QODE Wishlist for WooComerce

We’re kicking off our list with a plugin that helps users add a highly useful feature that doesn’t come out of the box with WooCommerce – the wishlist feature. QODE Wishlist for WooCommerce is an amazing plugin that lets shop admins add an “Add to Wishlist” button to their shop, so the visitors can create practical lists of desired items and, hopefully, purchase them when they get a chance. Rich customization options include layout styles for the wishlist element (icon, tooltip, text), button behavior for items in the wishlist, position of the button, its appearance, and more. Admins can also enable automatic removal of items from the wishlist after they’ve been added to cart. In short, this is an excellent tool for enablish customer wishlists and boosting engagement and conversions. The plugin is lightweight, user-friendly and well-documented. For more features, like multiple wishlists, choice of layouts, wishlist counts on products and promotional emails, check out the premium version of QODE Wishlist.

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