17 Best Barber Shop WordPress Themes 💇‍♂️ 2022

Nearly 40% of websites use WordPress, and there are thousands of themes integrated, but you can’t find the best theme for your barber shop website.

⚡️ Do you need an answer quickly? As a quick solution, we recommend the Publisher theme for WordPress. This theme offered more than 100 demos and was designed with high customization and performance.

This article will show you the best WordPress themes for Barber Shops with some of the best features and functionalities available. We’ll show you all WordPress themes in this article that have dedicated features and capabilities that are even better than some of the premium themes available.

The Barber Shop theme features varied functionality, so we selected the best. These WordPress templates are also useful for people who work in Hair Salon, Barber, Nail Salon, Makeup & Beauty, Skin Care, Health Beauty, Tattoo, Spa, WooCommerce, Business, and much more.

Let’s see our top picks for the best Barber Shop WordPress themes for 2022:

Berger Theme

Barbershop Hairdresser Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme

Berger Theme - Barbershop Hairdresser Tattoo Salon WordPress ThemeBerger Theme - Barbershop Hairdresser Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme

The Berger is a Barbershop WordPress theme that is ideal for hairdressers and Tattoo salons, businesses, portfolios, and haircut websites.

The Berger Barbershop WordPress theme offers a modern design for barbershops, tattoo salon piercing studios, and other businesses that provide barbershop tattoos.

Suitable for single and corporate barbers, this theme is ideal for tattoo artists, hair care stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists, and grooming salons.

Shortcodes, custom widgets, and extensions allow you to easily manage your home page layout. Essential Grid will also enable you to showcase your products and services through galleries.

💵 For $59, you get all of the advanced features of the Berger theme plus 6 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Cross-browser compatibility is available
  • Easy-to-use demo installation with one click
  • A variety of header styles are available
  • Activation and deactivation of the Multi-Functional User Panel
  • A wide variety of awesome hover effects are available
  • Options for enabling and disabling retina display

Random Reviews:

  • A big thanks to Mira for her professional support and for pointing me in the right direction if my requests weren’t within the scope of the theme.

    itguy1Dec 2019

  • It is a potent theme (elementary to use) and the support is amazing! (Thank you again for your support, Mira). I recommend it, if you have any problems or questions, the support can help you out quickly.

    Claire83Jan 2019

Nelson Theme

Barbershop Hairdresser, Tattoo Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Nelson Theme - Barbershop Hairdresser, Tattoo Beauty Salon WordPress ThemeNelson Theme - Barbershop Hairdresser, Tattoo Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Nelson is a Barbershop Hairdresser Tattoo salon WordPress theme suitable for Beauty Salons, booking, stores, and websites.

A modern WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration and online booking for barbershops and tattoo shops, Nelson combines style and functionality.

There will be a great benefit for various professionals, including barbers, hairdressers, stylists, tattooists, and other professionals in related fields.

In addition to beautiful blog layouts and WooCommerce pages, the theme is equipped with an Elementor page builder and a Gutenberg editor. This template is so flexible and customizable that it can be used across various devices.

💵 There is six months of free support; the price is $59 per month.

Key Features:

  • More than 20 post animations to choose from
  • The ability to customize the feed for your blog
  • Menus for the user and main menus are supported
  • Ajax-based interactive search engine
  • A wide variety of colors and typography can be used

Random Reviews:

Sentobar Theme

Barbershop WordPress Theme

Sentobar Theme - Barbershop WordPress ThemeSentobar Theme - Barbershop WordPress Theme

Sentobar is a Barbershop & hair salon WordPress theme usable for a haircut, spa, wellness, and hair stylist websites.

The Sentobar tool is very configurable, so you can use it to showcase your barbershop, hair salon, tattoo design, or fashion store. You should select one of three versions to show off your business. 

Sentobar allows you to launch a website from any desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, regardless of your device. Sentobar comes with everything you need to get started from the very beginning.

Also, Elementor supports WooCommerce and has a drag-and-drop feature, making it easy for you to design your website precisely as you wish.

💵 With this theme, you’ll receive free support for six months. You’ll pay $59 for the Sentobar theme.

Key Features:

  • A collection of 15+ Elementor widgets for your website
  • Pre-made Elementor sections for 20+ projects
  • Pre-made Elementor pages
  • Import page and section with one click
  • Easily create shortcodes with an Awesome generator
  • An easy-to-use admin panel with lots of features

Random Reviews:

  • It’s a perfect theme and the customer service is fantastic.

    papestudioDec 2018

  • There is always an issue with the theme update when the site was built with Elementor, and the safe mode is enabled every time. If it was built with Elementor, why wouldn’t the developer check for bugs before posting the theme update?

    jacob83nycSep 2021

MenzSalon Theme

Barber Salon WordPress Theme

MenzSalon Theme - Barber Salon WordPress ThemeMenzSalon Theme - Barber Salon WordPress Theme

MenzSalon is a Barber & Salon theme designed specifically for coiffeurs, hairdresser, skincare, and tattoo websites.

The MenzSalon WordPress theme is excellent for constructing websites for barber shops and hair salons.

As a barber shop owner, you can use this theme to create a website that displays what kind of haircuts your barbershop offers or sells. It is ideal for barber shop owners who want to expand their brand reach or highlight what sort of haircuts they offer.

With this theme, you can select between light and dark versions. The theme also includes the Elementor page builder, allowing you to showcase your services stylishly.

💵 It is an easy theme; you can purchase it for $39.

Key Features:

  • Options for changing banners on the site
  • Great Font Awesome & Flat Icons
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Customizer options that offer a lot of flexibility
  • A 5 page layout for your home page
  • A fully cross-browser compatible experience

Random Reviews:

Barber Theme

WordPress Theme for Barbers Hair Salons

Barber Theme - WordPress Theme for Barbers Hair SalonsBarber Theme - WordPress Theme for Barbers Hair Salons

Barber is a Barbers & Hair Salons WordPress theme that is suitable for businesses, hairdressers, beauty salons, and websites.

The Barber theme is a premium solution for companies and businesses in the Barber industry. Demo content can easily be imported into the theme with a single click, and the theme can be easily customized.

Using the theme’s options, you can select the primary color and save your modifications. A simple color picker is also available to choose your desired color.

With just a few clicks, you can install the demo content in Barber without having to deal with XML files or complicated processes.

💵 For $49. you can get this well-documented theme.

Key Features:

  • Backgrounds with Parallax Effects
  • A wide variety of shortcodes to choose from
  • Icons from the Font Awesome font
  • A smooth scrolling experience
  • A variety of portfolio pages to choose from
  • A list of five different types of blogs

Random Reviews:

  • I’m very happy with my website. Overall, it’s a great theme.

    ariexietOct 2017

  • This theme is fantastic, easy to use, highly customizable, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

    BadRacieeOct 2017

Shaver Theme

Barbers Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Shaver Theme - Barbers Hair Salon WordPress ThemeShaver Theme - Barbers Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Shaver is a Barbers & Hair Salon WordPress theme perfect for business, haircut, salon, and hair shop websites.

The Shaver is a beautiful, professional WordPress theme for hair salons, beauty salons, and hairdressers. It integrates online booking, pricing tables, stunning slideshows, team members, and more.

Live Customizer lets you see all the changes you made to your WordPress site immediately after driving them to the editor. This enables you to keep track of changes without requiring you to refresh the page or wait for the changes to be reflected on the dashboard.

Until you are satisfied with the results, save your changes or maintain your style, and your changes will not affect the live version of your website.

💵 With full documentation and 365/24/7 support, you will have no worries. This theme costs $59.

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of font icon types to choose from
  • Ajax Theme Options Panel is built into the theme
  • Customize a page live with the live customizer
  • More than 600 font families on Google Fonts
  • Options for uploading your custom fonts
  • Creating custom page templates for your website

Random Reviews:

  • Personalized, fast, and friendly customer support. Fast and efficient resolution of theme-related issues.

    harryriegelJun 2017

  • This theme gave me little trouble at all. The one issue I had, the fix was too simple even to consider it an issue. The support helped me sort it out; now my site is wonderful.

    CSBTechMar 2019

Shang Theme

Hair Salon Barber Shop WordPress Theme

Shang Theme - Hair Salon Barber Shop WordPress ThemeShang Theme - Hair Salon Barber Shop WordPress Theme

The Shang is a Hair Salon & Barber Shop WordPress theme is ideal for hair dressers, hair stores, nail salons, and tattoo websites.

Suppose you are looking for a fantastic WooCommerce WordPress theme for barber shops and unique salons. In that case, Shang is an attractive choice.

Building a hair salon with a booking system is becoming increasingly accessible, and your site’s clean, elegant, and unique design will effectively attract clients.

A fully responsive and retina-ready theme design allows you to customize all the colors at no extra cost so that it can be used for any purpose.

💵 It charges $49 for six months of free support and lifetime updates.

Key Features:

  • Demo installation is as easy as one click
  • A list of two or more homepages
  • Styles for 04+ blog pages ready to use
  • A total of 8 premade header styles are available
  • Footer styles with 02+ premade designs
  • Hundreds of Google fonts that you can use

Random Reviews:

Salox Theme

Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Salox Theme - Hair Salon WordPress ThemeSalox Theme - Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Salox is a Hair Salon WordPress theme that’s perfect for beauty salon, business, health care, and fashion websites.

Through its exceptional designs, Salox can assist your business in gaining the trust and respect of your customers.

Moreover, it is helpful for businesses in the medical, health, beauty, and spa industries that need to visually display their services to attract clients and potential clients.

Suppose you are usually updating your website with something other than articles. In that case, this theme will still allow your customers to keep up with what is going on on Instagram.

💵 The cost of this advanced, fully documented template is only $39.

Key Features:

  • A collection of three awesome demos
  • An easy-to-use demo importer with just one click
  • A wide variety of header layouts are available
  • Parallax effect stunning
  • Various skin tones and colors are available
  • A wide range of fonts from Google

Random Reviews:

  • Nice design, works finebr

    nutz64May 2021

  • It’s a very nice theme and the customer service is excellent!

    oaaseAug 2018

Primavera Theme

Nail Beauty Salon, Hairdresser WordPress Theme

Primavera Theme - Nail Beauty Salon, Hairdresser WordPress ThemePrimavera Theme - Nail Beauty Salon, Hairdresser WordPress Theme

Primavera is a Nail & Beauty Salon Hairdresser WordPress theme designed for wellness, manicure, cosmetics, and beautician websites.

The Primavera theme is responsive and retina-ready, with three home pages and a variety of interior pages for you to customize. It’s ideal for beauty salons and spas and is designed to look good across all devices.

In addition to a comprehensive options panel, a unique page transition, unique typography, and an extremely high-rated cost calculator, this theme offers many customization options.

Demo content can be imported into your new WordPress website in one click. Once you have edited the demo content to make it yours using the theme options control panel, you will have a fully functional site.

💵 The template is $69 and offers 6 months of support time.

Key Features:

  • Various header styles, including sticky headers
  • A choice of right or left sidebars is available
  • Icon sets customized to your needs
  • A font collection from Google
  • Display of content for a limited amount of time
  • Display/hide based on screen resolution

Random Reviews:

  • It is an awesome template or the customer support is outstanding! I will use this company for all my clients’ websites.

    waduwad20May 2021

  • I love this theme. It’s versatile and beautiful. The customer service is exceptional, too, since they don’t take their time until they solve your issue!

    k0mbuchagirlNov 2019

Trend Salon Theme

Hairdressers & Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Trend Salon Theme - Hairdressers & Beauty Salon WordPress ThemeTrend Salon Theme - Hairdressers & Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Trend Salon is a WordPress Hairdressers & Beauty Salon theme designed for boutique, cosmetic, makeup, and spa websites.

With Trend Salon, you can create beautiful salon websites. The features include a form to schedule an appointment or booking and a section to display your hair styles, spa services, and current discounts.

In addition to offering a variety of designs to highlight a stylist’s work and achievements, full-screen sliders and customized content may also be displayed on the stylist’s inner profile page. Their achievements may be displayed in a variety of layouts.

💵 Purchasing the Trend Salon theme will get you a bunch of additional services for just $69 a year.

Key Features:

  • A look at five different designs for the home page
  • A total of 17 variants of headers are available
  • A full-width and boxed option is available
  • Support for cross-browser compatibility
  • Icons for Font-Awesome and Stroke Gap
  • Color variations are unlimited

Random Reviews:

  • A top-notch theme with fantastic customer support

    robcardonagAug 2017

  • Thank you. I love this theme, the support is excellent, and the issues I encounter are always resolved quickly.

    MarketplaceauMay 2021

Hair Salon Theme

Hairdresser WordPress Theme

Hair Salon Theme - Hairdresser WordPress ThemeHair Salon Theme - Hairdresser WordPress Theme

Hair Salon is a Hairdresser theme designed specifically for barbershops, hair salons, manicure, and skincare websites.

In addition to a robust booking system, the Hair Salon theme includes packaging and gift pages, barber shops’ review pages, and barbers’ team member pages. Using the theme is simple for both novice and experienced programmers.

You can change any font on your site using the administrator panel and preview fonts before you make the change. 

Using the WordPress Live Customizer, you can easily customize your website on the front end.

💵 Make sure to check out this great WordPress theme. It is priced at $79 per year.

Key Features:

  • A set of ten header layouts to choose from
  • A menu option to display one page at a time
  • A live customizing panel for Redux Framework
  • A maximum of four resolutions is available
  • A flexible body and footer with eight sidebars
  • A dynamic sidebar with unlimited possibilities

Random Reviews:

  • This theme is great. It’s easy to customize, and responsive, and the support team is responsive and friendly. I highly recommend it.

    Rosine_NJul 2018

  • The quality of the product and features made it easy for us to create a beautiful website without delay for our client.

    bFrancoSep 2021

Coiffeur Theme

Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Coiffeur Theme - Hair Salon WordPress ThemeCoiffeur Theme - Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Coiffeur is a Hair Salon WordPress theme featuring design and functionalities suitable for beauty centers, wellness, spa, and makeup websites.

Coiffeur is an ideal WordPress theme for hair salons, beauty salons, and other beauty salons, in addition to hair salons, beauty salons, and other beauty salons. Among other things, it is very flexible and user-friendly.

Your site is accessible from many devices, such as tablets and smartphones. From desktop to mobile viewing, your site looks great on any device.

In this theme, creating a homepage is as simple as dragging and dropping elements and arranging them according to your requirements.

💵 Purchasing the theme for $59 entitles you to free updates for life.

Key Features:

  • A variety of advanced typography options are available
  • An easy way to install and import your demo content
  • Custom background for every page on the website
  • Easily customize the color scheme, font, and background
  • Customize the theme’s Widget Areas
  • Over 600 font families at Google Fonts

Random Reviews:

  • I suggest using WPBakery for all your pages, it makes things easier. You should also only use the revolution slider, not anything else. It gives you the best results on both Mobile and Desktop. Additionally, customer support through FreeVision is extraordinary. I recommend no higher.

    jamespyneNov 2019

Curly Theme

A Stylish WordPress Theme for Hairdressers Hair Salons

Curly Theme - A Stylish WordPress Theme for Hairdressers Hair SalonsCurly Theme - A Stylish WordPress Theme for Hairdressers Hair Salons

Curly is a Hairdressers and Hair Salons WordPress theme designed for use with a beauty shop, haircuts, hairstylists, makeup portfolios, and websites.

The Curly theme offers a variety of layouts, with some of them well suited for hair salons. It also includes unique features, such as a page builder compatible with Gutenberg, which uses Elementor and Qi Blocks.

Besides being highly customizable, it also has an extensive admin interface that allows you to import demo content with one button click.

A significant advantage of this theme is that it does not require any technical knowledge on your part. It has an extensive collection of shortcodes, is fully responsive, and is retina-compatible.

💵 For $69 you can get automatic updates for this theme forever with support for 6 months.

Key Features:

  • Examples of 6 different types of homepages
  • An extensive collection of helpful inner pages
  • Various typographic options to choose from
  • A large group of fonts from Google
  • Several blog list layouts are available
  • A customizable footer layout is available

Random Reviews:

Tattoo Theme

Tattoo and Piercing Artists WordPress Theme

Tattoo Theme - Tattoo and Piercing Artists WordPress ThemeTattoo Theme - Tattoo and Piercing Artists WordPress Theme

Tattoo is a Tattoo WordPress theme for use with body art, business, portfolio, and artists websites.

In addition to the Reservation Form, Shop Reviews, and Q&A, Tatto has attractive galleries designed for tattoos and piercing shops. This theme has been developed to accommodate both beginners and advanced users, as it is fully responsive. 

It can be used by anyone regardless of their mobile device or whether they have any programming skills. This theme has an extensive setup guide and provides fast and reliable performance.

💵 It costs $79 to purchase this theme.

Key Features:

Random Reviews:

  • This theme is very cool but on top of that, the support is outstanding. Hats off to the Vamtam team. You guys are awesome!

    parshvaSep 2017

  • Fast and efficient video support

    hsreklamJun 2020

Revolver Theme

Tattoo Studio Barbershop WordPress Theme

Revolver Theme - Tattoo Studio Barbershop WordPress ThemeRevolver Theme - Tattoo Studio Barbershop WordPress Theme

Revolver is a Tattoo Studio and Barbershop WordPress theme designed for bikers, hair salons, tobacco stores, and urban shops websites.

Besides more than a hundred powerful features, the Revolver theme also comes with two free premium plugins. It is straightforward to use, so you do not need to have any programming expertise to create a stunning website.

Different logos must be used at the top to create different header versions. A separate logo is also required for sticky headers.

This template has header top widget areas and header bottom widget areas. It also features sections with parallax images that can be customized and an anchor for the mega menu that can be changed.

💵 Buy the theme at $69 and get 6 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Simple, easy-to-use, and powerful admin interface
  • Importing a demo site with just a single click
  • Home and inside pages that are creatively designed
  • Custom shortcodes available
  • A variety of types of slide animation are available
  • An easy-to-use shortcode for Twitter Feeds

Random Reviews:

  • Well, the theme is a bit complicated from the backend (there are a lot of settings), and the documentation is quite basic (please go over that). BUT the support is awesome. They are friendly, helpful, and they will fix your problem even if it’s not a bug, but a useability issue. And yes, the theme works great.

    moseldigitalDec 2019

  • The customer service I have ever experienced is the best 🙂

    LastGlowMay 2020

Chérie Theme

Beauty Salon Spa WordPress Theme

Chérie Theme - Beauty Salon Spa WordPress ThemeChérie Theme - Beauty Salon Spa WordPress Theme

Chérie is a Beauty Salon and Spa WordPress theme usable for beauty products, cosmetic shops, nail salons, spa bookings, and websites.

With Chérie WP Theme, you can open a beauty salon, a school, and a cosmetic store despite the most challenging conditions. 

Your website will have beautiful pages with just a few clicks of the mouse. Explore the Theme Builder and customize a block to match your brand in minutes.

Using the great plugin included with the theme, you can import the demo content and widgets of the theme in a matter of seconds.

💵 Six months of free support and lifetime updates are included. The price is $69.

Key Features:

  • Instagram widgets are available in multiple layouts
  • A variety of options for creating a shop catalog
  • Blog Catalogue options that you can choose from
  • Homepages with animated elements
  • Icons designed according to your specifications
  • Creating parallax effects on a website

Random Reviews:

  • In case you need further assistance with any issue, the technical support team is quite helpful to assist with any issue.

    monicangeloDec 2021

  • An excellent theme with a beautiful look, easy to customize and excellent support. All questions are promptly answered within 24 hours. Well done!

    littleaotearoaAug 2021

BeautySpot Theme

Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

BeautySpot Theme - Beauty Salon WordPress ThemeBeautySpot Theme - Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

BeautySpot is a Beauty Salon WordPress theme designed for hairdressers, pedicure, wellness, and RTL websites.

BeautySpot is a WordPress theme that is suitable for any beauty salon. It is designed to use the latest technology for maximum efficiency.

BeautySpot’s clean code will be appreciated not only if you customize it more advanced but also by search engines. It was built to adhere to good SEO practices and provide excellent rankings.

As a responsive theme, BeautySpot allows you to customize its color scheme to suit your business branding within minutes.

💵 With all the features and possibilities above, it costs $49, and if you find it not to be enough for you, you get 6 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Creating custom color schemes for your website
  • Different types of modular posts are available
  • The theme includes a child theme as well
  • Homepage examples for 6 different types
  • Inner pages with lots of helpful information
  • Options for typography

Random Reviews:

  • I love this theme, thanks!

    typolisMar 2017

  • Love the theme! Great customer service and instructions!

    hifispinOct 2019

What are the best WordPress barber shop templates?

The following are commonly asked questions about the best WordPress Barber Shop templates.

If you already know the answers, you can skip them. Should you have any additional questions, you can leave them in the comments section below.

What is the best way to choose a ready-made WordPress Barber Shop template?

With our tutorial on the best WordPress themes, you can start using WordPress themes right now.

We recommend that you use the Publisher theme for your Barber Shop website. Astra is our second recommendation.

Which hosting provider is best for a Barber Shop site?

If you hope to make a Barber Shop website, electing a good host is important. A bad host can ruin a good website, so choose a good host. It’s promoted to use Bluehost as your host company for your Barber Shop site.

A final thought on the top Barber Shop themes!

Almost any site can be designed using these themes. We discussed the best WordPress Barber Shop themes.

We tested many themes and chose Publisher for your site because it is packed with unique features and has dedicated plugins for unique functions. It also performs well, thanks to the Publisher template.

Thanks for reading this collection of the best Barber Shop WordPress themes. I hope you have found something appealing for your site.

Any questions? Please let us know in the comments. Also, you can share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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