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What Is the WordPress Object Cache?

Speed is crucial to your site’s success. Slow loading times can drive visitors away, resulting in a high bounce rate and fewer conversions. Fortunately, an effective way to boost your site’s performance is to use

WordPress vs ExpressionEngine

WordPress and ExpressionEngine are both Content Management Systems (CMS). That means they’re software designed to help you publish and display blog posts, products, events, and almost any other type of online content you can imagine.

Convesio Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Managed WordPress hosting with Convesio is for sites that need to scale flawlessly. Companies like Flywheel, Pressable, and WP Engine offer optimized server environments for WordPress, too. Those include user-friendly dashboards and full-featured security suites.

How to Use Lordicon with WordPress and Divi

Trends in web design change drastically year to year. Something that seems to have taken hold and stayed, however, is the use of animation. The more people use mobile devices and apps, the more they

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

GoDaddy is one of the most well-known web companies around. Many people use the company for hosting a domain or two simply because of the affordability and awareness of the brand. In addition to those

WordPress vs GitHub Pages: Which is Better for You?

WordPress and GitHub Pages offer two very different experiences when creating websites. With WordPress, you get a full-fledged Content Management System (CMS). GitHub Pages, on the other hand, is a hosting service for static content.

How to Secure Your Website Against Tabnapping and Browser Hijacking

How many times have you opened a tab, only to navigate away from it for a few minutes, hours, or even overnight? When you return to that tab, having to log in again isn’t unexpected.

How to Manage Your Domain Using SiteGround’s Site Tools

Having a website without a domain name is like having a house without an address. Only once you have a domain will visitors know where to go to find your website. With SiteGround domain services,

What Is CentOS Stream Server Software?

If you’re looking for the right platform for your web development projects, you might have come across CentOS Stream. This server software enables you to develop new applications. However, you may be wondering if it’s

How to Choose the Best Domain Names for Your Business

Finding the best domain names is rarely easy. Your business might have the perfect name, but that domain might not be available unless you use a lesser-known Top-Level Domain (TLD). If you’re coming up with