Custom Menus for Every Taste and Budget

Custom Menus for Every Taste and Budget

Looking for a theme that supports custom menus? Take our brief tour of custom menu themes and check out a few samples.

Did you know that you can choose from among 260 themes that allow you to create custom menus? With so many options, there’s bound to be something that fits your taste and budget. Let’s explore some options.

150 free themes feature custom menus

Of our custom-menu-supporting themes, 150 are free.

Ari offers beautifully minimalist custom menus. Over at Pixel and Pilcrow, Rebecca makes nice use of the custom menu feature in the sidebar:


If you’re into minimal and understated, you’ll dig McKinley‘s custom menus. We can’t help but love how they look on They’re muted yet clean — letting the quote shine — yet ready to point visitors to Cheri’s Twitter feed, her About page, her photography, and other projects.


Over 100 premium themes to choose from

If you’ve got a little bit of cash to spend on your personal site or your business has a small budget, there are over 100 premium themes that feature custom menus.

Global Art Junkie uses On Demand, a bold theme anchored by a slider which features custom menus. Designed by Press75, the gray-on-black custom menu allows your site visitors to get where they’re going, fast:


Some inspiration and instruction

Not sure exactly how to take advantage of custom menus on your site? Here’s some menu inspiration for you. Once you’ve got your master plan sketched out, learn how to create your custom menu, step-by-step.


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