & Font

Cocomelon font family is an excellent selection if you are hoping to make your writing more interesting by adding an interesting font family to it. If you want to make your writing more interesting, be sure to add your choice of Cocomelon font family.

You can also download the Cocomelon logo as a PNG file with a transparent background to use any image editing program on your PC or Mac.

Cocomelon Font
Cocomelon PNG Logo

The Following Is Alternative Font to Cocomelon:

  • Bubble Bobble

What is The Licensing Process For Cocomelon Logo Font?

There is no licensing requirement for this font; it can be used for business and personal purposes alike.

Who Designed the Cocomelon Font?

Castcraft” created the Cocomelon typeface.

Among the few fonts that are able to match Cocomelon’s elegance and playfulness, there are very few that can compare. If you are looking for something other than the regular sans-serif or serif fonts, Cocomelon is well worth your attention. It is versatile enough to be used for logos, websites, and branding.

A Description of The Cocomelon Channel Font

It is one of the most popular YouTube channels in the country, Cocomelon productions, that offers a variety of 3D animated videos for children that contain both traditional nursery rhymes and original songs.

Treasure Studio has added Cocomelons content to Netflix, Roku, and Hulu, becoming the second-most watched and subscribed to international YouTube channel behind T-Series in 2020.

More than one billion views are received on YouTube and more than 400,000 subscribers. In addition to streaming music through Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify Player, the company has over one billion monthly views on YouTube and over 400,000 subscribers.

On July 17th, TomTom’s video entitled “Yes Yes” Bedtime Song, which uses stuffed animals to prepare JJ for bed, had the most views on their social media outlets.


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