WordPress.com by the Numbers: The March Hot List

WordPress.com by the Numbers: The March Hot List

Another month is in the books! The WordPress.com community made March a month to remember with an avalanche of great achievements. Here’s a look at some of the highlights.

Talk about Spring thaw: you were quite the active bunch of bloggers in March. How impressive were your accomplishments last month? We dug out our solar-powered calculators and crunched some numbers. The results blew us away.

Stats to make your jaw drop

The past month was the second-wordiest of all time on WordPress.com: you wrote no fewer than 10,987,367,622 words. These made for 44,529,669 posts. Many were first posts by the more than 1.6 million new bloggers who joined us (it’s great to have you!).

We were honored to feature 260 exceptional pieces as editors’ picks on Freshly Pressed, from a history of selfies to a discussion of the death of a popular TV character — written by the actress who portrays her.

As you’d imagine, thoughtful posts inspire a great deal of interaction. This past month the community left 56,669,182 comments and clicked the Like button 8,105,067 times.

Looking good, across devices

Readers view an increasing number of your posts on smartphones and tablets. This explains why so many of you tested your sites’ appearance using the Customizer’s recently introduced device previews (1,596,670 previews generated!).

You made your sites look more visually striking with 85,712 new Image Widgets, 29,605 Instagram Widgets, and 7,018 Flickr Widgets. You can now also use top-quality footage from Getty Images in your posts, and you did: you’ve embedded more than 80,000 images from Getty in less than a month.

The stuff blogs are made of

One of our favorite monthly rituals is digging into your post tags to see which topics occupied the WordPress.com hive mind.

It comes as no surprise that March Madness (4,146 tagged posts) and college basketball (9,989) were high on the list. They still lagged behind baseball, though (69,366 posts), with the buildup toward Opening Day at the end of the month.

Spring (24,054 posts) was clearly on your minds, and with it spring break (3,363), flowers (10,134), and cleaning (2,118).

Parenting inspired 12,610 tagged posts, and was almost perfectly counterbalanced when you added beer (8,113) to wine (4,373). You can draw your own conclusions.

Recent Oscar winners Cate Blanchett (923 posts) and Matthew McConaughey (1,394) were popular topics of discussion — and that’s counting only those who bothered to check those tricky-to-spell last names.

Finally, sorry to disappoint all you ailurophiles (that’s cat lovers, of course): your beloved felines yet again got trounced by their canine frenemies. Dogs: 10,589; cats: 6,401. Is that a big, defiant “meow” we hear? Maybe you’ll do better in April.

Looking good under the hood

It was another exciting month for the people working on WordPress.com. We were joined by five new Automatticians in March, spread across the globe from California to Malta. Perhaps you’d like to join us, too?

Hemingway rewritten theme

Hemingway Rewritten, one of nine striking themes added in March.

We revamped our post editor last month, and introduced new emoticons that are already loved by millions. We also added twelve new domains that you can use to further personalize your site.

We also welcomed an impressive fresh batch of nine new themes. If you haven’t already, take a look at free themes Tonal and Hemingway Rewritten, and premium offerings Sixteen Nine, The Writer, Broadsheet, Wedding, Gridiculous Pro, Mina Olen, and Sweet Life.

What will the new month bring? We’re sure you’ll blow our minds once again; you always do.


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