Welcome to the FastComet family album! Unlike dusty old photo albums, ours are bursting with life, laughter, and the incredible stories of the people who make FastComet unique. This album isn’t just about work but also about the journeys, passions, and hidden talents that make us who we are. In this edition: Todor, the website master!

So, grab your favorite beverage, put on your favorite jam (or that weird playlist you can’t explain), and get ready to meet someone awesome!

What is Your Current FastComet Title And How Long Have You Been Rocking It? 

I’m your friendly neighborhood Technical Troubleshooter here at FastComet. I’ve been helping customers navigate the technical world for four years and five months, give or take 110,063,832 seconds. I have more than 7000+ chats under my belt, and who knows how many Support Tickets. It’s safe to say my title can be Hosting Superhero among other legends. So, if my manager reads this, hopefully, he can invite me to FastComet’s Justice League. 

What Gets you Fired Up About Your Role at FastComet?

What truly motivates me is seeing the lightbulb moment go off for customers! Whether it’s helping them understand a technical concept or guiding them through a complex issue, there’s immense satisfaction in empowering them to conquer the digital world with FastComet by their side.

Please Describe Your Typical Day at FastComet in 3 Emojis


A typical day involves using my headset to connect with customers, tackling technical puzzles to solve their problems, and leaving them with a thumbs-up experience! And when I’m not piecing together solutions for our customers, you might catch me unwinding with a puzzle of a different kind – one with 1000-2000 pieces waiting to be conquered!

It is Time For a Round of Rapid-fire Questions:

Coffee or Tea?

I cannot imagine a day without coffee. I consume caffeine frequently to boost my energy levels and stay sharp throughout the day.

Cats or Dogs?

We have a female cat named Abi, a male miniature dachshund named Guffy, and two female Labradors. While dogs may require more attention, our cat holds a special place, too, as she’s not just a pet but a cherished family member.

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Being an early bird is necessary to parent two lovely children—a boy and a girl (Kristian and Blagovesta). However, I don’t shy away from burning the midnight oil either, whether to complete a task or indulge in hobbies like spending time with my little ones or playing card games with friends after they’ve gone to bed.

Todor and the Gang

Todor, What is Your Most Significant Professional or Personal Goal for This Year?

Ah, let’s fast forward to the future, shall we? My grand scheme for this year involves levelling up our professional game and making our clients happier than kids in a candy store. Picture this: I’ll sprinkle a dash of innovation here, a pinch of customer delight there, and voila! We’ll be the talk of the town (in a good way, of course). And personally? I aim to keep my witty banter sharp enough to rival a stand-up comedian while also mastering the art of juggling work and play without dropping any balls (metaphorical ones, at least).

What are Your Hobbies When not Battling Our Users’ Website Woes?

When I’m not diving into the digital trenches, my secret alter ego, you might catch me in the kitchen, where I transform into a culinary chef or at least attempt to. Picture this: me, apron-clad and wielding a spatula like a sword, with my trusty sidekick (my kid) perched in a cooking pan, adding a dash of mischief to the mix and serving up laughter along with the meal. Oh wait, no need to picture it.

Todor and the Little One FastComet

When I’m not concocting culinary adventures, let’s remember our family’s adventures in the great outdoors, where we traverse scenic trails, hike through lush forests and soak in the tranquillity of nature’s embrace.

Outside of work and family time, you might catch me indulging in another one of my passions: football! I’m a proud supporter of the local Plovdiv football club, “Botev.” It’s not just a team but part of our city’s heart and soul. Picture the stadium alive with chants, the excitement in the air tangible as we cheer on our beloved team alongside my wife and kids. Whether we’re celebrating a well-deserved victory or shaking off a tough loss, the experience of being there together is what truly matters.

Todor and the Family at the Stadium

Fun fact! Did you know that “Botev” is one of Bulgaria’s oldest football institutions, founded on March 11, 1912? That’s right – over a century of football history in Plovdiv!

Have You Ever Made a Hilarious Typo in a Customer Chat or Ticket?

Whatever I say, I am guilty of underplaying the situation. I would love to recall and share tales of my epic typing failures; it seems my memory is playing tricks on me. I must confess that I am too flawless to recall such blunders. But fear not, for even wizards like myself are not immune to the occasional keyboard slip. If only my fingers would cooperate as much as my intentions.

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working Remotely, Todor?

Working remotely definitely has its perks! My favorite part about working from anywhere is the flexibility. It allows me to squeeze in a quick workout during the day, which helps me stay energized and focused throughout the workday. Yet, let’s not forget the chaos that sometimes ensues at home. With two kids and a spouse whose antics rival a comedy show. It is unavoidable.

It’s not that I don’t love my family dearly. Still, the occasional escape to the office becomes a necessity for my sanity. There’s something oddly calming about the hum of office compared to the cacophony of domestic life! However, working remotely provided me with something more. I appreciate every second I spend with my family, which keeps me even more motivated to deliver the best possible results in my work. 

What Advice Would You Give Someone Considering a Tech Career?

It’s like when I’m out hiking with my family. Just as we explore new trails and soak in the beauty of nature, a career in tech offers its kind of adventure. Keep that curiosity alive; you’ll always discover something new and exciting. And just like I’m constantly honing my cooking skills, make sure you’re nurturing your tech talents, too. Keep learning and growing – it’s the best way to thrive in this ever-evolving field.

Tech is all about adaptability and innovation, like nature itself. Embrace change, and don’t be afraid to try new things! 

There You Have It!

The inside scoop on what makes Todor tick at work and beyond! From unravelling technical mysteries to cheering on his favorite football team, it’s been a pleasure sharing a glimpse into his world with you. But hey, the adventure doesn’t have to end here!

Whether you’re seeking top-notch web hosting solutions or simply craving more engaging content, FastComet has you covered. Dive into our array of services and discover how we can elevate your online experience to new heights. Oh, and we’ve got some exciting promotions running. Don’t miss out – join the FastComet family today, and let’s embark on a journey of innovation and success together!

Until next time, stay curious, connected, and shining bright in whatever you do.

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