Early Theme Adopters: Ubud

Early Theme Adopters: Ubud

In our Early Theme Adopters series, we focus on bloggers creating great-looking sites with the most recent additions to our Theme Showcase. Today, let’s visit some of the sites that are already using Ubud, a striking theme for portfolios and other image-heavy sites.

Ubud, a premium theme, was created with artists and photographers in mind, as it offers a crisp, minimalist backdrop for great images. Its versatile design will appeal to a broad cross section of bloggers, though — from fashion bloggers and food lovers to parents who like to ground their posts with striking photos.

You can make Ubud truly your own by choosing the homepage layout that suits your purpose — from a splashy one-column display to a sleek grid. For an even more customized look, images can be presented in landscape, portrait, and square formats. If you’d like to see this calm, elegant theme in action, take a look at the featured sites below.

Le Dot

le dot early theme adopters

Nathalie Howl, the photography-loving blogger behind Le Dot, clearly believes that less is more. With a beautiful, minimalist custom header image and a barebones main menu, her site guides the visitor’s eye directly to her photography. For an added dose of elegance, she’s opted for the three-column, square image layout, which is a perfect match for her moody photos.


got sketching
gosketching. is the showcase for the brilliant artwork of Lewis, an illustrator with a knack for travel-inspired sketches. His site features a dramatic header image and a black background, both of which set the stage for the streamlined grid of his drawings. He wisely chose the landscape format for his images, emulating the look of a sketchbook — in some drawings you can still see the spiral binding!

Wendy Sittner

wendy sittner early theme adopters

Artist Wendy Sittner uses Ubud for her portfolio site, where she presents her mixed-media artwork and shares news about recent and upcoming projects. The portrait image format allows visitors to have a detailed view of her pieces, while her main menu offers easy navigation to her various projects, as well as to a contact form.

More sites using Ubud:

Stay tuned for more examples of sites using recently-added themes — and if there are any particular themes you’d like to see featured, feel free to leave us a comment.


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