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What Is an IDX Website for Realtors?

If you’re a realtor, individual or working for a real estate agency, you have a couple of options regarding your online presence. You can have a simple website using one of the available platforms, like, Wix, etc. You can have a more complex and robust website made on, with your own hosting, custom domain name, etc. You can even have a custom-made website created by a professional web developer. Finally, you can have an IDX website for realtors built on WordPress, which is the best possible solution.

An IDX website is a real estate website that displays active listings directly from a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). A MLS is a database, maintained by real estate professionals, that holds information about properties currently on the market. Think of it as a giant, exclusive catalog of homes for sale. This info includes details like price, bedrooms, location, and photos. Only licensed real estate agents can access the complete MLS, but some basic info is displayed on public websites like Zillow or Trulia.

So, IDX acts as a connection between the MLS and public websites like the one you want to create. It allows websites to securely pull and display accurate, up-to-date listings directly from the MLS, without needing to manually submit each property. This guarantees that the users see the latest information and agents can showcase their listings to a wider audience, all on a single platform.

The advantages of these sorts of real estate websites are obvious. They are better for customers since they provide a more convenient search experience. They’re better for realtors, too, since they can be a tremendously useful tool for attracting new leads.