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How to Display Download Buttons for Respective Operating Systems in Divi

Clicking the correct download button for software and/or mobile apps can be confusing for users if they don’t know the right download for their operating system. One solution to this problem is to detect the

How to Retarget a Landing Page Visit with an Announcement Bar in Divi

Divi’s built-in condition options allow us to display content based on a Page Visit condition. This allows you to display any Divi element only if the user has visited a specific page on your website.

How to Reveal a Sales Banner at Midnight Precisely with Divi’s Condition Options

Running a promotion or sale as a website owner isn’t always the most convenient part of running the site. Sales often don’t begin or end during typical operating hours, many times beginning and ending with

How to Create a Recurring Promotional Banner with Divi

With Divi’s condition options update, you have more control over how your content displays than ever. You can add conditions to sections, rows, and modules to show your content only when your set criteria are

How to Display Time Conditional Content when a Countdown Timer Expires in Divi

Displaying time conditional content when a countdown timer expires can be a powerful marketing tool. We know those countdown timers are one of the best ways to incentivize users to take action on a website.