Welcome WP EZI to the WP Buffs Family!

The WP Buffs family is growing! At the beginning of this year, we completed our first ever company acquisition. WP EZI – previously owned by Paul Tselekidis – is joining the WP Buffs family. This

How to Create a Customized Short URL in WordPress

Are you trying to shorten the links you add to your WordPress website? When you make a website, it’s important to understand how the links you use affect your site’s performance. Many website owners use

Building Single-Page Websites on WordPress.com

Building Single-Page Websites on WordPress.com Sometimes you just need a single webpage to get your idea across. WordPress.com supports a wide range of features for building your online presence: blogs, online stores, newsletter signup forms, and

23 Best PHP Editors and IDEs (Free and Premium)

To write high-quality PHP code, you’ll need a high-quality PHP editor that best fits your programming needs, preferences, and workflow. There are many options available in the market, and while they might look the same

How to Create a Coupon That Discounts Shipping Cost in WooCommerce

Do you want to create a coupon that discounts shipping costs? You may offer discounts and deals on your products, but giving a discount on the shipping costs can attract more customers to your online

Implementing a GraphQL server with components in PHP

GraphQL is a query language for APIs, which gives clients the power to ask for exactly what data they need and receive exactly that, nothing more or less. This way, a single query can already

25 Time-Saving Slack Integrations You Should Check Out in 2021

There are so many software programs you likely use on a daily basis. With Slack integrations, you can connect software that you use daily to integrate with the productivity app. From your calendar app to your

How to Set Up WooCommerce Cart Conditions (Step by Step)

Are you trying to learn how to set up WooCommerce cart conditions, but struggling to do so? WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that turns a normal website into an online store. It’s a quick and

How to Set Up a Loyalty Program in WooCommerce

Are you interested in setting up a loyalty program in WooCommerce? A loyalty program is a rewards program that companies create for repeat customers to collect points, earn discounts, and receive exclusive offers. You can

Why Not to Use Fake Sales Notifications (What to Do Instead)

Do you want to know if fake sales notifications can help boost sales and conversions? If you’re just starting out and don’t have sales volume, you may be tempted to show fake notifications to make

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