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How to Use Different Headers for Different Templates with Divi

The Divi Theme Builder’s strongest selling point is that you can fully customize your site in just about any way that you can imagine. You can set global designs, use specific layouts and templates for

How to Hide Your Header on Specific Pages Using the Divi Theme Builder

One of the most-used features of the Divi Theme Builder is adding a global header to your website, and then being able to override it with custom headers wherever you need. You can customize each

How to Add a Background Image to Your Divi Header

With all of the fine-tuning and specific details you can add to your site using the Divi Theme Builder, few may be as high-impact/low-effort as adding a background image to your Divi header. Using the

How to Add a Button to Your Divi Header

Adding a button to your Divi header could not be simpler. By using the Divi Theme Builder, you can control placement, design, and specific page assignment. Perhaps a button in your header is necessary on

How to Duplicate Templates in the Divi Theme Builder

The Divi Theme Builder is a simple, versatile tool for all of your site’s design needs. With it, you can apply templates to each and every kind of page, post, category, tag, or pretty much

How to Restore a Template in the Divi Theme Builder

When working with the Divi Theme Builder, you’re likely to experiment with different designs and templates. Your site will change over time, and you might even run A/B testing to see what works the best

How to Organize Your Divi Theme Builder Templates

If you use the Divi Theme Builder, then you have more than likely customized sidebars and headers and footers, used dynamic post content and many other amazing features to make each and every page and

How to Reset All Templates in the Divi Theme Builder

Divi’s Theme Builder gives you control over nearly every aspect of your site. From headers, footers, post content, dynamic content, sidebars, and everything else, you can design and add templates anywhere and to anything you

How to Exclude Pages/Posts from Templates in the Divi Theme Builder

The Divi Theme Builder gives you complete control over every single aspect and element of your site. You can create templates that apply to specific blog posts, particular pages, entire categories, or global presets that