More Likes in More Places

More Likes in More Places

Back in 2010 we introduced the exciting new ability to Like the individual posts you’ve read all around It’s been one of our most popular features since then, as evidenced by the chart below that goes up-and-to-the-right as an indication of great success and achievement.

Likes per week since the beginning

Today I’m happy to announce a few enhancements to the way Likes work that we think you’ll really like. 🙂

Show Likes on Pages

In the past, we’ve always restricted Likes to individual blog posts. Given the success of Likes, we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to Like what they are reading, wherever they are reading it. Likes now share the same display settings as your sharing buttons (which you can change from Settings -> Sharing in your dashboard). In addition to showing Likes on single posts, you can now show Likes on all of your site’s content:

Here’s an example of Likes displayed on a blog’s front page:

Do you like naps and puppies? I think I do!

Show Likes on Gallery Images

In addition to making Liking posts easier, we wanted everyone to be able to Like all of the things you publish on your blog, including media. So, we’ve also added the ability to Like photos directly from inside image galleries, like this:

Who can resist liking Paul the Puppy?

What You’ve Liked

Now that it’s super easy to Like everything you see, you need a place to see what you’ve Liked. To make this as convenient as possible, we’ve added a link in the Reader that lists all of the posts you’ve liked across all of You also have instant access to your favorite posts through the official mobile WordPress apps for all your favorite mobile gadgets.

Screenshot of Posts I Like on and in the mobile apps

We think these tweaks really improve the Liking experience, and we hope that you enjoy them!

Did you think I was going to say “like” again? 🙂

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