After more than a decade as Pantheon’s founding CEO, I am stepping down. 

I have loved the job of CEO of Pantheon—the people I have gotten to work with and learn from, the fulfillment of solving hard problems with people I respect so much, building and growing this team, and earning the trust and buy-in from over 10,000 customers. Aligning Pantheon’s stakeholders to execute our vision of transforming the website technology industry is a once-in-a-career thing. 

But I am not going anywhere. I am working with Pantheon’s board on a search for the company’s next leader. We are going to find someone fantastic.

To set up this next phase, Bill Ingram is stepping in as Pantheon’s interim CEO. He knows us well, having been our independent board director for the past two years. I have learned so much from Bill. He is a world-class leader having been a founder, CEO, and, most recently, CFO of Avalara, which crossed $1B of ARR.

So what’s next? 

Innovation. I will be going deep with our teams on our customers and our product. 

For the scale of business we have built and all the value we create for customers, we’re still just scratching the surface. My co-founders and I have nurtured a two-decade-long obsession with fundamentally solving our industry’s technology challenges. We remain deeply unsatisfied with where the technology is today vs. what is possible, and our obsession has only grown as the endgame for so many long-standing problems has recently become clear. 

While part of me will really miss the job of CEO, I look forward to working with our product and engineering teams, my co-founders, as well as our customers and partners to bring our full vision for WebOps to life.

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