Spoil Your Appetite with Three Mouthwatering Food Blogs

Spoil Your Appetite with Three Mouthwatering Food Blogs

Just in time for the weekend, a tasting menu of some of our very best food blogs, from the most decadent burgers ever created to macarons so beautiful you want to bite into your screen.

Blogging tends to make us hungry, which explains our tendency to highlight great food blogs. Today, you’re in for a particular treat: three food blogs that serve up gorgeous design on top of mouthwatering creations. Now, if only we could invent a Tasting Widget…


Don’t be alarmed by the site’s name — it’s perfectly safe for work, though probably less so for your keyboard (drool alert!). In this blog, burger-meister Matthew Ramsey unveils a new, groundbreaking masterpiece every week.


In case you were wondering, yes, the “buns” are fried mac and cheese.

Each burger-of-the-week gets a playful name — the lobster patty pictured above, for example, is the Mac Daddy, since it’s sandwiched between fried mac and cheese “buns.” Matthew is using the Kiore Moana theme, which offers full-bleed (no pun intended) featured images. That’s how we get to view each gorgeously stacked, perfectly shot creation in all its glory.

With the Grains

A refreshing palate-cleanser, anyone? Quelcy T. Kogel, the blogger behind With the Grains, started out by focusing on baking delicious pies using wholesome, organic ingredients. She’s since expanded her repertoire to include a weekly juice recipe, like the Spring Greens Juice below.

with the grains greens juice

Ginger, lettuce, and pear are only some of the healthy ingredients in this juice.

Her site, which uses the popular and versatile Twenty Twelve theme, channels the same loving attention to detail one sees in her food. Her custom header is truly custom: a handmade illustration depicting the grains from the site’s name. The sidebar’s social media links receive the same treatment, with Image Widgets containing bespoke drawings.

shiawase days

Amy, the Toronto-based pastry maker behind shiawase days, uses her blog to showcase her beautiful confections, inspired equally by Japanese and French traditions. Visiting her site for the first time really does feel like walking into a Japanese bakery: you want to grab everything in sight, but you don’t want to ruin the stunning visual effect.

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 10.26.00 AM

Macarons, mille-crêpes, and other mouthwatering pastries from Amy’s oven.

The precision and care you see in Amy’s food — from lavender macarons to green-tea waffles — seeps into the site’s overall vibe. Hatch, an especially ethereal theme, fits perfectly with these minimalist perfect bites.

Are you also a food blogger? Read more about our recently introduced Recipe Shortcode, or explore ways to present your creations in an enticing way using gallery styles or post sliders.

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