More New Books by Authors

More New Books by Authors

With so many creative (and prolific) voices, it’s hard to keep track of all the titles published by our bloggers. Here’s another selection of recently published books by WordPressers.

We were delighted last month when our showcase of recent works by writers inspired many others to share their publishing success stories. Here are a few more books that are fresh off the presses.

It’s Not Raining, Daddy, It’s Happy

brooks-dutton Author Benjamin Brooks-Dutton has been chronicling his journey through grief on his blog, Life as a Widower, which has attracted a loyal — and sizable — readership since its creation last year. His posts about living with his young son after the death of his wife are at once heartbreaking and inspiring, and have sparked a discussion on male grief.

Readers can now dig even deeper into Ben’s insight on grieving and healing in It’s Not Raining, Daddy, It’s Happy, which was just published by Hodder & Stoughton.

Sober Mercies

kopp_sober-merciesBattling her addiction to alcohol for years, Heather Kopp‘s writing career was put on hiatus until she quit drinking in 2007. Since then, she’s been documenting the struggles of a recovering alcoholic on her blog, Sober Roots, as well as in her articles at the Huffington Post.

Heather’s book, Sober Mercies: How Love Caught Up with a Christian Drunk, was published last week by Hachette/Jericho. It contains more of her thoughtful reflections on addiction, as well as on the role faith and community have played in helping her to extract herself from alcoholism.



Fran Macilvey, who was born in Belgian Congo but has spent most of her life in Scotland, has written extensively on growing up with a disability. She has now charted her path to self-acceptance in a recently published book, Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy, by Skyhorse Publishing.

Visitors to Fran’s blog will discover more of her writing on discrimination, coping with challenges, and aging, among other topics — like in this well-crafted post, Learning to Float.

Looking for more books to read?

For the voracious readers out there, here are a few more recent additions we learned about thanks to your comments last month:

Note to authors: Feel free to add your own recent or upcoming book(s) in the comments section — we’d be thrilled to learn about your publishing success. Thank you for leaving out links to your blog, Amazon, etc. — your user name is already linked to your blog, where interested readers will be able to learn more about your various writing projects. 

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