Drape Your Dashboard In Living Color

Drape Your Dashboard In Living Color

When we launched a makeover of the dashboard, one of the features you requested the most was the ability to shake up its color scheme. Starting today, you can do just that. You can now choose between eight different color settings:


To switch color schemes, go to your dashboard, then look in Users (or Profile)Personal Settings (or just click on this direct link). Among the new color schemes you’ll also find a light-grey one (MP6 Light), which we designed for users who are sensitive to light.

Aside from the new color choices, we’ve kept improving and polishing your publishing experience. Taking your feedback into account, we’ve streamlined the under-the-hood look of your site. Here, for example, is the Publish Module, before and after our recent changes:


We hope you’ll enjoy playing with color!


Posted by WordPress Guru