At Pantheon, we’re proud to work closely with some of the most solution-oriented, customer-centric, and results-focused digital agencies. Our partner community continuously inspires us with their dedication to crafting extraordinary experiences and leveraging our platform’s innovative capabilities to enhance Website Operations.

Establishing the Pantheon Partner Awards was a natural step for us, driven by our desire to celebrate excellence, showcase innovative uses of our platform, and highlight the wins of our partner community. These awards provide a unique opportunity to recognize and honor partners who go above and beyond, driving industry progress and delivering outstanding results for their clients.

At our annual Pantheon Partner Summit during DrupalCon Portland 2024, we announced our first class of Pantheon Partner Award winners: 

Partner of the Year: Elevated Third

Elevated Third has demonstrated exceptional commitment, collaboration, and success throughout the year by leading all Pantheon partners in attributed revenue during the 2023 calendar year. Their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction sets a benchmark for the entire partner community.

Innovation Award: WebMD Ignite

WebMD Ignite has pushed the boundaries of innovation in healthcare tech by deploying fully customizable Drupal sites with native DXP capabilities and empowering clients and content editors alike. Their acclaimed Slackbot swiftly deploys sites and drives industry progress with groundbreaking solutions.

Customer First: Forum One

Forum One is recognized for their unwavering dedication to prioritizing customer needs above all else. Working with Pantheon across various partnership avenues, they stand out as advocates for non-profit organizations, ensuring their clients’ accounts operate efficiently and drive results.

Rookie of the Year: Hounder

Hounder has quickly made a significant impact, leveraging innovative sales strategies and collaborating uniquely to deliver value to clients. Their remarkable growth and enthusiasm demonstrate their promise as a rising star in the partner community.

Social Impact Award: Evolving Web

Evolving Web‘s initiatives and projects have made a tangible and positive difference in society. A partnership with Planned Parenthood Direct to create a mobile-first Drupal 10 site strategically designed to promote reproductive rights and ensure equitable access to essential healthcare services is one prominent example. Evolving Web’s commitment to social change and community impact is truly inspiring.

Friends of Pantheon Partners: Danny Pfeiffer

Danny Pfeiffer, Pantheon Principal Sales Engineer, has shown exceptional dedication to fostering a sense of community, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in the Partner Ecosystem. As an ex-agency owner, Danny’s empathy and understanding of partner experiences make him a true advocate for our partner program, contributing significantly to its overall success and vibrancy.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Inaugural Pantheon Partner Awards! Your dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence are truly inspiring. We are committed to fostering the success of these award winners and the entire Pantheon partner community every step of the way. 

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