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How to Display Time Conditional Content when a Countdown Timer Expires in Divi

Displaying time conditional content when a countdown timer expires can be a powerful marketing tool. We know those countdown timers are one of the best ways to incentivize users to take action on a website.

How to Retarget Abandoned Carts with a Promo Popup Using Divi’s Condition Options

Retargeting abandoned carts is an effective marketing technique that incentivizes customers to buy the items they abandoned after adding them to their cart on your website. One effective strategy for bringing those customers back to

How to Design a Tablet with Scrollable Teaser Content in Divi

Adding teaser content to your website can be an effective marketing strategy. This works especially well for promoting things like ebooks. You give them a sneak peek of the content in order to leave them

How to Create a Sticky Footer Reveal with Divi

Adding a sticky footer reveal to your website can bring that extra little touch you were looking to give to the footer of your website. The footer reveal effect opens and closes the visibility of

How to Create a Sticky Navigation Bar from Bottom to Top in Divi

In today’s Divi tutorial we’ll show you, step by step, how to create a sticky navigation bar from bottom to top in Divi. This will allow the navigation bar to stick at the bottom of

How to add CSS Backdrop Filter Effects to a Sticky Header in Divi

Adding CSS backdrop-filter effects is a fun and unique way to boost the design of a sticky header menu. What makes the backdrop-filter CSS property so unique is that it allows you to apply filter

How to Create a Flow Chart Layout in Divi

Knowing how to create a flow chart layout in Divi opens up many opportunities for communicating processes and ideas on a website. In some cases, flow charts can be used to explain extremely complex ideas

How to Create a Sticky Post Navigation Bar in Divi

A sticky post navigation bar is an effective way to boost the user experience of any blog website. In addition to the main navigation of your site, post navigation links allow users to easily jump